Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fete des Peres et Jeu Apero / Father's day special game

French version below

Last Sunday was Father's day in Hong Kong.
We had a short game using cheap plastic spaceship found in one of the hobby shop.

So, for 35 Hong Kong dollars, or about 4.4 euros, 12 spaceships.
A short spaceship card with:
  • Name
  • Pilot name
and 20 points to share between:
  • Shield (how many X-Wing defense dice to roll)
  • Speed (how many inch the ship move)
  • Hull (how many health point)
  • Gun (how many X-Wing attack dice to roll)
We played with a friend coming over and our 2 eldest kids (7 and 6).

Move all the spaceship by (speed) inch, then round-robin attack. Player decides who they attack, trying to win the race. Being destroyed means you skip your turn and respawn at the starting line.

It was very fun, the kids loved it and there was a small amount of tactics when it comes to eliminate some players so your spaceship may survive, together with heavy politics and bargaining "I am your father, you have to shoot him/her" with mitigated success.


Great 80-90's feeling / Ca sent bon les années 80-90

Dimanche dernier c'était la fête des pères à Hong Kong.
On a pu jouer à un petit jeu apéro en utilisant des vaisseaux en plastique trouvés dans un magasin de modélisme du coin.

4,4 euro pour 12 vaisseaux, une occaz

Pour jouer:
Une fiche de vaisseau avec:
  • Nom
  • Nom du pilote
et 20 points à partager entre 4 valeurs:
  • Boucliers (combien de dés de défense X-Wing à lancer)
  • Vitesse (combien de pouce le vaisseau avance)
  • Coque (combien de points vie)
  • Tir (combien de dés d'attaque X-Wing à lancer)

On a joué à 4, avec un copain qui passait à la maison et nos deux grands (6 et 7 ans).

Le jeu:
A chaque début de tour; tous les vaisseaux du montant de leur vitesse, puis chaque joueur attaque tour à tour (note: à chaque nouveau tour, on décalle le premier jouer d'un cran - le second joueur du précédent tour devient le premier et le premier devient le dernier). Chaque joueur est libre d'attaquer qui ils veulent pour gagner la course. Si un vaisseau est détruit; il passe son tour et réapparait à la ligne de départ.

Le jeu c'est très bien passé et les enfants étaient ravis. Il y avait de la stratégie tout de même quand il s'agissait d'éliminer certains joueurs pour survivre, combiné avec les petites politiques du genre: "je suis ton père, je t'ordonne d'attaquer ce vaisseau" avec des réussites mitigées.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June painting update - Necromunda, Ratmen and Aliens

42 ratmen finished, ready for my fantasy campaign. Blurry pictures are my signature move.


Games Workshop cultists to be used for Necromunda games or Fallout (when I start, one day...)

Props for fantasy games


 Fantasy soldiers (paladin and crusader)

Cyborg for Necromunda or fallout
 Mongoose Publishing - Wastelander for Necromunda or Fallout

Monday, June 13, 2016

Star Wars Campaign: turn 3 pre-battle rolls. Ready for battle

At the last imperial fleet briefing

Meanwhile, at the Alliance Rebel headquarter

Reinforcements have arrived.

  • ISD "Coruscant" gained 1 more weapon upgrade
  • Nebulon B "Cobra" received 1 equipment upgrade
  • Corellian corvette "Dagger" received 1 crew upgrade, 1 weapon upgrade and 1 equipment upgrade
  • Addition of the Corellian corvette "Whisper"
  • Addition of 4 more squadrons
Sector 1:
  • Corellian corvette "Ultramarine" gained 1 crew upgrade
  • Addition of the Corellian corvette"Vicious"
Sector 4
  •  Addition of 2 more squadrons

