Thursday, February 27, 2020

Kill Team - Campaign Day 1 - Battle 4 (Intel recovery) Battle Report

The armies are meeting again.

Battle 4, Day 1.

4 groups are gathering nearby an abandoned outpost with plenty of necron's pylons scattered in the area.

The GK are in force, with the largest army (90pts), followed by the Space Marines (75), and the Necron (50). The Orks have more people, but only 42points.

the battle field

the deployment

the GK

the Orks

the Necrons, only flayed ones

the Space Marines with some heavy support

the Necron move quick and hold the bunker

the Orks and the Space Marines are fighting for a Necron pylon. The SM sergeant missed his charge and his open to Ork's retaliation
the Orks will pile in with a boy and a Kommando. The SM will slain them

Meanwhile the Necrons are looking for close combat against the GK
the psy powers of the GK and lack of luck of the Necron will prove fatal to the aliens.
On the other side, a grot pretends to be a menace to the SM

Toward the end, the GK have killed all the Necrons but 1

The Space Marines are holding their side.
the GK and the Space Marines have survived the battle without casualties. The Orks have been kicked out, and a single Necron scores for his team

The battle was a massacre for the Orks. Threatened by the Necrons, facing the Space Marines, and fielding the smallest army. they bravely held for 4 turns.
The Necrons decided to hide and score, while the GK and SM faced each others, exchanged few shots but not enough to change the tie.

Final result
GK - 2 points
SM - 2 points
Necron - 1 point
Ork - 0 point