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ATZ-FFO '44 : Scenario 8 - A plane to catch (AAR)

Beware! Zombies!

The group was moving as fast as possible in the woods. They could hear strange noise all around them.
"Gentlemen, we are close to the landing zone. Let's hope nothing happened to the plane."
"Kowalsky, are you ok?" Mallory asked.
"I'm fine" he replied in a broken voice .
With the night, it was impossible to see clearly, but Mallory knew something was not going weird with some of the soldiers. Earlier they were all fighting close combat with a huge horde of zombies, and maybe some had been bitten. But he could not be sure and he needed to avoid suspicions within the team. Not with the three Germans following them.

Following the special rule of this scenario, Kowalsky and Kyle are infected while Scott and Johnson are clear.

Oliver is infected too (right)

turn 1 (2 ,6), turn 2 (4 ,3)

Top right is the road where the plane will land. All around is pure wood terrain.
The group moved across the wood. With many men potentially infected and SWD likely alerted of the raid, they needed to get fast onto that plane and leave the area.

Loud coughing.
"Kowalsky, are you ok?" inquired Paulson
Kowalsky bent and used his SMG to keep him from falling on the ground.
"I'm ok, just a little tired. Go, I'll catch you later guys", his voice was weak and broken, Pauslon saw him taking his pistol with his shaking hands. Paulson said no more and followed the rest of the group.
No shot were heard. Kowalsky rose his hand but suddenly it dropped and he fell on the ground, dead. The group heard his body falling. Johnson took his bayonet and was about to move back but Mallory stopped him..
"No time for that, we have living guys to take care and there is no need to try our will in killing one friend."

turn 3 (3 ,5), turn 4 (5 ,3), turn 5 (3 ,5)
The group was moving as fast as possible. They were extra careful as it was pitch black. Oliver and Kyle were keeping pace despite their pain.

turn 6 (4 ,4) Event: +1 soldier on the plane

turn 7 (5 ,3)
Kyle slowed down. He was hardly keeping his breath and he knew the bleeding on his leg was nasty. He stopped by a tree to take a quick rest. He would never stand up alive again.

Scott whispered to Mallory.
"Lieutenant, I think we lost Kyle. I cannot see him anymore"
"Lets hope it won't catch us." said Morgan while showing his bayonet.
"I believe there is a last contender" said Mallory pointing at Oliver.
"I am keeping an eye on him since the bunker" replied Johnson.

turn 8 (2 ,2) Event: Fleeing civilians and zombies
"This way!" commanded a loud male voice in French.
"They are behind us, Jean-Jeanne, run faster", said a female voice.
"Don't leave me behind, please", she was crying.
"We won't. But please, run faster!"
3 civilians, Jean-Jeanne REP 2 unarmed, Jean-Jacques REP 2 pistol and Paulette REP 3 pistol fleeing a large group of zombies

Aerial view of the map

turn 9 (1 ,2)

The three civilians were tired of running and as they slowed down, the group of zombie caught them. They fired few shots without effect as the zombies,
"They grabbed me, they grabbed me!" screamed Jean-Jeanne, but she barely defended herself.
"I will save you", Jean-Jacques pushed aside a zombie and tried to save Jean-Jeanne and paid no attention to the zombies who were charging him. They knocked him on the ground and killed him promptly.
"You bastard", Paulette used her pistol as a hammer and killed a zombie. A zombie charged her and she could pushed it on the ground. As it fell, it brought two more with it.

turn 10 (4 ,6), turn 11 (1 ,6), turn 12 (2 ,6)
"Guys, lets help them!", Mallory moved toward the group of zombies and the courageous woman.
"Our orders are clear, no involvement" tried Johnson
"Screw the order, we'll save as many people as possible now, the Game Master start tracking our good and bad action now"
The American quickly dispatched the zombies, killing them instantly. The pressure on Paulette was huge and she was prostrated on the ground, holding her knees.
"This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not..."
"Madam" Mallory used his command voice
She looked up and saw his bloodied uniform and his helping hand.
"Come with me if you want to live"
She looked around and stood up, not saying anything.
"Paulson, look after her"

