Friday, August 23, 2019

August update - Battle Systems in Kill Team

Few pictures of scenario played using battlesystems terrain.

Scenario 1: (can't remember what it was). It saw the GK finishing quickly a Chaos force
The stage is set, a forgotten colonist station
Chaos vs. GK

GK are getting ready to finish that Chaos patrol once and for all

Chaos will not die without a fight

Scenario 2: Chaos vs SM. Assassination. Target: the SM sergeant (once more). SM victory
Facing off each others

For the Horny Chaos God... hum. the one with the axe, not the dildo

The Chaos could not outrun the sergeant. The sniper was MVP with instant kills on overwatch shots

Scenario 3: Gather information. GK vs SM, GK victory after slaughtering the SM
This station has many computers, one contain vital information on a powerful magic drug call Pen'i'cil'in

Chug, when your Pet goes Boom

Left GK, right SM. I (playing the SM) forgot that my sergeant was an extremely good melee fighter

This game saw a larger army on both side.
scenario 4: scenario when you need to cross the table and kill people. GK vs SM. victory of the GK
Space Station Umbrella

something went wrong. The experiment that killed them all

the Lab were it all started. Need to roll a save within 1 inch of the purple blobs

That SM will survive 2 rounds of Melee with a GK, with only a knife

That sergeant tried to charge the GK and made an impressive 2 inch. We need to stop Beer and Bretzel afternoon
scenario 5: Assassination. The SMs are again targeted because of a joke on the GK.

Guess what? The SM is again targeted by the GK for assassination

Hiding is the way of life

final confrontation. The GK kills the sergeant, with again, his mental power...

Monday, August 19, 2019

Mid-year update: Kill Team

With almost 5 month without blogging, I feel guilty.

I have been playing a lot lately, thanks to a group of friends that is active in both RPG and wargaming. 

RPG-wise, we are now running alternate GM on Agone, Star Wars (Edge of Empire) and Vampire. 
Wargaming wise, we concentrated on Kill team. Small scale, playable on a Majhong table (widely available in Hong Kong), the game allows to re-use our W40k armies.
When it comes to boardgames the kids are now old enough to play games like Cluedo and Small World, in addition to the popular Uno and Life.

I am copying some of the Kill Team games we had, and I will later make a post about the special team I am building for an incoming campaign.

Scenario Assassination. A group of GK are trying to kill a Space Marines Sergeant. Terrain from Necromunda 1st edition.

The GK are trying to get to the Sergeant for an obscure joke: A GK called Tit has a newborn baby, how does he call it? Anus, because Tit-Anus.
GK have no humor.
The Space Marines are guarding the approach

Approaching GK. 
GK are avoiding the shots from the sentries

 The GK finally reached the sergeant with a psy power and killed him. Victory for the GK.

More to come with battlesystem terrain. Some example how BattleSystems is versatile.