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I am being followed

"Somebody is following me"
 First of all, thanks to Sean to promote me on his blog. He has a great content and an interesting project with 1:72 plastic models, which I like a lot.

So, welcome to the followers and thank you all for coming and reading. I never thank people and I know this was impolite.
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 Next week, I am planning the Scenario 8 of ATZ, while waiting for my next batch of kickstarters to come. The long awaited Sedition Wars phase2 (here), Zombicide Season 2 phase 1 (here) (incredibly on time!).
Next would be Achtung Chtuluh (here), and Heroes of Normandy (here)

I also lately pledged for Incursion (here) (loved the game and a good opportunity to jump in). The latest content is incredibly good value for money even if it requires a Kickstarter PhD to understand clearly what's available.
And I also pledged for a small guy company trying to develop nice tiles, Living Dungeon (here)

Next projects are:
  • Continuing my Secret of the Third Reich US/Free French force - 3 Light Mech and 6 A.P.E. to do. Infantrywise, about 20, but I'll likely commission it.
  • Completing my Fallout-themed guys. For my Sci-Fi inspired game, I will finally get to Fallout. Known world and easy to set.
  • Painting more ATZ-FFO '44. I have 50-60 miniatures left. 
  • Maybe get into Bolt Action because the only HK FLG is promoting it and I have troops for it. (and a good excuse to buy that fancy Die Cast Hetzer at the Tamiya shop, or the Puma, or the Pz IV,... ARG!)
Thank you for reading

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My personal take on "10 Questions for Gamers, Hobbyists & Likewise Interested Folks: This One Goes to 11"

Let me take the challenge posted by David on the Laughing Ferret

1. Dinosaurs or Dragons?
Somebody called me? (personal artwork)
Dragon. I take the Tolkien view of the Dragon, evil monster spreading darkness wherever they go. They are formidable enemies and more than a fair match for any would-be heroes.
Dinosaur are just animals, and therefore are not evil or good. 

2.  In an RPG would you rather be a Player or DM?

DM on the universe I like, and Player on new one, as long as the game allows room for non-stereotypical characters. Nothing is more boring than having a detailed universe and to stick to the standard Warrior/Priest/Rogue types because your character never play, use or match his background and the only usable skills are Range Attack and Melee.

You can impersonate who you want, but you shall never, never look alike Chuck Norris
3. You have a Time Machine: you can only take a trip to the future or the past. Return or not is your choice.  Which direction & how far?

I'll go back 1300 years before, to see the Dark Ages and see with my own eyes if our limited knowledge of this time was right or not. And come back :)

At these, give me the club#9 for a birdie meant something different
4. Favorite Online Comic
Giant in the playground games.
"No Encounters Today"

5. Of these Empires which do you feel is the BEST Empire and the WORST Empire?
Roman, Mongol, Spanish, Russian, British, American.
How you define Best and Worst is up to you. 
If you're feeling up to it, rank them from best to worst 1-6.

The Roman Empire was the best. It lasted a thousand years and left a huge legacy, even today (Ever wondered who decided the width of the road?)
The worst was the Mongol Empire. It lasted 2 generations at most and exploded after the death of his founder. How great is that? It's easy to conquer, it's more difficult to occupy.
Somebody behind me to stab me to death? Come on, I've known that joke for year.
6. Who wins the fight?  Roman Gladiator or Samurai ?
Samourai. He does not care of his own death, whereas the Gladiator fights for entertainment.

Please, 2 out of three.

7. Who wins the fight?  Darth Vader or Witch King?

The Witch King. He has no asthma so he shall win in the long run. Plus, he is already dead.

Can you get into that Corellian Corvette now? You know, it means a lot for the stormtroopers

8. Who wins the dogfight?   Starbuck in Colonial Vyper or Luke Skywalker in X-Wing?
Luke, as long as people don't whisper everytime he wants to do something. Obiwan Kenobi was the first Smartphone with annoying ring or the first Whatsapp application.
Luke, your zipper, you forgot your zipper

9. Who wins the battle of wits? Tyrion Lannister or Wesley?
Tyrion. Because he's a good badass guy.

...You've just talked? Sorry, how do we say "I don't give a sh.t in your language" ?