Meanwhile, undead Kyle was catching the group. Not willing to attack the horde of zombies, the Germans stayed behind and were attacked by undead Kyle. They killed him far away from Mallory's group sight and moved back to the group.

turn 13 (4 ,4), Event PEF 6
turn 14 (5 ,3), turn 15 (5 ,3), turn 16 (6 ,2),  turn 17 (5 ,2), turn 18 (3 ,5)

Mallory looked at his sergeant. "Johnson, the flare now"
Johnson took the alarm pistol and shot the flare.
Mallory gave a deep look at everybody. "The flare will attract zombies. We have to hold until the plane land. Then, we all run and get inside. We won't wait for anybody. Understood"
They were all silent. Mallory knew they agreed and understood the risk of letting the guard down now.

Behind them Jean-Jacques et Jean-Jeanne rose up from the dead and attacked Paulson and Johnson.

At the same time, to add to the worst, in front of them, the sound they heard just before got louder and a horde of zombies appeared.

"We'll take care of ours, Lieutenant" said Johnson as he stabbed undead Jean-Jacques.
"Get ready...." started Mallory
"Get back" said the Germans and they pulled back.
The soldiers looked at each other and started to fall back. Mallory saw it. "Everybody get back. Jerries, back in the line or I shot you!"
"Why dying now?" said the Germans
"They are between us and the landing zone, you idiot!"

The horde kept approaching
Mallory stepped back from the Germans. "They will eat you while retreating or eat you while you fight back and save your skin. Your choice. But no place on my plane for cowards". He switched off the safety of his SMG in an obvious manner.
The Germans looked around. Saw the zombies and heard the engines of the aircraft. 
"We'll earn our seats" they replied.

turn 19 (3 ,4), turn 20 (1 ,4)

The final zombie dispatched, they ran to the landing zone. The plane was about to land.

turn 21 (1 ,5), turn 22 (1 ,6)

They ran to the plane, the soldiers in the aircraft aimed at the zombies who were like frozen. The survivors ran as fast as they could, avoiding close combat. The last one got into the plane and the zombies were left idle, maybe wondering in what was left of their brain what was that and if it had a brain.

1 week after, Normandy

"Lieutenant, a plane is approaching, they have somebody inside and it's for you only."
Mallory rose up from his rocking chair. He knew that he would be demoted for his decision to save Paulette and the Germans. The Germans were doing a lot of good things, even with the death of Oliver during the trip back - He died and they threw his body during the flight. Paulette was proving a good nurse and all the boys loved her.

Mallory took his SMG and his bayonet, an old habit now. He approached the piper as a high rank officer left it.
The piper stopped his engines.

The officer was wearing a black uniform of the British SAS, a gaz mask at his belt and a strange small white cross where Mallory was expecting a known insignia. He looked very naive with a well maintained mustache but his eyes betrayed his experience and coldness.

"Lieutenant Mallory I presume" said the strange officer with a strong English accent
"You may be wondering why I am here..." he paused on purposed, smiling at his little torture on Mallory's mind.
"To fire me I believe"
"On the contrary, you are our last hope. Get ready, we have a special mission for you and your men."

2 hours later, Mallory left the bunker as the strange officer went directly to the piper.
Johnson was waiting with cold beers. He stared at the sorry face of the lieutenant.
"Seems they kept you in the books. What's worst than that?"
The Lieutenant looked at the sergeant.
"They are sending all of us in Germany. We are losing the war. The zombies have taken over most of the free world and the less free one. The high command will send us stop the source of the V-Gaz."
"Where is that?"
"In the Black Forest, near a small village named Wolfenstein. A group of British sissies in black uniforms will come with us."

