Monday, December 22, 2014

The Reich of the Thousand Deads: Large Battle Report (SOTR)

In the devastated city of Antwerp, a group of British para with the new British Steel Heavy Armor are fighting against an offensive of SWD troopers.

The British had to hold the line and prevent the SWD to break the line... (More of a battle report down)


British Army List
Para Platoon (Elite, Body Armor, Straffing and Artillery Strike)
HQ + Attached Templar support, Chapelain and Templar LMG
2xPara Team with 1 PIAT
Light Mortar  (MVP)
Para Sniper (support)
2xTetrarch (1 support slot), with Camo
British Steel team

German Army List
Werewolf platoon (Elite)
1 Grenadier
2 Wolfrunners
1 Werewolf
1 Vampire
2 Mech (1 with Close Combat weapons, 1 with Medium AT)
2x MG
British Left Flank is held by 2 sniper teams and a British Steel team
Facing Wolf runners and 2 MG

Center, Half team of para and 2 Tetrarch, facing 2 Mech, grenadier and HQ

Machine gun spotted German Mech coming

The German used the cover to their advantage

HQ team and Templar support hold the right line, Facing Faust, werewolf, vampire and aufklarer

Werewolves are approaching the British lines, close combat Mech move on the British right flank

Hidden Mech is sniping British position
A strange man hide in a Church. Allies reports of "Vampire"
Beasty Aufklarer, hybrids of men and rats. SWD is a true Evil
The German reached the British lines
SWD forces are about to swarm the British positions
Critical moment, when any side could lose or win.
At the end, German stood victorious, having bled the British
The British positions were crushed
German reinforcements are coming and Britsh have to fall back
British were able to capture a "Vampire"
British left flank was gone

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Reich of the Thousand Deads: Freedom Highway (AAR)

(After the loss of the photo, and with only the last photos left, I can only provide a standard report and not a comic version. Game report is at the end.)

The private arrived in the small bunker. Outside rain was pouring and making the whole area muddy.
Seated on a worn out leather chair, the Major Odieux was smoking a cigar with a glass of brandy listening to music his eyes closed. The private knocked at the door of his office. Odieux opened an eye and told him to come in.

"Sir, there has been an event on Freedom Highway. SWD got very close"
"Close how much?"
"They were only 2 clicks from Alamo outpost."
"Did we engage them?"
"No Sir, we sent a scouting team and a piper. We have some aerial photos and report from a badly hurt survivor. He had been put to real death afterward."
"Thank you soldier."
The soldier was not leaving. The officer felt he should know something more than what is in the report.
"It seems that the survivors were with an American lieutenant.It seems that Lt. Mallory was there."
The officer raised from the chair.
"Stupid, bring me Sergeant Steward now. How long did that happen?"
"An hour ago, Sir"
"And you tell me only now? Go fetch that sober bastard of a Canadian."

Once the private left, Odieux opened the file.

Alamo Outpost Report B0143.
Object: SWD infiltration.

A team of scout arrived at the scene 40 minutes after first shooting was heard. They witnessed the departure of the new SWD vehicles (sdkfz 511 and 512).
A group of SWD soldiers have caught 4 civilians, one with seemingly remnant of US army uniform. Our scouts were unable to retrieve them.

Photo #1 shows where the 2 trucks carrying the survivors hit the roadblock (result of the last SWD offensive against Allied Strong Point East in Bastogne). The survivors encountered a strong force of undead hidden in wrecks.
Photo #1

Photo #2.
The SWD captured 4 people and left 2 badly wounded to the undeads. We recovered one, long enough before he turned.
Photo #2

4 survivors were captured
Last leg of the escape was filled with zombies.
2 walkers were involved

The good started well, with a good beating of undeads but they lost precious times. Every time a zombie died. another took its place.
After about 10 turns (!) lost and the zombies cleared, Mallory drove the group South and they tried to run with moderate success. The SWD was planned to arrive on turn 20.
As the clock was ticking, they were about to reach the limit and into safety when they failed to activate for 7 turns, giving time to the SWD to get close enough to shoot.
The walker shot and hit the middle of the team (perfect hit). All survivors were knocked down and stunned for several turns, enough for the SWD infantry to catch them.
2 survivors were OOF and left to the zombies, while the SWD escaped the area with their prisoners.
Main directions and move

Monday, November 17, 2014

Reich of the Thousand Deads: Highway to Hell (Prelude)

"Vere do you kom from?", the German was curious about Mallory.

