Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Kill Team - Campaign Day 1 - Battle 1 (Swipe and Clean)

Day 1:
Battle 1: Swipe and Clean <-- report
Battle 2: Terror Tactic
Battle 3: Ambush
Battle 4: Recover Intelligence

The system Hech Kay saw the collision of multiple divergent forces. The resurrection of long dead Necron, a Greenskin Waagh looking for more teeth, the involvement of the Space Marine chapter of the "Tunnel Rats" Space Marine chapter and the presence of mysterious chromed space marines (nicknamed "The kéké tunning guys from Lille" by locals) all embroiled in a survival fight for dominance.

Far from the main battlefield where many senselessly would die, every leader came to the conclusion that a remote moon held the key of final victory.
Each protagonist sent a small force to the moon.

Day One, Battle One: Swipe and Clean. 
Take objective (3points) and kill enemies (1pt)

Battle systems mats and terrain, Mah Jong table

Ignore miniatures :-)
Ignore miniatures :-)

Grey Knight (2 units) - 40pts

Note that the GK show their back and hide on the top right corner to avoid being photographed
RedactedGrey KnightGlaive pair
RedactedGunnerPsycannon,  Heavy

Ork (6 units) - 55pts
The Fashion Week, the Ork way
BozBoss NobKombi SkrochaLeader
UrkBoy GunnerBig ShootaVeteran
Sinika,  KommandoSlugga/ Chappa

Necron (3 units) - 48pts
the rise of the Machine
Lor, ImmortalTCVeteran
PakImmortal Comms
Sadi, ImmortalLeader

Space Marine (2 units) - 25pts
One Space Marine and his apprentice
Bash,  Tactical Marine, Demolition
Eagle Eye, Scout with Sniper, Marksman

The game lasted 4 turns.

Turn 1 key moment: 
Few shots exchanged. The GK and the SM decided to have an unofficial truce as they were less, held their objective and could not reasonably threat the other.
The sniper got hit by the GK on the first shot and Eagle Eye decided to aim elsewhere as a show of good faith

The Ork sent one lonely guy to take the GK objective but that Ork quickly left.

We all believed that Ork went to relieve itself in the corner...
Bash played safe by behind out of sight most of the game
the Necron menace is slowly approaching

Turn 2 key moments

The Orks decided to play aggressive/passive, bringing back the one who went peeing and another one behind the Necron.
Hey! [REDACTED] you will not believe what I saw. There was an Ork peeing below. 

Where can I move my Ork? The Shack!
The Ork by the Window, an Oscar nominee for most Daring Ork Move under the line of sight of 3 Necrons.
Both Orks did not survive the turn. the other 4 stayed well behind cover.
Most Orks will stay within the base, out of the line of sights of the GK and SM.

The GK bravely shooting from their objective
The Ork prepare their coming out (I knew it!)

Turn 3 key moments
All the Necron became bullet magnets with impressive result.
Almost all injury rolls had the same sequence:

  • first roll "1", take a flesh wound.
  • second roll "6", recover from all flesh wound
  • Start again
Small victory for the Ork who dispatched a Necron, threatening the Necron's objective.

The GK and the SM were playing safe, securing their objectives while shooting from far
The Orks still had most of their units on the ground.
The Orks decided to get rid of the Necron once and for all

Turn 4 key moments
The Ork strategy almost paid off. The Ork went on denying 3 objectives out of 4 with the opportunity to gain some
That Ork denied the Necron objective

That Ork fought for the Ork objective
Another Ork went to deny the GK objective.
The sniper aiming for victory.

The Ork at the GK objective was shot down by the SM, while the 2 other fights did not end with a winner.

End of game
The GK held their objective, the SM (Bash) secured theirs, Orks and Necrons mutually contested each other

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GK: 5 points (1 Objective, 2 kills)
SM: 4 points (1 Objective, 1 kill)
Ork: 1 point  (0 Objective, 1 kill)
Necron: 1 point  (0 Objective, 1 kill)

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Kill Team - 4 people - Campaign rules

4 teams, 4 commanders.
Sent behind the enemy lines to carry mission nobody would do in their sane mind.

4 teams, 4 battles
Not every mission is created equal. Focus, feint and deception are the weapons they surely aim carefully.

4 teams, not one more soldier
Every body counts, every bullet may be the last one, every battle is one step closer to final victory.

Special Rules:
The campaign is divided in days.

Every day has 4 battles.

Each team has a starting vanilla roster of 200pts.
Players can draw whatever force they want within their 200pts and assign them to each battle.
The battle must keep the normal team construction rules (weapon limitation, ability limitation).

We will add up points and elite/commander after day 1.

Team 1: Grey Knight
Name Unit type Alt. Weapon Ability
Redacted Gunner  Psycannon Heavy
Redacted Gunner  Psycannon
Redacted Gunner  Incenerator
Redacted Justicar
Redacted Justicar
Redacted Grey Knight
Redacted Grey Knight Halberd
Redacted Grey Knight Glaive pair

Team 2: Ork

Name Unit type Alt. Weapon Ability
Boz  Boss Nob Kombi Skrocha Leader
Wagog Boss Nob Combat PK PK Combat
Inyurzog Kommando Boss PK Leader
Dak Loota Heavy
Urk  Boy Gunner  Big Shoota Veteran
Gazog Boy Gunner  Big Shoota
Glurg Boy Gunner  Big Shoota
Frof Boy Burna Zealot
BBQ  Boy Burna
Bloz Boy Burna
Blurg Boy Shoota
Blarg Boy Shoota
Blorg Boy Shoota
Pof Boy Slugga/ Shoota
Paf Boy Slugga/ Shoota
Sinika Kommando Slugga/ Chappa
Fux Kommando Scout
Mod Kommando
Bog Kommando
Mog Kommando
Nog Kommando
Nip Gretchin
Nap Gretchin

Team 3: Necron
Name Unit type Alt. Weapon Ability
Lor Immortal TC Veteran
Pak Immortal Comms
Sadi Immortal Leader
X Warrior
Y Warrior Veteran
T Warrior Comms
Ban Immortal Leader
F1 Flay One Zealot
F2 Flay One Leader
F3 Flay One Combat
F4 Flay One
F5 Flay One
V Warrior Leader
U Warrior Comms
Dari Deathwark Sniper

Team 4: Space Marines
Name Unit type Alt. Weapon Ability
Ax Sergeant Power Sword/ Plasma Pistol Leader
Vlad Sergeant  Power Glove/ Plasma Pistol Leader
Bash Tactical Marine Demolition
Cyrik Tactical Marine Comms
Tank Tactical Marine Comms
Leggy Tactical Marine
Beowulf Tactical Marine
Vizion Intercessor Gunner Stalker / Grenade Launcher
Edgar Intercessor Gunner AutoBolt/ Grenade Launcher Comms
Charle'Z Devastator Flamer
Hans Devastator Plasma Demolition
Pimpy Devastator Heavy Bolter
Eagle Eye Scout Marksman
Scope Scout Marksman