10. Money & Time no object, what movie or novel would you like to have the armies and terrain in miniature to recreate and expand on, and in what scale?
Too many in my mind. But I think I will go for Tolkien, First Age period.15mm because I like to see the end of the gaming table without binoculars.
First Age was when High Elves just scared balrogs by looking at them and dragons had to get out in group in case they meet good guys. 
Glorfindel, just as an example of badass Elf of the First Age. Thing about an army of them....

Me, Glorfindel, Prince -not even king- of the Noldor, I take the boss of the Balrogs (aka boss of Sauron too) anytime, anywhere.
11. Human Beings die off. What species rises to take our place, becoming the next sentient species with a global civilization?
The ants. They will build cities over the planet, kill many species, wage wars between themselves for supremacy, have internal revolution and pollute with their mushroom caves. That's how we identify great species.
Here about an abandoned ant megalopolis in Brazil.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

ATZ-FFO '44 : Scenario 7 - The Outpost (AAR)

"I don't want to read zombie stories...." - "Aaaarrrr...."

"Lieutenant, please come. We received a crypted communication from the headquarter."
Mallory left his desk and moved in the radio barrack. The camp was about a square kilometer, bordered by fences, mines, traps, machine gun nest and even enough place for a DC 10 to land and in its center a tiny network of barrack and bunkers set for 50 but hosting only a 13 volunteers to stay in godforsaken continental Europe. The zombie outbreak from German viral weapons had made Europe a graveyard.
Mallorry entered the radio barrack. Sergeant Johnson was already there.
"SWD Bunker Northern Paris To Investigate. High Potential Intel. Airdrop At 16:00. DC10 To Land At Bravo 6 At 14:00. Get Ready."
"What does it mean Lieutenant?" asked Sergeant Johnson.
"Means we are going to Hell's Gate. Get 6 men with us. The rest stays here to cover the base. It will be a dangerous one from what I read. Northern Paris is highly infected area. And SWD Bunker means that shit is gonna hit the fan."
The team, Stevenson, Paulson, Mallory, Morgan, Scott, Kowalsky, Kyle and Johnson
The group airdropped near the facility and approached fast by the North. They need to find enough information (3 investigations points) and exit by the North. A DC 10 will land and wait for them there.
The objective, simple mission?
turn 1    (6;6) - Event 11  - One random member twist his ankle.
The group arrived north of the bunker location and quicky Stevenson fell on one of the booby trap laid by the German.
"Bad omen", said Johnson.
"We'll see about that later. Now, stay focus, there are worst than the booby traps here. Stay alert!" cut Mallory. He was worry about the pessimism of his sergeant.
The group arrive North of the bunker. PEF 4 and 5 in the southern corners
turn 2    (5;2)   
The whole team moved on the double to avoid being caught in the open from whatever was in the woods. The team could hear sounds from the Southwest and Southeast. As they were about to reach the entrance of the bunker, the Southwest sound came into sight, trouble....
2 SWD soldiers, one officer and mor worrisome, a flamethrower.
 The group froze and quick the training kicked in
Several were able to shoot at the flamer before it even realized the Allied were here. He was put out of fight quickly. The officer received several shots but his armor protected him. He fell on the ground but was still able to inflict damages. He shot back without impact.

26 shots will generate 15 zombies. Good start. ankle twisted, 2 SWD troopers, 15 zombies and turn 3 not even started!
The PEF #5 moved into sight and resolved as 2 SWD. Dice resolution gave REP 4 Flamethrower and REP 5 Officer with Assault Rifle. 26 shots are fired and generated 15 zombies.
Add caption

turn 3    (5;1)-1
"Get into the bunker, I take care of it." Johnson said as he jumped outside of the trench with his bayonet toward the SWD officer. He jumped on him but the SWD trooper was a real match and the German was not giving in, even being prone.

