Friday, November 15, 2013

ATZ-FFO : Episode 9: Going Home (AAR)

A happy Von Evil, is a worried world...
Normandy, Week 3 of the Z-Virus bombing...

The Heer Captain was getting into his Mercedes limo. He stood there and looked at the camp. Next to him was his loyal Oberst Muller. He shook his hand and whispered.
"Muller, you have been under my command since 39, right?"
"Since 39, and with pride"

He gave him a sadden look.
"This is no more the war we fought for. SWD are crazy and leading us to the Apocalypse. Your family's from Bayern, right?"

Muller looked puzzled. He never heard his commander speaking like that.
"Yes, I am, like all my men"
"Get out fast, this war is over. We need to survive and look after our families. Bayern is infested by zombies. SWD is hiding this to us, Heer. They don't trust us and sooner or later, they will get rid of us."
He got into his car and saluted Von Evil, watching from his Hut.

Muller walked away as the convoy left, thinking about what to do next...
The worst roll, the flamethrower was not far from the gate, far from a building and with another SWD trooper.

Game Update: To ease the number of micro management, I gave arbitrary REP as follow: 
Heer Soldier REP 3, 
Heer Officer REP 4, 
SWD Scientist REP 4, 
SWD Trooper and Stormtrooper REP 5, 
T-800 REP 3
Von Evil REP 6

All soldiers in huts will move after turn 6, and they will move 3" using standard GW scatter dice for the direction.

Command Hut, Soldier Hut #2, Soldier Hut #1
turn 1    (4,2),
turn 2    (4,5)

Muller saw Hans on the other side and decided to ask him to join. He waived to Hans who waited for the Oberst while Sven, unaware of the situation moved to the Soldier Hut (#2).
"Herr Oberst?"
"Take your stuff and warn the others, we are leaving soon."
"Another mission?" said sadly  Hans
"Personal one. We have family to look after"

Hans gave a look at the propaganda crew smoking next to them. He seemed not paying attention to them.

Muller told Hans. Propaganda crew didn't notice the conversation

turn 3    (4,5) 

Muller nodded toward Gretchen, "Go tell the other. We gather next to the gate. Take as much supply as possible"
"Jawohl!", said Hans as he left.
At the same time Friedrich left his hut and lighted a smoke. Muller caught him.
"Friedrich, we are going home now, go take Kohl and take that 222. You can drive it?"
"Blindfolded if needed!" replied Friedrich with a large smile.

turn 4    (6,6) Mechanical issue on the Stug III

turn 5    (5,3),
turn 6    (2,3)

The propaganda crew moved back to the hut (#1) to take a rest. He was quite bored.
"Oberst!" Sven went out of his hut (#2) and waved at Muller. Muller quickly reached him.
"Not so loud. What's happening?"
The always-happy soldier looked serious.
"I  overheard from the SWD soldiers that Germany is infested with undead. Is that true?"
"It is."
"Then, wha..."
Muller raised his hand and looked around. Nobody was nearby.
"Come with me, we are leaving with the other guys of the platoon. Quick and quiet"
Sven smiled back and followed Muller.

Kohl is the last one not to know.

turn 7    (2,6) 

Muller and Sven moved toward the sdkfz 222 and the Kubelwagen. The 2 vehicles were close enough of the gate to avoid a difficult firefight when leaving the camp.
Friedrich was ahead of them, walking quickly to tell Kohl before he started something.

Sven was watching the 2 SWD soldiers next to Kohl.
"That Flamethrower will be a problem", he taped his bayonet.
"Don't overreact. Not now at least."

Hans reached Gretchen.
"My friend, we are going home. But beware, this is going to be difficult."
"I married the fattest girl of my village, and my father-in-law was its soberest man. Nothing is difficult."

these 2 SWD soldiers are going to be a problem.
Gretchen is joining the party

turn 8    (5,4),
turn 9    (1,5) 

Muller signaled to Sven. "We take the schwimwagen instead. We can't be caught now." 
"And it's a SWD free zone"

As if they heard him, all SWD Stormtroopers left the huts to start patrolling.
All SWD stormtroopers are out, it's going to be sunny.

