Monday, March 30, 2020

Une figurine pour Emie. A miniature for Emie

kindness has no border.
La gentillesse n'a pas de frontière.
Emie, even here in Hong Kong we heard of you.
Emie, même ici à Hong Kong, nous avons entendu parlé de toi.
Of course, here, we see you Emie as a fearless girl, facing her sickness onboard your mech.
Bien sûr, vu d'ici, on se représente Emie comme un fille sans peur qui fait face à la maladie à bord de son mécha.

To be honest, for such a task I was helped by my wingwoman, my cuttest painter.
En toute honnêteté, j'ai dû demander de l'aide à ma plus mignonne peintre.

Work in Progress... 
ici, peinture en cours....
Belle réalisation avec une attention au détail de mon aide pinceau. Commentaires donnés pendant la peinture: Je vois Emie comme ayant des cheveux blonds. son pistolet est un peu abîmé parce qu'elle l'a beaucoup utilisé. 

the finished product.
et le résultat final.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

January update: painting is back ( unposted, but there it is)

2019 was poor when it comes to painting and the main culprit was a bad light in the dining room, where I had not enough light to properly see what I was doing.

2020 started with a change. We changed the light completely and now we have a full LED ceiling light. No more excuses.

I have now started on my xmas gift (Ulrik the wolf priest) and other miniatures that I had in stock but never had time to work on.

Orignalversion, not really KT ready
After some changes

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Kill Team - Campaign Day 1 - Battle 2 () Battle Report

Day 1...
As the battle rages on the moon, Grey Knights, Orks, Space Marines and Necrons face each others on the ground of an abandoned station. Decimated by the Necron artifacts, the colonists left.
Re-settled by Orks, they were slaughtered during the latest battles in the area.

Now, for reason that only the fog of war can bring, enemies are facing each other. Only escaping while taking out opponents seems to be the most reasonable option.

The mission:
- kill any enemy: 1vp
- exit through opposite enemy territory with the said enemy broken

the Grey Knight. Always by 2 they come

The Necrons 
the Orks

the Space Marines
 During scouting phase, only the Space Marines were able to place 3 hidden bombs, shown as below.


turn 1
the Space Marines take position to protect themselves from the Necrons
the 4 Necrons gather to obliterate the Space Marines
The deadly Necrons are moving forward

the GK take position within the base

the GK will move at the gate, ready to fight the Orks

Guess who is hiding?

but the Orks are ignoring the Grey Knigths and try to flank the Necrons

Turn 1 : placement. The SM did not move. All shots did not injured

Turn 2: the Orks continue their move

the Necrons are closing in

the Space Marines avoid the confrontation and slip away
The shots were ineffective, again

 Turn 3
The Grey Knight moved to intercept the Necrons

Facing the deadly Necrons, the Grey Knight stood

the Necrons readied the final push

the Orks hid before rushing the Necrons, when....

the Orks realised they were outflanked by the Space Marines, forcing them to re-deploy

If the Orks did not re-deploy, the Space Marines had a free passage

Panoramic view
Nobody died. A Necron survived a deadly shot by regenerating itself.

 turn 4:
the Orks tried to hold the Space Marines
As the Orks re-deployed, a Grot set himself as the perfect target. The Space Marines killed it, giving a precious point to the Space Marines. The only one point of the game.

We rolled for the 5th turn and got a "2", end of mission.
Victory of the Space Marines, with 1 point.