"I was left for dead outside of a SWD secret base and I move Northwest by foot until I found you."
"Ve are going Norz, to ze zea. You should kom vith uz"
"I am afraid not. I have some critical information for the Allies. Bring me to Bastogne. There is an Allied center there hold by paratroopers. They would welcome you."
"Vy going zere. It iz a deaz trap. SWD will kom to kill zem."
"I would be not so sure about it. I believe we will trap them. First, we have to use Freedom Highway if it is not close."
"Vat iz Freedom Highway?"
"An asphalt road the Allies kept open for German civilians fleeing zombies."

Freedom Highway:

Mallory and the German survivors reach a congested area of the Freedom Highway. The Germans are not far behind and it is a race against the clock before they arrive.

The area generates zombies on 3-4-5-6.

A long straight road bordered with woods and a small house.

Terrain placement:
 Take all my world war 2 vehicules and place them in 1d6 area. Climbing a vehicle will take 1 full movement. Vehicle may have hidden zombies (up to 5), randomly.

Reach the other side in 20 turns. If possible with a vehicle. Each vehicule will need 4 units of fuel to reach the next scenario.Mallory must survive.

They can be SWD, Allies, Survivors (good or bad) and zombies.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November: Painting front progress

I am putting a small update.
I am undergoing few mass painting projects:
- Ongoing. forty something German Elite forces (the one that can't be named in Germany) for Bolt Action
- Completed.Three US mecha for Secret of the Third Reich that I had in stock for a long time
- Completed. Weird World War 2 survivors. I have British survivors left but no real mood to finish them. Shelved for now.
- Ongoing. Battle for Alabaster beasties and zombies. I need few additonal strokes to complete them.

Jean-Jacques and Jacques. They were petty criminals during the zombie outbreak. Jacques was accountant for the Mafia and Jean-Jacques a thug.When Hell broke out, Jacques convinced Jean-Jacques to flee the city. Since then, they fight and survive, bit always trying to chose the winning side.

I start to work on my new campaign for 2015 that will replace The Reich of Thousand Deads, in apocalyptic settings.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Reich of the Thousand Deads:S2-E7: Überlebende (AAR)

 Played with ATZ and Nuts/Nuts WWE for the latest part and Panzerfaust shooting.
 Driver test were bad. passed 0d6, I assumed he hit the tiger, then driver test to avoid the truck (passed 0d6) then end up in a pile of boxes. All passengers were stunned
 The truck had the same fate but managed to avoid being wrecked at the end. No passenger stunned.

Rule: One panzerfaust has an area of 3" and hit 2 times, with a 1,2 being an instant kill.
 Results of the first clearing of zombies, 2 deads and 1 bitten (test at the end of the game)
 3 survivors entered the wrecked panzer IV and standard ATZ building test. It resulted in 5 zombies. The humans had a -1 dice for close encounter (can't use their 2 hand weapons). Result: 1 dead
 Random event: dog followed by 8 zombies. 1 kid was bitten.
 2 PEF resolutions ended in 2 survivors and 10 zombies. During the fight a random event happened: The closest zombie revealed itself as Mallory who had escaped SWD. Hurrah!
 Turn 20, there was a special rule that Von Evil would send his latest toys (Area d6 for arrival)

 Random event: twisted ankle, while the walker activated and not the survivors. Most of them failed their panic test (most have passed 1d6) and they try to hide.
 Mallory took a panzerfaust from a hunkered down survivor and motivate another one. 2 shots. 1 miss (0d6) and Mallory hit without effect the right arm (NUTS WWE Walker tables).
 Finally, 1 shot to the Chimera Two blew up the leg, the walker failed the test to keep standing and the pilot died when it fell. 
The other chimera melee Francis and failed. Francis ducked back 6" (Nuts WWE melee with infantry test). the last 2 survivors with panzerfausts shot. 1 missed (pass 0d6) while the kid hit the body with 2d6, killing the pilot instantly.
2 of the bitten survivors didn't make it. They had in total 5 loss, 2 vehicles destroyed. They recovered Mallory and 2 survivors.
They stocked up 15 units of Fuel, 10 Food and 3 panzerfaust. The scenario ended with very little zombie generated.

The overall map: