Thursday, February 28, 2013

ATZ-FFO : AAR 3 - Murphy law from the grave

July 1st, 6am. US Airborne outpost at the front line.

"Bloody hell. What's that f.cking hammering?"
"Shut up private. the Krauts may hear you, we're not in one of your kid's gathering"
"Would be fun to see the face of that goddamn officer who said we'll be in Berlin for Christmas. Seems they still have few candies to distribute for a broken army"
"That was their last bombers I believe. After that they'd have no candies. and lucky as we are, they are sending us more likely our unexploded bombs, with the quantity they received last month"
"Hey sissies, no time for tea time. Move your ass up. HQ said that we lost contact with the Brits holding the village. We have to take a look and see if they broke their radio when they all tried to hide under the table. Maybe Adolph bitches have infiltrated and started a war on their own back there. Whatever, we have to get there, check all is right. I expect professionalism and smiles. Girls will be watching us."
"Praise the Lord, Lieutenant Mallory you finally understand why I am really fighting in that war"

Special for this scenario, I am playing with a friend, each of us taking control of a team.
Scenario is Evacuation with the following twists –
ER Rating: 5 (Front zone and Z-Virus bombing the night before)
Zombie Generated on 4-5-6
Encounter on double
PEF 1 (REP 6), PEF 2 (REP 5), PEF 3 (REP 6)
PEF 3 will stay in the HQ Bunker until the end of the scenario.
It will be night fighting until sun set, after (2d6) 9 turns

HQ is top right. US airborne starts left side. Big white dice is a PEF.
Soldiers have to go to HQ and make a search in the building and then head for the exit. Map is setup as the Exodus Map.
Soldiers have to bring back at least 1 alive and non-infected human and kill 1 zombie to have a REP raise test.

 Encounter table updated (Civilian, British Para, German and Zombies), and test "Drop the Weapon"

Sergeant Johnson (REP: 5, PEP: 3 , SAV: 4) – SKILL Fast
Peterson (REP: 4, PEP: 1, SAV: 2) – SKILL Free Spirit
Emerson (REP: 3, PEP: 2, SAV: 1) – SKILL Runt
Stevenson (REP: 3, PEP:1 , SAV:2 ) – SKILL Greedy
Libenstein (REP:4 , PEP: 3, SAV: 2) – SKILL Rage / Medic
Scott (REP: 3, PEP:2 , SAV: 1) – SKILL Dim
Lil’ Bob (REP:4 , PEP: 3, SAV: 2) – SKILL Slow
Ericson (REP:3 , PEP:1 , SAV: 2) – SKILL Medic

Star : Lieutenant  Mallory Mc Cain (REP: , PEP: , SAV: ) – SKILL Born Leader, Fast

Special note about the News Team by German Propaganda, as you will see later:

Propaganda team – A German propaganda crew arrives to report success of the offensive and lost their way. They are intent on getting the story of a lifetime and winning party prize. They will flee if fired at by the US soldier but will not be cautious of the zombies.
There will be a Producer (REP 4) and a Cameraman (REP 3) with 1/2 body guards. Roll on the German List to see who they are then re-roll to see if they are armed.
Propaganda team is considered to be Ganger for reactions.
Ja. Move your dead body....
 We rolled 3 pre-encounter.
The famous and multi-generation damned  barking dog and his 6 zombie buddies
Next to the cemetery
A lone zombie
a zombie next to a PEF. Bad omen?
an armed REP3 civilian (Bolt Action Rifle) and Greedy attribute
Heading for trouble... Where did I put my Camembert?
 And the heroes comes in
Careful guys, something's not right here...
turn 1    (American 6, Zombie 5)