"Stevenson and Kowalsky cover Johnson, the rest with me in the bunker."
 Note: Beside the first area discovered, every other area/card will require a draw on the bunker event. It will means events in the bunker or outside the bunker. No need to say that exploring may be fun, but it is a risky activity.
Mallory get into the bunker and switched on the power

Despite the moaning heard from the lower levels, the bunker is dead
The team followed Mallory and quickly reached the limit of the left side as the whole corridor was on fire and too dangerous to cross. They all moved into the room so they could search it for clues about the research made in that bunker.

Whatever lays on the other side, it seems out of reach

Current knowledge of the bunker

On the ground, the zombies were approaching and a group was close enough. The SWD officer stood up when they reached him and Johnson.

While Johnson easily dispatched one and push the other one on the ground, the SWD officer proved again his skills in close combat and killed one as 2 other were knocked down.

turn 4    (2;6)-6

"Go, look for stuff. We better hurry if more SWD or zombie hordes are on their way. We made a pretty nice firework 5 minutes ago" said Mallry as he started to search in a locker.
"Found a strange bottle and there is some of the weird symbol you asked us to look for", said Kyle.
"Keep it, don't drink it"
"No chance, I only take alcool and it looks to watery to me"
Paulson turned to Mallory.
"Look pretty serious to me, and there are pictures on it"
"They thought about you, pictures for illiterate people", joked Kyle.
 "Not possible, there are no naked women and nothing to color" replied Paulson.
"Keep it, I've found money, but nothing we can use. Morgan, Scott, anything? "
"Ok, let's move up", said Mallory

Meanwhile on the surface, Johnson used the fact the German was busy with the zombie to attack him and the back. He was about to finish him when the SWD officer stopped the blade and even drew his closer to Johnson's neck. The zombies were still on the ground and it would be a matter of time for them to come back in force.
In the trench, Stevenson and Kowalsky were watching the fight unable to help. Still they were amazed by the amount of different swearing Johnson knew.
"Will you die, stupid German?", was the easiest translation. 

turn 5    (4;5)-1
"Kyle, move on the right and check what's making that noise" said Mallory
"On it"
Kyle moved discretely and quickly spotted a lose water pipe banging on a metal box. He signaled to Mallory that the area was clear. On the next T-road Kyle saw a German soldier weirdly laying against the wall. The light was blinking and he was not really easy to identify. After a few seconds, he could see the exploded head and the blood all over it. A real dead body.

A tap on the shoulder to signal Kyle he is no more alone
Note: I forgot to extend the bunker map South Kyle as it was in its LoS.

Stevenson and Kowalsky were watching the gladiators while watching the frozen zombies.
"How much on the sergeant?"
"All my money. Can't bet on a Swedy. They make me throw up."
"Ok, so we both bet on the same horse?"
"Nope, horse would be smarter than to melee a swedy with zombies around. Our sergeant is out of any animal league."
"By the way Stevenson, why still using the Garand instead of an automatic?"
Stevenson was attaching the bayonet on it
"You have not fight these monsters enough young apprentice. You'll see what marvel does a good spear does." (And the fact it gives me 2 dice for melee as a two hand weapons!)
Johnson tried his best attack, meaning spitting on his opponent and it successfully unbalanced him. He plunged his knife toward the heart but only hit the body armor. The German fell on the floor, once more and made an impressive stunt. Within the blink of an eye, he was on his feet again.

turn 6    (5;1)-2
"That's just enough, I ain't fight clowns. And I see no circus in town"
Johnson took his colt and just shot the German as he was preparing for Johnson to attack. Of the two bullets, one went straight in the neck of the German who fell on the floor, blood squirting from the wound. He climbed the dirt and jump into the trench.
"Good show?"
Stevenson and Kowalsky smiled.
"Now, get back to work ladies. Time to sweat a little for your country."
Behind him the zombies started to feast on the SWD officer even as he was not dead yet.
And the night was falling.

In the bunker...

"Kyle, secure that body and look for anything. I go first, follow me guys."
Mallory ran to find a room as soon as possible, so they could get away faster. As he moved forward he saw another body with a scientific look, he moved fast and the blinking lights gave him the impression to see a hidden zombie next to a small desk, but it was nothing more than a dead guard. He saw a room and moved into it. Once he pushed the door, the light went out without warning.