The SWD Stormtroopers are quicky reached by scientists and other SWD troopers. It seemed that the Heer soldiers and officers were taking a rest.
 The scientists looked excited.
"Gretel, did you think what I think?"
"Yes, I believe we are close to a stable solution. The Nemesis program would be a great success."
"I can't wait to try it"
"We are getting low on unaffected sample" as he looked at the civilian prisoner building.

Meanwhile, Hans and Gretchen took food and gas supply and Friedrich quickly explained to Kohl the situation while the SWD troopers surrounding them were not looking.

turn 10 (1,1) Allied Raid! 4 explosions in Area 1,2,3 and 5

"Take cover!"

The Wespe became History
This explosion stunned the Heer Officer.
Will Muller and Sven survive this raid?
They were stunned but unscathed. The SWD trooper was less lucky
The cooler was hit! but the building integrity was not affected and the Nemesis stayed in its box
turn 11    (3,1),
turn 12    (2,6),
turn 13    (5,4)  
What a good timing. Was luck on their side?
Taking the opportunity as it came, Hans and Gretchen rushed past the stunned officer as he was recovering from the raid.

"Let's take some gas for the trip"
"Beware that sneaky SWD"
The flamethrower was wandering around, back and forth on the same spot.
" Go away!" whispered Kohl to the flamethrower.

Forced to wait until that Flamethrower is close

SWD Scientist and troopers gather in the middle of the camp
 turn 14    (1,3) 

The flamethrower kept on moving from Kohl/Friedrich to Muller/Sven/Hans/Gretchen, puzzled about what these soldiers were doing, but at the same time, he was assigned to cover the cooler and he could not leave his watch.
"These Heer soldiers are acting weird..." he was thinking.

"What do we do Oberst? We still load the kubelwagen?" asked Sven.
"No, that SWD flamer seems to notice something. Let's take the schwimwagen instead. Tell Hans and Gretchen to load to the maximum."

During this time, Kohl and Friedrich added 4 more units of gas to the 222.

turn 15    (1,1) Fire! The Soldier hut #2 is on fire.

Fire! Alar~~~m (same guy shouting as during the bombing raid)

turn 16    (1,4) 

"All soldiers, stop this fire!" shouted the SWD officer
"And stop that guy shouting"

Nearby the Kubelwagen,...
"Rush guys, the right diversion. Load that car with all you can."
"Jawohl Herr Oberst"
"Stop talking, start working, schnell"

All men rushed to the scene. The fire could detonate ammo or gas supply. They were about to stop it, with little extra effort when suddenly...


1 SWD ST Carry on, 9 OOF, 1 Dead, 4 stunned, but the propaganda crew got it on film

turn 17    (1,4),
turn 18    (2,4),
turn 19    (5,6) 
"Friedrich, get into that 222 and wait for my order, things may get nasty soon" said Kohl.
"At once, but I can drive, not fire"
"Don't worry, I'll be the gunner once we got the go from the Oberst. For now, I am loading more gas. Long way to Germany" (+ 4 units of gas)

"Soldier, Report!" the SWD officer moved out of the command hut and ordered the troops to quiet down.
"Check on the wounded", he pointed to the scientists, "you, " looking at a Heer officer, "put down any fire left, and you, go check the cooler"

"Oberst, SWD is trying to take control back"
"I saw it Sven. As long he doesn't check here, we should be fine".
Still, Sven touch his MP40 to comfort him.
"Gretchen and Hans, load that gas now"
"At once, Oberst."

Muller loaded medical and first aid kits and Sven more gas (+2 units)

turn 20    (5,2) 

"We need to check Northern perimeter. You three, with me."
"Jawohl, Herr SWD officer"

"What is happening? Are we attacked?", Herbert, the Heer soldier with the MG34 (SAW) exited the soldier hut 1 and asked the propaganda crew. He looked surprised by the devastated area and all the bodies.
"Seems an accident. SWD is in charge now"

turn 21    (3,5),
turn 22    (3,5),
turn 23    (2,5)  

"Time to prepare our exit. Friedrich, stay hidden in the 222, I go open the first gate. I don't like the situation now"
" As you want"
Gate 1, open. As long as gate 2 is closed, zombies are at bay
 "Oberst, SWD are moving North"
"Great, Sven, stay here, I have an idea?"
"What idea Oberst, " Sven sounded alarmed.
"I will ask my old friend Bernhard to join us, we can't leave them in this crazy situation"
"Are you sure this is safe?"
"Not really, but this is the right thing to do"
"I take one more supply with the guys, take care"
"Thanks Sven"

"Ja Muller, what do you need"
"My guys and I are leaving now, we leave this hopeless war, and head home to save our family. Are you with us?"
Bernhard looked around and watched the T-800 guarding the command hut and the listened to the deaf sound from the cooler.
"Let me take my best guys, Herbert and Jarl. He's a good guy and I trust them." 
"Ok, but hurry up. Opportunity window is closing fast"
"I understand"
With most SWD troopers far from the center, Muller decided to earn his Star Rating by trying to save more than his Heer platoon

Sven, Gretchen and Hans took 1 unit of food
turn 24    (1,4) 

"What is happening?", the Flamethrower was asking himself as he heard sounds at the gate

"Oberst Muller" Herbert greeted.
"Free ride to Germany, there is a seat for you, are you in?"
Herbert eyes were full of tears.
"Are you serious?"
"Not so loud, you stupid!"
The propaganda crew was coming.
"Hey Herbert, did you see.... You are crying, what is happening"
"I will see my fiance soon"
"What are you say...." he saw the Oberst with a very threatening look and his hand on his holster. "Are you deserting? If yes, can I join?"
"Sure, can you defend yourself?"
"I can"
"So quiet now" Muller was watching the scientist nearby. He seemed not to have notice the discussion.

Meanwhile, Bernhard easily convinced Jarl to join.


"You, why did you open the gate?" the flamethrower was coming to Kohl.
"Order of Von Evil, we are transferring prisoners to the cell camp B13, and huh, we had an engine problem, but we have fixed it, all is fine."
The flamethrower looked at Kohl and the gate.
"Oh, ok. Sorry for disturbing you."
Bad timing, why coming out now?

The door of the command hut opened. Von Evil finally left his hut, protected by a Heer soldier and his T-800.

turn 25    (6,1),
turn 26    (4,6),
turn 27    (4,3),

"Herr Munster, Report to me"
"Herr Von Evil, a fire broke at the hut number 2 and exploded. Herr Weathel is searching North for any damage on the perimeter."
"Gut, gut. Stay with me, I want to make sure the whole base is still operational."
"At your order"

The flamethrower stayed were he was and starred at Kohl. He felt that something was wrong but could not tell exactly what.

The scientist moved closed to Muller.
"You, what are you doing, Go and help"
"We are tasked for something else, Herr scientist. Sorry, we can't."
"This is not right. I am SWD, you ought to obey me!"

" Jarl, fast, we move to the 222. Von Evil has left, we may be discover any time soon."
"Jawohl, Herr Bernhard". 

Meanwhile on Sven's side
"and this jerican?"
"load it too, there shall not be a situation as short of gas on an undead infested area." 
"Loading, loading..."
Time is the essence now. Sven's team load more and more gas into the schwimwagen.

turn 28    (1,6) When all things go wrong....

"I am ordering you to go and help Oberst!"
"I must decline"
The scientist looked at the 2 soldiers. Herbert and the propaganda crew were pale.
"Something is not right."
He was about to call help. Muller quickly drew his weapon and fired at the scientist, putting him out of order.
A second scientist who had come earlier to support his colleague ducked back as Muller missed.


Time for initiative, and the winner were..................................................
The SWD trooper next to the Stug, Von Evil and the Flamethrower.
Yellow - Loyalist, light blue - Deserters

Kohl is killed almost instantly.
Von Evil ducked back behind a concrete wall
Flame. Burn you deserter. Gretchen and Hans are killed, Sven carry on and extinguish the flame on his uniform. The schwimwagen take fire. and it is loaded with gas

and blew up, stunning the flamethrower whose canister blew too, setting alight the flamethrower
Bernhard rushed to shoot SWD trooper next to the Stug III who has just killed Kohl, took him by surprise by surprise and killed him.

