Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Star Wars Campaign: T3, Sector 5

The Imperial mission was easy: Verifying the rebel presence in the system station and wipe them out.
The Rebels had 2 options: flee or try to destroy the Corellian Corvette.

Special rule: The Rebel squadron will scramble randomly from any of the space stations.

2 stations with Rebel activity have been reported
3 Tie Advanced squadrons were sent to investigate each station

3 squadrons are launched from Station Alpha and 1 from Station Beta. Tie Interceptors are launched to intercept

2 squadrons of B-Wings are properly wiped out.
 The Rebel suicide action was going bad. The Imperial fighters were capable pilots and destroyed the main bombers. The last chance for the Rebel to justify their loses were to get the corvette before any imperial reaction.

Unfortunately for the Rebels, both side activated and the imperial wiped out the last Rebels

The Imperial firmly hold the space
 Sector victory for the imperial. They advance on sector 5. There is little room available for the Rebels on that Sector.