The German decided to join Mallory and same for Paulette (incredibly good dice roll)

REP increase:
3 characters increase their REP.
German Max: REP6
French Paulette: REP4
Morgan: REP 5

I am also starting to chase Good and Bad attitude of the soldiers, trying to play random/obvious pattern.
Currently, all are null except:
Mallory: +2
Max: -1

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ATZ-FFO : Scenario 8, rules update

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- Billo from the (miniatures and gaming)
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I am now at 25, and this is good.

Before playing the 8th scenario "A plane to catch", here are the quick rules update and the random events.

Characters (* means that they need to test for "Harry are you ok" at the beginning)

who survived the 4 previous US scenario so far
Star : Lieutenant  Mallory Mc Cain (REP: 5, PEP: 4, SAV: 3) – SKILL Born Leader, Fast
*Sergeant Johnson (REP: 5, PEP: 3 , SAV: 4) – SKILL Fast
*Scott (REP: 4, PEP:3 , SAV: 2) – SKILL Dim - no ammo
1 scenario old
*Kyle (Paratrooper) (REP: 4, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Runt
Morgan (Commando) (REP: 4, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Slow
Paulson (Tanker) (REP: 4, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Logical
*Kowalsky (Paratrooper) (REP: 4, PEP:2 , SAV:3 ) - Skill Attractive

Germans deserters who joined in the previous scenario
Lorenz (Officer), Fast, REP 4, SMG
Max (Soldier), Dim, REP 5, Rifle
*Oliver (Soldier), Dim, REP 5, Rifle

Infected soldiers:
For any soldier who failed the Harry are you ok from the Outpost scenario:
Roll 1 dice every turn. On 1, they die. Every turn, roll 1d6, on 1-2-3, they resurrect as a zombie.
To suicide, the character must roll a REPd6 and pass with 2 success. Only "1" is a success.

The aircraft
The aircraft is a C47 with a capacity of 28, excluding 2 pilots and 2 soldiers to protect the aircraft on the ground.
Pilot : REP 4, REP 5
Soldiers: REP 5, REP 4
The aircraft will land d6 turn after the signal. Johnson and Scott have the signal flare that will generate d6 zombies once used.
The aircraft will generate 2d6 sounds once he lands.

Possible encounters (replace the random event)

No More Zed will be generated for the encounter
Plane crash! For unknown reasons, the plane stalled and crashed. A new plane will arrive in d10 turns. But maybe there are survivors? (PEF generated there, roll a dice for each crew.
- 6: Survived
- 4-5: wounded
-1-2-3: dead
PEF generated
Larger than life Wolf appear and hunt the survivors. REP 4 Wolf with only melee attack (6 dice to roll)
Fleeing civilian. A group of 1d6 civilians are fleeing a group of 4x their numbers of zombies. Roll the civilian using the survivor table below.
Shelling! The Germans are shelling the area with gaz. Pick a zone and roll a 4d6" scatter dice from the center. A cloud of V-Gaz 6" wide is generated. Every turn, roll a dice:
1: The gaz disappear
2-3-4: Gaz cloud does not move
5: the cloud move 1d3" using scatter dice
6: the cloud move 1d6" using scatter dice
Every single person touched by the cloud must roll a "Harry, are you ok?" immediatly. In case of success, the character changed as a zombie in 1d3 turn. To suicide, the character must roll a
REPd6 and pass with 2 success. Only "1" is a success.
A StugIII with 2 SWD troopers on top arrive.
PEF is generated
The plane has 1 more soldier for protection
All zombies generated are doubled (event may happen several times)
PEF generated
A zombie was hiding and disguised as a tree. A random soldier is attack in the back.
PEF generated
Cloudy night. The moon is covered and visibility is reduced by 1". (event may happen several times)
Mist, in full motion in 2 turns. Reduce visibility to 6”. If Mist already happened, PEF is generated.
Rain, reduce visibility to 12” and arrives in 1d6 turns. If Rain already happened the rain stops.
For event 14, I was thinking of the following: