Sunday, October 27, 2019

Building a Kill Team - Final Group Photo

Ah~, the love of technology and losing the photos because you forgot to do a backup.

Nevertheless, this week-end I assembled my Kill team for a group photo.
the full squad with (left to right)
Top: Beowulf, Ikoor, Edgar. Charle'Z, Hans, Boomer
Bottom: Leggy, Pimpy, Eagle Eye, Vizion, Bash, Cyrik. Amen (wolf priest), Sarge, Vlad, Raven, Ax, Tank

Ax, alternate leader, and Tank

Sarge, alternate leader

Hans and Boomer

Leggy, who lost his 2 legs and keep fighting

Amen, the wolf priest

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Building a Kill Team #4 - CharleZ and Vlad (KT leader)

Vlad is the leader of the Kill Team, being a seasoned veteran in asymmetrical warfare. CharleZ is his oldest friend and team's flame thrower.

Let's start with CharleZ

Using Space Wolf legs and standard chest.

Using the flame thrower a dynamic position. I had to drill the shoulder to have the weapon fitting

I added a cyber arm, very visible with the right arm position.

Adding a knife and other space wolf items to show how CharleZ has personalised his equipments

final version
Vlad is the leader of the Tunnel Rats Kill Team. Sent to missions where even most Space Marines would consider suicidal.
Vlad gained his reputation during the Blackroot campaign, when the Tunnel Rats chapter was in charge of cleaning a space station of Orks. Instead of sending a large force to retake the place, Vlad suggested to send a team of 6 space marines and himself, teleport them in the heart of the station, kill their boss and destroy the life support system before rushing through the Ork defense line and do a daring escape. Of the 7 space marines sent in, 2 survived, CharleZ and Vlad. The Space Station fell within 2 days, as the Orks suffocated.

Fur cape for a badass leader 

the plasma pistol and the power fist. The power fist is a conversion from a terminator power fist.
with a terminator shoulder pad

knife behind his backpack

With a GK helmet
finished version