Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Reich of the Thousand Deads - The coming Grand Finale (AAR part 2) - ending

Gaming notes:
That scenario was very close.
Mallory lost most of his soldiers in the first turns, but the bright side was that the priest was untouched (random placement, I was lucky on the deployment roll)
Von Evil was killed with 3 hits, and double "1" thereafter, meaning instant death. As he was shot by Mallory, there was no way he could avoid dying.
Then, the T800 received a huge amount of shots, and none of them got the famous "1" to kill (T800 needs 2 to be destroyed). The T800 missed most of its shots because the priest and his team where under heavy cover. At the last last minute, the priest and Mallory finished the machine. 

In Bastogne, I have been blessed because the horde took time to arrive. But once it was there, trouble started to mount. Having Gurkhas and trench helped to hold them off, but slowly bad things happened (no ammo, no activation, 1 trooper KD in the middle.). The priest successfully unsummon the Evil at the last minute.

Hope you enjoyed the serie. Next year it's going to be something new :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Reich of the Thousand Deads - The coming Grand Finale (AAR part 0)

(quite busy at the moment, writing slower than expected. Still, I don't want to keep longer without starting to share it.)
Rule here http://wargamesinhk.blogspot.hk/2015/12/reich-of-thousand-deads-coming-grand.html 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Reich of the Thousand Deads - The coming Grand Finale

News from Europe. Major zombie offensive. Last stand in Bastogne
The world war 2 in Europe is about to finish, but which side would win?

The SWD and Von Evil have sent a trap (here). The device was designed to start attracting zombies after its capture. The outer defenses of Bastogne have fallen, and the last soldiers are making a stand. The Gurkhas are ready. They are what prevents the zombies to feed on the civilians.

At the same time, Mallory and a group of paratroopers are sent in Aachen, the former residence of the Emperor Charlemagne, where Von Evil and the SWD are performing some weird activity.

If Mallory defeats Von Evil before Bastogne falls, there is hope to rebuild Europe.
If Mallory fails, there will be no future.
If Mallory wins but too late, there would be a sour victory.

Coming soon, the End of Times, a Reich of the Thousand Deads finale.

I have played the game last Friday and it has been a very tensed game. I was supposed to write the report until I acquired Mordheim on Steam. That game is addictive and very good. I have spent too much time on it, but I can't regret as I enjoy that game a lot (who said too much?).


I played on 2 tables simultaneously. One table for Bastogne, one table for Aachen.
Bastogne used the rules from ATZ Haven "Safe Zone", with a special change in the random event. For Bastogne, random events happen on double AND "7" (sum of the 2 activation dice =7)

1d6 zed. More Zed will be generated for the encounter (+1)
PEF generated, arrive in area (1d6)
Sniper. The sniper is armed with a Bolt Action Rifle. He will fire once. On a score of 6 he has hit the target. He will then disappear. He will target any soldier at random.
1d6 zed. More Zed will be generated for the encounter (+1)
1d6 zed. More Zed will be generated for the encounter (+1)
Argument breaks between the leader and one of the soldiers at random but within 4” and LOS. At each activation, roll 1d6 per REP of the 2 arguing. If the leader scores more, argument is over. If not, for each additional success of the soldier, roll 1d6 to attract zombies as normal
One member twist his ankle and move 2” slower and can only Fast Move at 1d6. If failed a Fast Move test, he is disabled, considered Knocked Down and Carry On.
1d6 zed. More Zed will be generated for the encounter (+1)
The closest dead zombie was not really dead. It stands up and move immediately 6” to the closest human in sight.
Zombie Horde. 6 + 2d6 zombies will enter the board at entry point “A”.
Zombie Plague. You will generate 1+1d6 zombies for every human on the table, including those in the safe zone. They will start at point “A” and head towards the safe zone or nearest human. They will behave as on page 31 of the ATZ rule book
Night is falling. If night has already happened, PEF is generated
PEF generated, arrive in area (1d6)
Z-Armageddon. The Civilians in housing have become infected! Immediately 12 + 4d6 Zombies will come shambling out of the building.
• Roll 1d6 for each one to determine which building they will head for. Move each one 1d6” towards the building that they rolled. If a “6” or “4” is rolled then place them 2” from building #4. When they activate the zombies will behave as on page 31 of the ATZ rule book.
• Future zombies in the scenario are generated and placed normally after ZArmageddon has occurred.
Mist, in full motion in 2 turns. Reduce visibility to 6”. If Mist already happened, PEF is generated.
Rain, reduce visibility to 12” and arrives in 1d6 turns. If Rain already happened, PEF is generated. Note: All fire test have a -2 on the SPREADING FIRE test.