"Lieutenant?" worried Scott.
"Fine. That bunker is pretty fucked up.Saw a body northwest bound, look for it, and take the torch, I found a room and all clear on the way."
They all lighted up their torch when Morgan heard loud noise of some metal sheet hitting the floor. He was about to turn around when something grabbed his backpack. Paulson blinded him with the flashlight.
"You got two zombies on you man!"
"You're kidding me, I didn't realize", he took his little trench spade and knocked the first one on the ground. He turned and faced the second one who tumbled over the first one and grabbed each of Morgan's arm, disabling him. They were tied.

Note: When discovering new area of the bunker, I rolled Night Falling, 2 surprise zombie attacks from the last searched room, a PEF that was nothing, 2 dead bodies to be searched and light out.

turn 7    (4;1) , 
turn 8    (6;6) - Event Scott lost his ammo and can only use his Colt, 
turn 9    (6;6) - New PEF generated, 
turn 10    (2;5),
turn 11    (3;1), 
turn 12    (1;2), 
turn 13    (1;3)    

"You want brain? Take that for dinner sweatheart", as he said that Morgan headbutted the zombie in front of him. The undead auxiliary fell on the floor.
"Move aside man", Paulson pushed Morgan and shot properly the zombies in the head. The shots echoed in the cold corridor of the bunker and louder outside.
Kyle may think about stop searching

"Nothing there too, that body has nothing special as far I can see" said Kyle.
"At least they are dead dead", said Scott. He was touching his pouch frantically. "Damn!, lost my ammo somewhere". He searched around him with the light but could not see his ammo.
"Move up guys, no time to waste. I've got the feeling Johnson may want us out as soon as possible" ordered Johnson.

When there is one zombie, there is usually another one not that far

"Hope they are not heating up the party", said Kowalsky as he was battling the zombies in the trench.
"The more the merrier, used to say my dad" replied Stevenson gutting a zombie.
"I knew you were from a zombie family, you have no taste for art" smiled Johnson.
The fights in the trench was fierce.
Zombies were not dying easily and most of the time, able to tie the livings. Little by little, the zombie number was plummeting.
"Almost done, a break would be great", said Kowalsky.
"Who said the more the merrier?" Johnson whispered as he pointed the wood.
"No way."
A group of 5 zombies was heading toward the trench.
Johnson sprinted toward them  "These are mines".
and like a bowling ball put them all on the floor, killing in the process.

Kowalsky was having a hard time with the zombies and was tied up. His 2 hands were grabbed and he could not lift them up to hit the skull with his bayonet. He was hopeless when he felt the colt holster with his hand.
"Stupid of me"
He took the colt and while he could not lift it up, he blindly shot the knees of the zombie. He luckily hit it and the zombie lost his balance, having lost his left knee, enough for Kowalsky to back away as the zombie fell. It was timely, the four other zombies rushed to attack him and he permanently killed two and knocked down the others.
"Keeping work for later?" said Stevenson skewering a zombie.
"Only not trying to kill myself at work"
"Stop chatting and help me cleaning this mess. You know how grumpy is Lieutenant Mallory when he sees zombies in his garden" Johnson was finishing his zombies quickly.
"Not like they are not giving us hard time". A zombie had climbed on top of the trench and let himself down on Kowalsky who dodge him and knifed the skull.
"Maybe there was a circus here. I have flying zombies too" said Stevenson.
"You're the circus soldiers. These are pale amateur."