  • MonCal "Freedom" gained 1 equipment upgrade
  • Corellian corvette "Grimbergen" gained 1 equipment upgrade
  • Addition of 6 more squadrons
Sector 1:
  • Corellian corvette gained 1 equipment upgrade and 1 weapon upgrade
Sector 2:
  • Addition of 3 more squadrons and 4 containers (becoming objectives for the next mission)
Sector 4: 
  • Corellian corvette "Corona" gained 1 weapon upgrade
  • Convoy
  • Assigned Corellian corvette "Asahi" and Nebulon B "Enigma" with 1 crew upgrade

Sector 1: Imperial withdraw
Sector 2: No engagement (no Imperial starship)
Sector 3: No engagement (no Imperial starship)
Sector 4: No engagement (no Imperial starship)
Sector 5: Engagement
Convoy: Imperial fleet strike rebel convoy

Monday, June 6, 2016

Star Wars Campaign: T2, sector 5: Ambushed!

"X-Wings to unidentified freigthers, you are entering a military sector, turn back immediately. I repeat..."
"Station A to Freigthers, you are entering a military sector, turn back immediately. I repeat..."

They are full of Tie figthers!
The scenario:
The Imperial spy network has sent the coordinates of the local Rebel Alliance HQ. Over there, Bud, the local corvette and a force of starfighters were preparing for their next strike. Knowing that the Rebel believed to be safe, the Imperial sent 2 freighters loaded with Tie Figthers to approach the base while a corvette with 2 squadrons of Tie Advanced were about to arrive from hyperspace on the other side, trapping the rebel before they could react.
Will the Empire triumph?
Rule: The rebel cannot win initiatives (play before) over the imperial in the first 2 turns. Initiative is rolled as usual to test if rebel are passive or active. The first reinforcement from the station arrive on turn 3.

Imperial fleet
The Imperial were ready for the Rebels
Rebel sector defense

Starting rebel units. An X-wing squadron, and the Bud is low level alert.
 Turn 1 (2:3)

Spear exited hyperspace in close proximity of Bud and shot it at long distance, lowering part of its shields. 
The X-wing diverted from the freighters to deal with the more pressing danger of the Tie Advanced. 

Spear shot Bud, Bud 1 shield out. T/A 4 dmg on X/W. X/W dealt 2 dmg on T/A
"It's a trap. All units, scramble, scramble!"
"X-Wing, engaging Tie Advanced"
Turn 2 (4:6 – Imperial initiative)

Bud and Spear tried to position themselves to be more effective. As shot were exchanged, none was able to take the upper hand. 
Meanwhile the Tie Advanced disabled the active X-Wing squadron, leaving the sky to the Empire.
"Tie fighters to command, all fighters out, ready to engage"
Turn 3 (2:4) 
"Y-Wing squadron, we will take that corvette out. Don't let the Empire win." 
"Torpedoes engaged, target on sight"
"Shot at will, we will not hold long"
Turn 4 (3:3)  

The Rebel were reinforced. Would they be able to invert the odds?

An imperial enseign looked as the shield flickered. The bridge officer looked panicked at his commander. 
"Don't worry, this scum is no match for the Imperial Navy. All power concentrated to their pathetic corvette. Without their commander, they are no more than mere sitting ducks."

The Spear shots all guns at the Bud who exploded in such fashion that for a while most rebel fighters were blinded. 
"They.... they.... Bud is gone!"
"What are the orders, what do we do?"
"They are too strong"
The local garrison, staffed with second tier fighters was not used to hard fight. 

With Bud destroyed the Rebel test for "Staying in fight" and missed the roll. All rebel receive order to flee the area by whatever mean possible. 

"Evacuate the area! The Empire is too strong."
Turn 5 (6:2) 
Turn 6 (4:6)

As the Rebel squadrons were fleeing the area, they were chased by the imperial fighters. One X-Wing and one Y-Wing squadrons were too slow. They were destroyed before they could calculate hyperspace jump.
4 squadrons barely escaped the area. The Empire was victorious and won without a scratch.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Star Wars Campaign: T2, sector 2: Intel Sweep

Official mission
Imperial force
Rebel fprce. Poulp is more interesting in detroying the other flagship
red squadron deployment, B-Wing covered by X-Wing
B-Wing covered by 3 blue A-Wing and Stella

Triple Gamma deployment from the Imperial side

Turn 1 (5:1) 
"Here is Commander Poulp. Their flagship is mine! Ignore all other orders."