No move. The paratroopers are quite amazed by the silence in the street and the devastation. This was a quite normal village before.  Only the fire of a destroyed tetrarch tank and the barking of a dog what disrupting
“OK guys, we deploy, Sergeant, take your men on the right side of main street, I take mine on the left side. We meet at the bunker. Take a many survivors as possible and quiet”

turn 2    (American 3, Zombie 2)
The Lieutenant moved into the cemetery and took a look at the shadow moving after a barking dog. He was amazed and very much surprised by what he saw. He turned his head to his men, and they all had the same look. Surely these people have been dead multiple times but they were still moving. The fire of the burning tank was illuminating their faces and they were no friendly faces. Lil’Bob kissed his cross.  Mallory took his bayonet, followed by his men. Who knows what horrors were lying around. The dog continue barking and the undead followed it.
A little bit more than expected....
On the right side, Sergeant Johnson’s team moved toward the destroyed house but could not reach it. They were too far to see the followers of the dog but saw the civilian:
« Qui est-ce? Friend or foe? » said the sergeant, aiming at the shadow.
« Ne tirez pas ! Don’t shoot ! Je suis un Fri-hent » replied with an explicit relief the French civilian with approaching accent. He moved toward the paratrooper visible but non-threatening.
They all passed the zed or no zed without issue. Still, rules say that they fire.  We took the rules differently. These are professional soldiers in a war torn village. Silence is key. They would engage on their own terms.
turn 3    (American 3, Zombie 6) 

 “!” said Lil’Bob, raising his foot with a disgusted face. “Oh God Lord!”, Scott saw what Scott stumped on, a devoured body of a woman.
Ericson look at them and looked at Mallory and started shaking. Mallory heard the moan just behind him, on the alley of graves. Shambling shadows were raising and heading toward them, Mallory pressed the trigger by pure reflex but with no effect. Zombies attacked them.
On the road, the dog raced forward leaving the zombies where they were when a takatakatak and fire burst appeared in the cemetery, diverting them from that too fast target to something with more brain.

“Sergeant?” Emerson looked at Johnson with the smile of somebody looking for trouble with joy.
“Not yet Private. Let’s look at that house first. Maybe we’ll get good wine for breakfast if we’re good boys. I hear moaning, likely a damsel in distress”
“My wife moan when I wake her up in the morning too” replied Stevenson.
They entered the house. The house was devastated and furnitures all over the place. It was darker inside than outside and it took them few seconds too adapt…. Not fast enough thus. Something headed for them and they all were able to identify the unbelievable zombie as the dead threat they were.
We resolved the house on another board. Too many people in a small space.

The lieutenant was facing zombies and every man of his squad was engaged. The soldiers tried their best fighting techniques but while some were effective, most combat tied, the zombies unaffected by a heart strike or a cutting the throat.

“Take that bastard!” Sergeant said while putting his knife in the stomach of the zombie, an old civilian with a missing arm.
“Die, Die, Die, Die!” Liebenstein was up to his standard, for a medic, and was thrashing his opponent. He was alone and most ended up wrestling.

We decided to play fun and resovled the cemetery as a building (with 1 turn after the paratroopers entered it, I know). It ended up with 7 (!) zombies. The 6 zombies on the road were distanced by the dog and the easy target was the soldiers literally digging up their graves. It didn’t help that Mallory succeeded his surprise and fired 3 useless shot (1 more zombie generated for next turn)
In the house, Johnson was luckier, with 6 zombies only, 1 per person, and the French civilian proved a good figher despite having no melee weapon (-1 dice) and civilian. Emerson lost his fight…


turn 4    (American 6, Zombie 3) 

In the cemetery…
“Shut up Scott and dispatch it. Aim the head”
said Mallory. The cemetery was seeing heavy fighting and the Americans lost total initiative. They killed few zombies, but were still outnumbered. Still Mallory felt confident in his men skills and the zombies were slow enough. That should be a question of few more minutes.

Meanwhile, in the house…
“Emerson! Get up!”
 “Don’t worry Sergeant, I won’t die now. Take that…. Sh.t …Die son of a bitch.”
“I can’t kill that… thing… would…. You… die…. Come on…”
“Tiens prend ca!”
“You try to kill me little piece of dead meat… You try to kill me?”

The cemetery saw many fights won but the zombies from the road reached the fight and engaged the soldiers. In the house Emerson lost his fight but was only prone/carry on.

turn 5    (American 6, Zombie 2)
The law of Murphy strike…
“Ericson!” Scott ran toward Ericson, lying on the floor. The zombie looked up and readied for the soldier.
“Finish them off now!” Mallory was fighting 2 zombies and dispatched them.
“Easy to say, harder to do” said Lil’Bob dodging an awful set of teeth to reach his neck.

