Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You know that something went wrong

when you start realizing that you have too many units to play (and finish) a normal game.

Finally finished the vehicules and decided that I won't give them marking as I am still thinking what to use.

The two army photographed miss the French squad and 40 German zombies, plus additional units still under paint :
- German cameraman
- German sidecar
- Wespe
- German officers and sentries
- 12 British para
- 5 German Rats
- Clive Goddard
- few civilians/resistants

Otherwise, I am quite proud of the German force. Vehicules are a mix of Tamiya Die Cast, Urban Mammoth Viridian, Warlord and Tamiya Kits. The German have 2 characters commanders : The Ogre General and the SWD officer in the sdkfz 251.

The British vehicules are a mix of Tamiya Die Cast and Warlord. The British have 2 characters, the Liberty unit on Harley Davidson and Mr Smith (not appearing on the photo, he declined the group photo invitation)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ratte Aufklarer, part 3

And now, the final part.

I have finish my German Evil boss and his team of Ratte Aufklarer, together with a Sdfkz 7.

Went to the States, Shopping Spree

Alien Objective Markers

Being recently in the States, it affected me in 2 ways:
- No painting
- More minis

For the no painting, it's rather because I want to avoid my paints and other stuffs to be stopped by customs. I tried to take paints in the past when traveling in Asia and never had an issue. But with the FAA and the Homeland Security I preferred avoiding any misunderstanding.

Regarding the minis, I fell again in the usual : Browsing, clicking, buying. I was visiting FRPGames ( as they usually a great range of unknown/great miniatures with high discount.
I ended up with about 30 miniatures, some out of print, other to complete my collection/optimizing the shipping cost. in total, the cost is about $137 including the shipping fee, or about $4.3 per mini, and some are using 40-50mm basing.
Pit Beast
Exo-Suit Provocator with Flame Thrower
Exo-suit Decurion
Exo-Suit Provocator with Chain Gun
'Seloi' body guard drones (x2)
Deathmask Drone (x3)
Fang Mites (x2)
Hydrissian Noble (x1)
Miliatia leader (x1)
Asteroid miner SQUAD (x4)
Asteroid miner PREFECT SQUAD (x3)
Tritonian Infantry (x5) - To reinforce my Urban War Junkers