Saturday, August 27, 2016

Super Dungeon: Trying the layout before starting the campaign (&Aliens)

Yesterday I tried the different layout and dungeons pieces I painted. The dungeon pieces are only few of the hundreds of the 2 dungeon kickstarters I received earlier this year.

I had also build rooms using Dave Graffam artwork.

First try, do I really need black mat?

Definitely yes. The contrast is way better.
I realize also that my room are too big, so I cut some in the room in 4 or 6 parts.

Then comes the dungeon part. Using the 2 kickstarters I backed in 2014 and received in 2015 (if I recall correctly). Dungeon World, by Acheson Creation, is used for the corridor area. The kickstarter gave me more than a hundred and some interesting special tiles. Stone Dungeon, by Frontline games, is perfect to simulate rooms.
 I have included the Daedaloom props I won during the last Morikun challenge. I had completed it with an additional order from his eshop on Etsy. I am very pleased of the results.
Daedaloom shop here:
Frontline Games here:
Acheson Creation, here:

The tavern has a basement where are stored the food and drinks.

This is also where the owner sleeps, next to a door that leads to his treasures.
Behind a wall, the corridors are leading to an abandoned cultists lair.
With a small temple dedicated to some local dark lord.

How did the owner become so wealthy. Is it related to adventures he had as a young man or is it related to the forgotten horrors that happened behind the wall?

Trap or loot?

And to make sure that Morikun is pleased, some pictures of dungeon with Aliens
They are maybe the reason why the temple has been abandoned?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 2016 - Painting and ready for another Comic Life campaign

While I am still progressing on the Star Wars campaign, I have done quite a lot of painting.

Finishing 2 Bolt Action MMGs (Artizan Design and plastic Bolt Action)

Red Baron's band. Mix of different brands, with weapon and arms.

Blue Chief's band. Again, mix of different brands
I am laying out a new campaign to use my dungeons stuff (previous Kickstarters) with a twist. I'll be using Dungeon Crawl of Two Hour Wargames and Swordplay. Stay tune!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Star Wars Campaign: T3, Rebel convoy under attack

The Imperial fleet was lurking in the dark emptiness of space. They had set a spy device in the middle of nowhere. Intel networks had discovered that an important rebel convoy consisting would be transiting on that exact location. 

Rebel convoy

“This is the Imperial fleet. You are ordered to stop your engines and allow inspection at once. Any non-compliance will be dealt with deadly force. This is the…”

The officer looked at the admiral “Commander, they are not responding, they are speeding up toward a made up beacon.”
 “Great, let’s slaughter them. Attack!”

The rebel launched their A-wing to intercept the Tie-Bombers while the commander tried to run for it. The Imperial fleet was well placed on each side, but also very  vulnerable to broadside from the Rebel fleet.
With some early successes and unexpected indecisiveness from the Imperial (few failed activation, even with the admiral REP 5), the rebel damaged the VSD and got the 2 corvettes. But at that time the full power of the ISD was in motion. It blasted one of the corvette which tried to past fast in one shot.  

The A-wing did a good job despite being outnumbered with Tie Interceptors and Tie Fighters, but they were too many of them and not enough of the Rebel fighters. 

The first MonCal cruiser to explode rang the end of the party.

The Rebel were mopped up one by one, and for a short while, the last MonCal hoped to make it, but facing the ISD and a Nebulon B, it was only a matter of time.

Still, it gave the short window of opportunity for the Asahi and Enigma to leave before being destroyed.  Of the Rebel fleet, only 3 shuttles and 1 smuggler ship escaped. All of the other had been destroyed or surrendered.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weird July - The hobby was strong that month - Play and Build month

Ok, July was a weird month. Lost of travel but a strong hobby mojo. Instead of painting I built, and I even had a game of Bolt Action with an opponent, first in month!
Report at the end of the article.

Few miniatures progress, I have launched a good progress in-between business travel to glue my fantasy miniatures. I felt good to do something not work related and with little brain-power. Getting the right arm, looking for position, using the bitz I had from Frostgrave heroes....

Army of plastic - multiple brands and sources in there, mixing and blending
Bretonnian (GW) with non-GW arms. Look better than their basic spearman.

I even build a 2 weapon soldiers from the bretonnian officer.
With some bluetak, that bretonnian look fiercer.
And my wolverine version. Celt warband with skaven arm.

and I found that box sitting in one of the hobby shop. I am going to use it for a cell for my dungeon terrain. It is 1/32, and works well as a cage with 28mm.

I also added 3 more tanks and 2 AT guns to my collection of "Stuff build, even if I know I won't play them".
2xpanther, 2xPak 40 in 20 mm and 1 28mm Tiger

my 20mm collection. It is only a question of time until games come back to that format.

July business' trips was ended with a bolt action game. German panzer grenadier vs. my Partisan.
Partisan are a versatile army with a lack of armor (which is crap in most of the wargames with a lot of point in a hit-or-miss point sinker). 1000 points army.
My opponent listed 20 elite soldiers in 1 command squad, 2 squads, 1 airstrike spotter, 1 sniper team, 1 MMG team, 1 flamer hetzer and 1 armored transport. (so 8 command dice)
I had, 72 soldiers, in 2 command squads, 7 squads (6 inexperimented and 1 veteran), 3 trucks, 1 AT gun, 2 MMG squads, 2 snipers, 1 bazooka and 1 captured armored transport. (so 19 command dice)

There is nothing better than a team of pistol madmen charging with trucks
 So, the whole plan was to scare his tank with my AT gun and a bazooka while the rest of the army would swipe across the opposite side and eliminate any resistance in close combat.
Scaring that little hetzer. It worked!
Advancing partisans.

Meanwhile the German feel a little outnumbered

Reinforcement arrived more or less at the same place

The german killed 1 small team and 2 trucks before falling under the numbers

#feelinglonely. Snipers and observers are a little... surrounded.
The Partisan won, but the victory and the scenario were not the most interesting (Attrition game, and victory by unit destroyed, no objectives). The game was good though as the German being outnumbered and holding strong line of fire, we had to resort to movement and cunning rather than shooting across the no-man's land.
Note: In BA, Attrition is by number of units killed rather than "Point value". It doesn't reflect the loss value of elite vs. small powerless units.