Sunday, February 7, 2021

kill team 2021 game 2

With the ease of Covid-19 fear, we lined up one more game at a friend's office, we managed to play one more  Kill Team game. This time a 1v1v1v1.

An old Ork settlement in a wasteland of Necron's artifacts

Mission: Get point for every model killed in melee.

Top left, Taus, Top Right Grey Knughts, Bottom Left Necrons, Bottom Right Space Marines

The picture has a deep shadow as we had not dimmed the light from the window
The GK, 5 models, but very very scary in melee/
The Tau. Using cover and drones hovering above
The Necrons sent their flayed ones against the Marines, while their shooters engaged the Taus
Tau vs Necron. The Stealth Suit are very tough and ok in close combats
The Space Marines and the Necrons are struggling to get a decisive strike
the GK, surprisingly, decided to hold their position for 1 turn, only shooting across the board. Everybody was wondering what the GK were up to
The Tau drones take a significant beating
Tactical Space Marines fights the Flayed Ones, protecting the better equipped troopers. 
As usual, the SM officer, full geared with Melee skills and weapons will fail miserably
Holding the horde. Even wounding Flayed One with knives while their leader died without dealing any damages.

As the GK decided to attack the Tau, the Tau leaders and shooter started to take cover
Necrons and Steal Suits are engaged in melee
The SM and Flayed Ones melee got a surprising turn of events
The SM cleared the Flayed One with rifle butts and knives. Who could have guessed?
The SM rushed to the Tau/Necron area to get points
The GK are crushing the Tau who broke and most units became Shaken
The Necron try to take the full benefits of the Tau's demise. unsucessfully though
The last Flayed One get mobbed by Space Marines

Results. The GK won by massacring the Taus, the Necron failed to get melee kills, and the Space Marines bring Necron' bodies back home as trophies.