In the house…
“Emerson! Get up!”

“I can do it Sarge, don’t mother me”

“and here it goes”


Cemetary took a very very nasty turn with an OOF, while in the house, even if prone Emerson kept on toying with his zombies while everybody is waiting for him…

turn 6    (American 1, Zombie 5)

“Can’t kill him Lieutenant”
“Coming Scott, hold it” said Lil’Bob
With 2 soldiers against 1 zombie, Mallory was confident it won’t take long.
“I’ll take care of that incoming zombie” said Mallory

“That should make them quiet. Everybody’s good?”
“kan Eye kip zat?”

Sarge looked at the froggy. He had killed his zombie and had (God knows how) found a bayonet he was fixing on his recovered rifle.
Johnson looked around, saw the dead bodies then replied
“Yeah whatever. Let’s take a look upstairs guys”
“Hehe, and a nice watch for me” said softly Stevenson searching a body.

The house ended better and faster. Trying to optimize, Mallory decided not to overkill the last zombie and let his 2 private take care of it.
But, as the old saying goes: Big Murphy is watching you…

turn 7    (American 1, Zombie 3)

Open the door, all ready?” said Johnson?
“Sure” replied all the soldiers, gun raised, face serious. Whatever was behind that door, if it was nasty, it will be so loaded with lead that people could mine it for centuries.
The door opened slowly.
“By the name of the King, what took you so long?” On the opposite of the room 2 British para were sitting. One was clearly wounded.
“May your island sink. Did you enjoy the show? We almost died down there. What the were you waiting? That ain’t Romeo and Juliet.”
“As you see, my friend is wounded. And we didn’t know who was downstairs. Could have been the sticky helmet team”
“Fair enough, take your stuff, we move on”

“On the other side of the street, same team or …?”
“Same team. But if they don’t shout for help, they should get through it. They’re big guys”… “at least I hope” said mentally Johnson.

“Scott. Did you finish it?” Mallory asked while fighting his zombie.
“In a minute boss”
“Don’t take your time”

Resolving the building encounter, 2 friends, including a wounded para. Good addition, Johnson in increasing his group. Meanwhile, Mallory is still fighting zombies. Seems they never stop spawning…

turn 8    (American 1, Zombie 4)

Sarge and his group fast move toward the next house. Johnson is worry that there is something ahead, but after all that happened, he can’t chicken out.

“Got him”
“Take Ericson and move on”
“One is coming”
“We’ll take care of it”

The recent addition to the cemetery residents. Skull dice is for OOF, blood token dead zombie

….Big Murphy looked at what happened and decided it was too good….

turn 9    (American 1, Zombie 2)

The zombie reached Scott and as Scott was going to hit his skull, the zombie stumbled and ripped open the main artery of the leg!
“No sh.t” Mallory dispatched his zombie and rushed to help.

“toc toc….”
“Silence Peterson.”
“oh not again!”
“It’s mine, it’s mine!”
“Moi first”
“Went too easy guys said Johnson”
“Something’s approaching Sarge”
“Hide guys”

And an OD at the cemetery. To be fair, Mallory and his 3 Privates have  killed about 18 zombies there, but the zombie killed while fighthing 1 Rep 3, 1 Rep 4 Military with 1 hand melee weapon! On the other side, 5 zombies were created in the house, and they were all killed in hand to hand by the group of Johnson.
turn 10    (American 5, Zombie 5)

 “Ja, very nice”
“Herr Gunther, you will win the party prize, this is a very good spot”
“Ja, Ich bin very lucky. I told you that taking that turn on the left was making us famous”

A German wearing a white suit was moving among the abandoned vehicles of the British Para followed by 3 body guards and a cameraman.
“This is going to be the best angle of my victory movie. This will be full house in all Kino of the Reich. Herr Goebbels will be so pleased…”
“You the useless body guards move out of the area, you are wasting my film.”
“Herr Gunther, you are so fresh with the morning light. And your hair so natural”
said the cameraman.

turn 11    (American 6, Zombie 1, German 2) 

“Silence, j’ai cru entendre un truc dans la maison”
« Stop. American. Ami ? »
« Les Americains ! Friend, friend ! nous Friend. »

A group of 4 civilians, 3 armed with rifles and a third unarmed one appeared at the window, very happy to meet the paratroopers.
“Get in and follow my orders”

Johnson looked in direction of Mallory and saw him exiting the cemetery, Ericson carried by Lil’Bob but no sign of Scott. They had blood all over their uniform. Mallory was heading fast toward the HQ.
 “Ok we move....Move, move!”

