Friday, January 21, 2022

The Rise of the Underwolf - The Puppy and the Beast (KT 2018)

On the planet Garred, the hive has been lurking in the darkness. Spotted by local enforcement units, the governor requested the help of an Underwolf unit that was transiting in the system. Go in an aandonned industrial sector, and destroy the xenoa.

surrounded but not vanquished 

hold the line brother

Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Rise of the Underwolf - The dreadnoughts

 Reborn after what could have been a painful death, the dreadnought carries the body and mind of a near dead Space Marines. Enclosed in their metal coffin, they continue to wage war until real death take them.

Building the dreadnoughts was really fun. Sadly, the weapon options are not all fully available from the different kits available and I ended up kitbashing some weapons (missile launcher and double heavy bolter)

For these I used the venerable and space wolf dreadnought kits.

A good start

The models are easy to build and half way through, they already look decents

The kits didn't have the missile launcher, so I decided to make one with the bits I had. I had 2 versions in mind, going finally with the first one.

The second version, the angle of the weapon was not interesting.

Sames for the double heavy bolter

I had 2 versions to work on for the heavy bolter, stacked up and side by side.

Final version

Ready for action!