Saturday, April 15, 2017

Painting update and a parcel received

It has been a long time, when the Atlantes rules the world that I haven't posted a thing game-related.

Few updates, I have been painting and basing the whole time.

A set of soldiers to complete my growing fantasy warbands:

A new group of mercenaries, with a special shield

A new lord Paladin to kill the beast
More henchmen for the Black Shield company

Undead, because we always need some bones to flesh it out

My Bolt Action Partisan army. 170+ members of the resistance ready to take the Kraut out

The second half, with some Kraut. When I want to play with actual armored vehicles.
Misc. stuff
2 new additions, micro tanks for some battletech-like game

Arbitrator. I had them for a long time, only now getting into painting them

A group of space wolves. I applied my wash technic, I like the results

And the parcel received from Morikun, I will need to learn the spray technique now.

The address was self-explanatory
The content, a nice pic and the actual stuff.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The blog is not dead, just time is short

So long since the last post... And so little hobby has been achieved in between.

I will soon post, once finished, the miniatures I have been painting. There has been time for painting, but a lot less for playing, beside the Game of Life and some Citadelles games.

Beside work, I spent a lot of time on World of Tank (aka WoT). Mostly for research (finally a job where playing video game is a job duty). As any online game, it can bring frustration and epic moment. The key part in WoT is that it kind of reflect tank battle. Communication with other tanks is limited, which feels ww2 like. You have to trust your teammate to do the right things.

More soon, about minis!