PEF Resolution, it was 4 civilians

turn 12    (American 6, Zombie 6, German 2) 

“Don’t yawn on my movie soldier”
said Gunther without looking
Well. Nobody was looking….

turn 13    (American 6, Zombie 1, German 1)

The sun was completely set, and with daylight the village looked less threatening.

Herr Gunther was directing the cameraman when a hand fell on his shoulder.
A very untidy German soldier was looking at him with empty eyes.
“Kein autograph my young fr...”
“Was is das?”
“Protect Herr Gunther!”
“Herr Gunther, do I keep filming?”
asked the cameraman, ready to help
“Nein, be professional, that’s good materials”

The Americans were moving toward the HQ and saw the German cameraman but were not seen. Johnson waited for his cosmopolitan group to gather and get ready for action while Mallory was moving as fast as possible to reunite.
The zombie tied  the 3 fights, 1 with Gunther and 2 with the bodyguards. Likely a John Rambo zombie.

Better than a fast mob, Johnson group with 5 Americans, 5 French and 2 Brits.

turn 14    (American 1, Zombie 3, German 5) 

“Herr Gunther, please move” said the bodyguard
“You are hiding my best profile, move on the right”
“This may be dangerous, we can’t untangle you from him”
“Are you still filming Kunt?”
asked Gunther while avoiding being bitten
“Jawohl. You are moving very gracefully Herr Gunther”
said Gunther while blood was covering the bodyguards and his nice white suit.

The Americans were looking with astonishment.

turn 15    (American 1 , Zombie 2, German 1)

The German bodyguards were looking with disbelief as the zombie was ripping apart the famous Gunther, raising star of the German propaganda movie industry.

“I’ve seen too much of it” Johnshon aimed at the zombie and killed it properly. Looking at the Germans he had the choice to shoot or capture them. With 1 German gone, hands in the air and shouting German obscenities, 2 others looking with jaw wide open and the last one filming like he was not really affected by what happened, he decided to just disarmed them.
Zombie Movie Star of the day. On the right the bodyguard running crazy
We played wrongly the see the feast as the zombie was still officially in fight with the 2 bodyguards but decided not to replay it because it was much more “good materials” as Gunther would have said.

turn 16    (American 1, Zombie 2, German 2)

Johnson move into positoon while Mallory is getting close. Johnson placed his soldiers in position in front of the bunker, just in case.
The Germans were made prisoners and they had a very difficult time to make the cameraman surrender his camera. Johnson and his best men entered the bunker….

turn 17    (American 1, Zombie 3, German 3)

“Don’t shoot, we’re on the same side” said a British accent voice.
“Not sure. Move where I can see you!” replied Johnson
Getting out of their hiding, 4 para and 2 civilians show themselves. Johnson and his team lowered their guns.
“Let’s get out of here” said Mallory behind Johnson. He had just arrived.
“This is crazy land, and it is getting too dangerous”

Later at the hospital.
“I don’t know what he has doctor, but he is not well”. Nurse Elizabeth was talking about Private Ericson, who was wounded with many others in unexplained encounters during the night and most of the day.
“There is a convoy to send our guys back home on a hospital ship. Get his papers ready”

This was a very high stress game. Getting to a house was a dangerous business and they got multiple times where people could be wounded.
Also zombies can be very deadly when things should not go wrong. I roll 5-6 dice with 1 automatic success, and the zombie still win. Private Scott learned it the hard way. Private Ericson will play hide and seek with the ship crew during his cruise back home.
Yes, Ericson is the only one who didn’t pass his “Harry are you ok”….