In Aachen, Mallory's team will be split in 3 strike force. The action will take place in a graveyard with Von Evil trying to summon the evil source of the zombie plague. There will be 5 patrols (2 guards 1 dog each), night time (visibility at 12", spotting at 6") and 2 summoners in the middle. The summoning will need 3 6's roll (666) from the summoner. The summoner would roll 1 die each every turn and cumulate the successes.
Mallory will have a priest with him who is the only one who can ban the evil on a 6" roll within 6" of the evil. Banning the evil would destroy the zombies (all zombies in Bastogne would automatically die then, like bad guys in any Avenger's movie).

roll 1 die every turn the miniature is within 6" of the altar and has not performed an action (moving/shooting). Only "6" is counted as a success.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's a Trap! A Star Wars Armada madness

It all started easy... as usual. It started as a simple walk in a store and ended as a buying spree.
Ca avait commencé facilement... comme d'hab'. Ca a commencé avec une simple visite d'un magasin et c'est terminé dans une folie d'achat.

I have been warned / J'avais été prévenu

Why painting tie-fighter, they won't last long anyway / Pourquoi peindre des chasseurs Tie, alors qu'ils ne resteront pqs longtemps en jeu?
Original Rebel Fleet / Flotte rebelle de base

Original Imperial fleet with painted fighters / Flotte impériale de base
A sizeable fleet, but it missed something. The good old X-wing video game of the 90's.
Une flotte de bonne taille mais il me manquait quelque chose. Le souvenir du jeu video X-wing des années 90.

Une recherche sur le web et je me retrouvais chez Shapeways.
A quick search and I found Shapeways.
Et plus spécifiquement, Mel Miniatures.
And more specifically Mel Miniatures..
3d printed armada from shapeways.
Il y a 2 qualités possibles: Strong and Flexible ou Frosted. Frosted est la meilleure (et la plus chère). Idéale pour les navettes et les transports.
There are 2 qualities available:  Strong and Flexible or Frosted. Frosted is the best (and the most expensive). Great for small units like shuttles and transports.
J'ai pris Strong and Flexible pour les gros vaisseaux, mais 1/ Les détails sont limités 2/ la matière absorbe la peinture.
I used Strong and Flexible for larger ships. But 1/ Details are limited. 2/ The model soaked the paint.
painted interdictor and space station. Résultat de peintue sur la station et l'interdictor.

freighter and other WIP

Scale comparison with official range. Echelle avec les unités officielles.

The Imperial fleet

with the interdictor / Avec l'interdictor

The Rebels are moving in!
La flotte rebelle inclus 2 set de chasseurs en plus (à peindre), 4 corvettes supplémentaires et 4 vaisseaux pré-peint de WoC. Pas la meilleure qualité mais c'était pas cher (Chez Miniature Market).
The Rebelle fleet includes 2 extra set of fighters, 4 corellian corvettes and 4 WoC prepainted space ships. Not the best quality but cheap (bought in Miniature Market)

Et comme on est en plein Star Wars mania avec mon fils; c'était un anniversaire sur le thème de Star Wars avec les modèles du jeu X-Wing à l'entrée.
And because it is Star Wars all over at home with my son, for his birthday we used a Star Wars theme with FFG X-Wing models at the entrance.
Star Wars themed birthday of my son. Note the X-Wing models
Et bien sûr une glacière récupérée sur le marché en bas de chez moi, avec le logo de l'Alliance Rebelle (pour moins de 1 euro 50)
A good cooler from the wet market (US$ 1.5) marked for Rebel's beer supply

Monday, November 16, 2015

USS Serenity - Compendium

Freely inspired from Cryozone. Librement inspiré de Cryozone
This is not the end, but the closure of this campaign. Zombie in space was an attractive idea. I had a great scheme for my troopers, expecting them to perform well, being trained and all. As usual, it went worst than expected, screwing up the campaign I planned and finally, it all made sense.
Ce n'est pas un adieu, mais un au-revoir. Zombies dans l'espace était une idée folle. J'avais planifié une campagne épique, comptant sur mes soldats expérimentés de ne faire qu'une bouchée des zombies. Comme d'hab', ça a mal tourné et la campagne si bien planifiée s'est transformée en déroute (j'aurais du l'appeler la 7ème compagnie dans l'espace). Au final, tout à fait du sens.

With this link, you will get access to the 105 (!) comic pages.
 Avec ce lien vous pourrez accéder à la campagne format BD de 105 pages.

If Hollywood (or Bollywood) is interested, they can send a check anytime. I am weak. I also imagine a Romera/Cameron joint movie. As long as it is not a PG-13.
Si Luc Besson s'y intéresse (je suis sûr qu'on peut caser les Yamakasi) j'annonce que j'accepte les chèques. Je suis faible. Attention, tant que ce n'est pas une niaiserie (qui a dit "Lucie"?).


