Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Darker Omen: Part 3. The Trap (AAR)

For rule information here
Part 1: Here
Part 2: Here

 At that particular moment, I rolled 3 double, resulting in 3 cultists appearing (west street and south street x2)

To be continued...

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Darker Omen: Part 3. The Trap (teasing + pre game info)

Part 3 is coming soon.

"Brothers, the Great Beast has awoken. Behold its might!"

After almost 2 month busy with work and then trying to boost my mojo, I finally gathered the courage to take my stuff from the store room and layout the terrain.

Replaying Mordheim City of the Dead helped a lot, I'd say.

The scenario will be simple. At dusk, a kid saw a monstrous beast near a well at the market. The militia promptly sent a task force to trap the beast. They have evacuated the neighborhood and placed a cultist of the Great Beast they had captured previously as a bait near the well. While the militiamen wait for the monster, reinforcement are on the way. But the cult has also learned of the trap and is coming to free their brother and also stop the militia from hurting their God reincarnated.
To play that scenario, I twisted the rules a little bit.
That is one scary well

I still use the Two Hour Wargames rulesets (using Swordplay)

Random Event:
1/ When I roll double on activation dice, Cultists or Militiamen will arrive.
  • roll dice for Cultists or Militiamen, highest roll enter
  • Roll 1 dice. 
    • 1-2: 1 enters
    • 3-4: 2 enter
    • 5-6: 3 enter
  • Roll scatter dice to show the direction

2/ When activation dice added up show 7, draw an Alien card (32 cards with different events, from Nothing to Alien appears).

Cultists special rule:
The Cultists of the Great Beast are drugged and kind of berserk. To show this:
  • If the Cultists activate this turn, they add 1 more dice to their attack roll
  • If a cultist is KD, at each Cultist activation, roll 2 dice. On Double "1" the cultist is back u
Disabling Knock Down (KD) cultists.
After a successful fight and without live cultist in sight. the militiamen will arrest any KD cultist with bonds. On each Militia activation, any militiaman in contact with a cultist will arrest the cultist and disable him. Once disabled the cultist is removed from play.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Too much work... but finally some hobby's done

Yeah, real life sucks. At the same time, that how I can fund my hobby time.

I have finished 11 penitents using different bits from different sets.
I will use them in the next episode of the campaign. I painted more tiles too and a well.

The second on the left will be central in the next scenario