Friday, April 9, 2021

Painting updated - many unknown brands painted :-)

As life event forced me to take a long rest, I used this opportunity to paint some miniatures. This was also a time where I discovered models I had completely forgot about.

Here are some of the latest addition to my pile of painted models.

First of all, a 3D printed miniature of Deux, a leprechaun for the game Agone. Deux (means Two in French) is a wildness dweller and has a limited understanding of clothing. One of the particularity of Deux is to travel with a small bag containing 2 unused underwears and being very particular that everybody should have 2 underwear available, just in case.

Next is an evil master for Weird World War 2

Next are some commanders from Games Workshop. Painted with Navy colors in mind, they can be used for objectives or any story. The miniature in the middle is supposed to be a tank commander, so it had no legs. I added legs from spare WW2 Russian miniatures I had.

For my birthday I received from my friends GW terrain

Mantic gave casualties in their dwarf armies. I had limited use for them, but I found they looked perfect as tomb markers.

And 2 additional dwarves got painted to join the army I painted earlier. One of them look like a junior chief, ready to split some heads in 2.

Next some unknown miniatures, where I have no idea where I bought them and when. They look like the Bugs Bunny Martian.

Moving on, Prince August Tribes of Terra, the Templar horde. I broke one of them at the foot level, so instead of 4, there are 3. Perfect the day I play some fallout or post apo type of game.

Another unknown. An android looking killer. Faceless and deadly.
The silver of her face did not really render good on the picture though.

During the Easter vacation I outsourced 2 viridian miniatures (Urban Mammoth) to the kids.
My son went for a camo based sniper.

My daughter went for a commander and very neat painting.

A Void miniature, before it became Urban War. A big sword, likely to compensate for a small brain.

Last, some Westwind Night Ranger, from their Road Kill range, Nice models with a decent level of details.