Friday, July 9, 2021

W40k 9th - Patrol Battle Report - The Irritating Pups

 Played a Patrol (600pts) 9th initiation game at Molotow, a cool little FLG in Hong Kong.

Dark Angels vs Howling Beast (Space Wolf Successor).
A group of unruly young Howling Beast decided to tickle the serious Dark Angels. Will Space Marines in old armor have a chance against Dark Angels with the most best and most up-to-date equipment of the Imperium? Here is their story...

On the moon of Redizded, the space wolves successor chapter "Howling Beast" decided to take on Dark Angels stationed there.

Dark Angels readied a small strike force. Chapelain, Primaris, Bikers and Terminators.

Howling Beast brought in many wolf guards. A terminator Chaplain, a Wolf Guard Terminator Team, Bloodclaws with their Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader and Grey Hunters with their Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader

the Howling Beast deployed in 2 halves. Blood Claws with the Chaplain and Grey Hunters with the Terminators.

The Howling Beast are (very) lucky in their shots.

On the other side, the Chaplain is charging motos, surviving the bullets, plasma and meltas. Loki is with them. The Chaplain shows the example to the BloodClaws. Melee it should be!

Dark Angels focused on objectives while the young pups seems to be focused on fighting only
The Howling Beast taunted the DA. Enough was enough. The DA to teach respect to the little jerks.

The DA Chaplain and the Terminators charged, showing how it is done to the so-called space wolves successor
But. against all odds, the Howling Beast managed to survive the storms, resulting in an unusual turn of events.

To add salt on the wound, the Grey Hunter finished the terminators.

By the end of turn 3, the DA had 4 Primaris left, and by turn 4, the Howling Beast scored and scored, bored as their was no enemy to defeat.

I have been very lucky with the dice and lost almost no units to fire. While my shots were true and got the upper hands in the melee. Good fun. 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

The Inquisitor and her 4 pretendants

In the far future of 40k, dating an inquisitor was a risk few would take without some muscles. 
On the Planet Disko, 4 were courting a pretty female inquisitor. As things heated up on the dance floor, each of them called their friends to get rid of the competition.

This is an adapted Kill Team scenario. 
  • 4 armies (Space Wolves Necrons, Tau and Grey Knights)
  • 125 pts, elite no commander
  • 5 objectives: 1 in each corner of the deployment zone worth 1 point per round, and 1 in the middle (the pretty inquisitor) worth 3 points per round.

Deployment: square shape using the corner objective as one of the deployment corner and the inquisitor in the middle
The main prize of the fight, the pretty inquisitor Boobs'a Fate

Objective 1, the Navy Officer, taking the pose because he believed the be the handsom-est

Objective 2, the Tank commander calling back home he would be late for dinner

Objective 3, the Army officer checking Golgol Map if he was in the right spot.

Objective 4, the diversity point of the Imperium, the LGBT+ psycher 
The Tank commander invited the Tau to support his romance, with 1 suit in reserve

What better for the Village Psycher than some Goths friends to show than being different was the right choice 
The GK assisted the Navy officer, providing a show of faith. 1 Paladin terminator in reserve.

To assist the Army officer, a force of Space Wolves were here to make his arguments stronger
, with a Terminator in reserve

Quickly the Necrons and the Space Wolves ended up in melee against each other, One of Necron died while the other got tied up against a Space Wolf with a kitchen knife,
4 Necrons were staying at the back, providing cover fire
The Tau concentrated fire on the GK with little luck, facing the truth. They would be in contact soon to smite their way.
The Tau dashed in the middle to capture the beauty in the middle.
Facing the Necrons, the Space Wolves got pinned down. 

Meanwhile the Space Wolves deep-striked the bunkered Necrons
The GK were destroying the last Tau resistance
Busy against the Necrons, The Space Wolves also temporarily faced 2 Tau retreating from the GK. The Tau had no more luck against the Space Wolves.
The Necrons moved to deny objectives for the Space Wolves
And the Space Wolves denied the Necron's objective.

Leaving the GK alone with the Inquisitor. GK victory!