Other loyal soldiers took cover as much as they could.

The Heer in the hut took the opportunity and deserted, jumped through a window, landing next to the scientist who ducked back from Muller. Surprised, the soldier could not react and the scientist butchered the soldier.

Jarl saw the killing and shot at the scientist, missing him.

The T800 moved forward, fired wildly until it emptied its clip, missed Herbert and Muller but wounded the propaganda crew who collapsed. Herbert aimed at monstrous machine and fired, knocking it down on the ground without serious damages.

Friedrich was watching at the event with surprise, awoked and drove forward to divert SWD.

turn 29    (3,2) Muller's team: 1, Evil's team: 5

Flamethrower died from his own flamethrower canisters, unable to take the fire out.
Bernhard and the Heer Rifle rushed toward the 222 and jumped inside

Muller looked at Herbert and they started to sprint. but the ground was too badly affected by the recent explosion, they could not run as fast as they wanted. They saw the butcher-scientist but this one was too fast and slipped away once more before they could shoot him.

Sven was still stunned from the last flame attack and could not react yet.

The loyalist forces on the Northern sections ran, covered by the civilian building, trying to encircle the 222 and maybe take it out with the Stug.

turn 30    (6,1)  Muller's team: 2, Evil's team: 5

Von Evil loyal units continued their strategy.
Will they reach the Stug on time?

turn 31    (4,3)  Muller's team: 2, Evil's team: 5

"Quick, we need to take the kubelwagen and open the gate."
"We are going as fast as we can Oberst!"

Sven, Muller and Herbert are running fast, trying to get out of range for the 2 loyalists

But not fast enough, They gunned down Herbert with ease. The SWD officer empties his clip
" I got that son of a b.tch"
"Tud Tud Tud" 
"I love the sound of a 20 mm cannon in the afternoon"
The smoke of the gun was dissipating, only to show the T800 standing in the middle of the road, approaching.
"Total miss and out of ammo"
"Then we'll live another day to take that thing out"

turn 32    (6,5) Muller's team: 2, Evil's team: 6

"You bastard!"
Muller and Sven turned back and shot the two loyalist.
"Is he dead?"
"No, still alive. I have lost too many friends today, I won't leave him behind."
"I carry him"
"Go to start the Kubelwagen, I'll open the gate."

turn 33    (1,5) Muller's team: 4, Evil's team: 6

Tired of the firefight and supply loading, Muller and Sven are not running as fast as they could. Muller reached the gate and Sven jumped in the Kubelwagen, putting Herbert in the backseat.

The Northern  loyalist covered behind the Stug, not knowing the 222 was out of ammo.

 turn 34    (4,1) Muller's team: 4, Evil's team: 6

Muller opened the gate and the 222 moved toward the exit.
Sven got ready for Muller to jump in the car.

turn 35    (6,5) Muller's team: 6, Evil's team: 8

"We got you, schweinhund."
The SWD officer aimed and shot his burst at Sven, deadly wounding him. Muller raised the SMG of Sven and shot back simultaneously at the two SWD troopers.
The SWD  soldier collapse, his head exploding. The next burst hit the SWD officer who moved backward like a broken doll.
Muller was readying for the next burst when his vision troubled. His sight went red and for half second he wondered what happened before he too collapsed.

Muller lied dead.
He didn't die alone

They leave the camp devastated with resources under Von Evil crippled.


"What do we do now, Oberst Bernhard?"
"There is no going back. We are clear enemies of the SWD and the Reich. Let's see how far we can go with this armored car. I have my family to save."
He looked behind him. The thick smoke of the building was raising behind the trees of the forest and they crossed hordes after hordes of undead heading toward the base.
"Hopefully, our friends are already dead"

Few seconds after a loud and terrible howl was heard. Bernhard gasped.
"May they all be doomed. They released it..."
3 Escaped onboard the "222" with Gas (7), Ammo (1) and Food (1), Medical (1)
1 Assault Rifle, 2 Rifles