Monday, July 18, 2022

Underwolf - the Landraider

 Building a landraider for the Underwolf army.

I used bits of Space Wolves and the Landraider. A fun piece to work on. Sadly, the interior is detailed but not easily visible.

I hope to see it on the battlefield to support my Blood Claws.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Genestealer Cult, raising from the ashes of a desolate world

 Life in the Imperium is harsh. If it was not for the permanent state of war, slave, forced labour and other lower level of society toil under the weight of the dictatorial leadership of local corrupt governor.

Without surprise, anybody able to exploit the despair of the population and stealthy enough to escape Inquisition informant and Adeptus Arbites awareness can nurture such discontent into a true French-type strike.

So, without my knowledge, a cult has been breeding in my miniature drawer and after 3 month of Omicron-wave, and few hours of commuting transformed in painting session, they spawned. From this moment, my Space Marines Underwolves decided that hiding was a safe strategy.

And for once, I really spent some time on the base :-) 

Sausage and burned tire

Revolution and sofa. I'll get a Nexos to do a social justice stream

Beer and Rednecks, This is war

Black dude Aberrants. Because they hit hard

Exiting their underground hideout