Je laisse le mot de la fin aux personnages de Cryozone
The last words for the Cryozone's characters.
I leave you doctor! I also have stuff to do! - Thank you, Katana

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Joining the 100k challenge of Monty (building 5 different themes bases

J'ai décidé de me lancer dans la compétition de Monty pour ses 100 milles visites. C'est tendu, je me suis toujours forcé à ne jamais vraiment faire de bases....
I have decided to join the Monty's challenge for his 100k visits. It's tough, as I have been avoiding basing for a long time.
Jean-Jacques, Cedric a encore rejoins un truc sur Internet.

Le challenge: Faire 5 bases. Make 5 bases.
Thème: hivernal, désertique, végétal, démoniaque, futuriste
Theme:  Winter, Desert, woody-jungly, hellish, futuristic

Maintenant va falloir que j'apprenne à faire et vite.
Now, I need to learn how to do stuff... quickly.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Parcel Received: Morikun Challenge

Morikun delivery service / Service de livraison Morikun

Ok, bon, ça coûte un bras. Non, vraiment un bras, elle m'a coupé le bras gauche au niveau du coude. J'aurais du l'écouter quand elle m'a dit de ne pas toucher./ Ok, It cost me an arm. No, really. she cut my left arm at the elbow. I should have listened when she said "Don't touch"

Trève de plaisanterie, voici donc le paquet reçu de ma douce France, estampillé Clan Mori, avec un cadeau surprise./ Joke aside, this is the parcel I have received from my homeland, stamped by the Mori clan, with a surprise gift inside.

Donc au début, j'ai pensé que la surprise c'était ça.! First I thought the surprise gift was this.
J'aime bien Alkemy, mais y a pas foule de joueurs ici / I like Alkemy, but it is hard to find players
Un putain de flyer... merci, bravo, bonne blague :) / A f:cking flyer. Thank you, good joke.

Maintenant, le cadeau en lui-même./ Now, the gift in itself.

non, ce n'est pas de la cocaine. / No; it is not cocaine.
Puis après le déballement (avec les dents; j'ai toujours pas de ciseaux au bureau), je découvre les magnifiques coffres aux trésor peints par Daedaloom. Belle qualité et finesse du détail. / After opening the box, (with the teeth, I still have no scissors at the office), I discovered the nice treasure chests painted by Daedaloom. Nice quality and fine details.

Il a aussi rajouté sa carte de visite. Je tiens a préciser que la carte est écrite en très très petits caractères, de la même taille que les remarques sur les contrats d'assurance. ! He included his business card. I want to add that the font size is as big as a disclaimer on a good insurance contract, very very small.

Le site pour acheter les services de Daedaloom:/ the site to buy his services https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/daedaloom

Le temps de prendre un café et voici ma réaction en visitant le site. / After brewing a coffee, this was my reaction when browsing his website.
Que du bon sur ce site, je pense contacter Daedaloom pour du sérieux./ A good site, I think we'll start to get serious soon

Et voici le vrai cadeau surprise / And the actual surprise gift, 
Prodos Alien

Ma tête: Oh putain. C'est énorme. Je pense qu'il ne réalise pas ce qu'il vient de déclencher/ . My face: Holy Cow. This is big. I don't think he realised what he just started.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

ATZ-FFO: USS Serenity: Operation Sunny Day (AAR) - Part 2

Game rules:
- When the bomb has been activated, 1d6 zombies would appear from the entrances every turn, and direction would be provided by a scatter dice (GW artillery dice)

- Once the bomb has been activated, the troopers have 20 turns to exit.
- super zombies (in purple, from Battle for Alabaster) had 5 melee dice instead of 3. They were generated on a special dice roll.
- Melee with super zombie could infect troopers. Infected troopers had to be checked every turn by rolling 1d6, on a 6, infection spreads. Once infection spread has as many successes as REP, the troopers would turn super zombie.
- When troopers passed next to a zombie. Roll melee as usual, if won, the trooper can move away without issue but cannot kill the zombie (kills only with a natural "1"). If failed, the trooper stops his move and receive a hit as normal.
- The super zombies  could defuse the bomb, on a natural one. They needed to accumulate 6 successes to defuse the nuke. They collected 5 successes on the last turn, but failed to defuse on their last roll (that was a standard Hollywood bomb countdown).

Main events:
- Once the bomb was activated, the troopers failed many activations, more often than not during critical moments.
- The sentries failed to activated at the end and were destroyed by the zombies.

Hope you enjoyed the campaign. I will issue a pdf version this week-end.

Carter Burke