Poulp could not resist the call for glory and prepared his attack to kill the Order 66 instead of the official mission.

Imperial moved fast, Rebel took their time. Order 66 going for the objectives, Stella for the kill.
Imperial were rushing in, the Reb waited before striking
Order 66 was able to capture some intel right away.

Turn 2 (3:6)

As the Imperial were carelessly moving forward, Poulp triggered his trap. The A-Wing sped up toward the Tie Bombers, covered by the Tie Fighters of the Beta Squadron. Half of the Beta Squadron became stardust before they knew what hit them.

Poulp shot on zeta squadron, 2 dmg, too short to shoot at Order 66. Beta squadron is engaged by A/W, reduced to 1 squadron, which was badly damaged, A-wing lost 2 dmg points during the T/F turn.

X-Wing red moved to intercept the Eta Squadron
A-Wing engaged the Tie Fighters in order to cripple the Tie Bomber before they could hit Stella

Stella moved toward Order 66

Turn 3 (2:3)

Poulp was over excited. Order 66 was in proximity. Both corvettes exchanged shots, with Stella penetrating through Order 66  and shaking up its crew.
Meanwhile the Tie Bombers moved through the A-Wings and shot at Stella, downing its starboard shields.

The B-wing were intercepted by the Tie Interceptors before reaching Order 66.

1xTie/B out, B/W red out, B/W gold out, 1xA/W out. T/B shot torpedoes at Stella

Intercepted before even shooting

too close to be safe

So close from torpedoing Order 66

Turn 4 (2:6)

"Brings these shields up. Intercept their bombers"
 Stella engineering crew brought in 1 shield up, 2 dmg to Order 66 who stayed in the fight. Order 66 shot back, captured 1 more objective.
1 T/B out, 1 A/W out
Order 66 continue Intel Sweep, while Stella plans a boomerang attack

1 more objective captured by the Imperials

Severe brawl in the middle

Turn 5 (6:2)

Rebel were losing too many fighters and the Tie Interceptors were almost unscathed. Poulp thought for a second to leave but remained in control. 

"Whatever the costs, I will have that corvette in my victory list."
 Order 66 turned 180 degres to show its best virgin starboard and shot at Stella. The shot significantly damaged the Rebel ship, panicking its crew.  (Crit: Crew panic, revised effect: reroll dice for 1 turn)

Poulp ordered a difficult shot to Order 66 and the training of the crew paid. The shot traveled the space between the 2 corvettes and hit a critical area of Order 66, detroying the imperial flagship.
(at that time, I realized that I had forgotten the counter 2 on A/W since the beginning.)
A/W destroyed, T/I destroyed. X/W 1 point left, 1 T/I destroyed
Order 66 shot and almost won, but...

The Rebel ship stood still and deadly replied. Order 66 was no more.
Turn 6 (2:5) 
"no surrender, no retreat!"
Stella decided to stay in the fight but ordered the X-wing to leave, as they would no survive another attack or counter attack from the Tie Interceptors.

1 T/I destroyed. X/W prepared to jump to hyperspace
Turn 7 (2:2)
Turn 8 (4:3)  
Turn 9 (1:4)
Turn 10 (1:4)

The X-Wing were able to jump, but they were too slow for the Tie Interceptors who caught up with them and finished them. 
Before it was long, they ranged in, unsucessfully, with Stella. Poulp decided to stay, it was foolish to try to outrun the Tie Interceptors. It paid well, as at the end, Stella, while damaged, stood victorious and free to sweep all remaining intel, surrounded by starfighter wrecks.

Too slow

Deadly dance

Rebel: 4 VP (3 Intel, 1 Space ship)
Imperial: 2VP (2 Intel)