In the bunker...
"Search guys. We are taking too long. This bunker seems huge. I hope we can get out fast. We have a plane to catch."
Scott looked into an expensive wood desk, and screened the papers and gave a negative node.
"That desk was cleaned and paper were burned in that box. Seems hopeless here."
"I found an autopsy record. Seems it fell under the files cabinet." shouted Kyle
Kyle redeemed itself and got 1 investigation point
"Temper your emotion soldier. I've got an HQ order and it seems important enough for them to try to burn it but they missed it." Mallory showed a paper and put it in his satchel. "Let's go and explore the south of the bunker."
turn 14    (6;3), turn 15    (3;4) 
In the bunker the group moved south fast and Johnson was clearing the ground level without problems.     

turn 16    (4;2)   
Mallory was entered a new area in the bunker when unexpectedly a military march with a SWD official speech started to play, loudly at first and then it went crescendo to be deafening. 
With lights out, visibility is limited to 2 squares.
"What is that?" said Paulson.
"I'd know, I'd stop it. Now, from the sound of it, I would say big problems ahead unless it stops soon."
"May the Lord hear you"
"He usually listens to my wife only" replied Mallory while hurrying forward. He passed by another dead guard body and a lot of blood everywhere. One section was flooded, or so it seemed. He was not sure he would try to cross it if he can avoid it. Doing the sign of the Cross, he moved South.
"Hope my wife praying for me right now and not preying my money as usual" whispered Mallory.

On the ground.
zombies are building up

NOTE: 2 of the bunker events generated the same: Music playing out loud and attracting zombie. I decided to multiply by 2 its effects and until I have a PC+Zombie roll less or equal than 7, every turn will generate 2d6 zombies.

turn 17    (4;5) Music playing +7 zombies, 
turn 18    (4;6) Music Playing +6 zombies, 
turn 19    (6;5) Music playing +7 zombies      


Crouched next to the dead body, Mallory threw away a bottle toward the flooded corridor. His men get closer.
"Nothing on that body either. A bottle of wine, I believe he tried to give himself some happiness."
"The music is still playing, if we could..."
Mallory stopped the man by looking at his eyes.
"I care little about the music Paulson. Where it comes from, I have no idea but what I know is the fastest we get clues for the High Command, the fastest we are out and the fastest we fight these things. Stay focus on the objectives. Johnson and his men know their trade."
"And the sergeant knows better than dying when you owe him money Paulson"
They all laughed, including Mallory.
"Good" thought Mallory, they needed it.
The bunker team is moving slower than expected.
Another dead body insight. Until now they provided no intel.
turn 20    (6;3)  Music playing +6 zombies
The feared moment arrived. Note that 15 zombies are missing, not enough and the rest of my zombies were stored

The bunker team explore more. A PEF #6 in ambush
turn 21    (5;4)  Music playing +9 zombies     

"Back to back guys. They are everywhere. Stevenson, come here. The best way to avoid being attacked in the back is to stick together."

Johnson gave a look at Stevenson and was almost surprised by the first zombie who quickly tied him up.
"Damn you dead! I won't die tonight" he gave a worrying look at the mass of zombie approaching while his zombie seems not to give up his grip.
Zombie were everywhere and some climbed up the trench to grab them from above. Kowalsky seemed to have the weakest zombies or greatly improved his skills as he auto-killed all his zombies from the first wave.

In the bunker...

"Let me see what's that noise"
A group of survivors appeared in front of him. German deserters. The officer raised his gun but was blinded by the flashlights.
"Yes, from Brooklyn. Friend or foe?"
"I like Amerikan, ve vere afraid you vere from EssVeeDee. Are you the one who made all that noize?"
"Not really, but I believe we're helping. Are you from here?"
"Nein. ve tried to escape zombies and got here. We lost our vay.  I believe you have an escape plan. Can ve come vith you?"
Mallory looked at the three Germans in front of him. They looked veteran enough to create problems and he had enough on his plate. Furthermore, with the music, the area would be full of zombies. Better having extra bodies. He made a secret sign to Scott to watch the Germans.
"Deal. We finish our mission, you come with us and we bring you back to America as captured."
"Amerika, kein zombie?" asked one of the German
"No zombie, great country" lied Mallory.

NOTE: The PEF resolved as 3 survivors that I treated as German desertors. The place and the environment dictated it. There are Lorenz - Officer, Fast, REP 4 SMG, Max - Soldier, Dim, REP 5 rifle, Oliver - Soldier, Dim, REP 5 rifle.
Greet and Meet resulted in Talk the Talk.

Lorenz, Max, Oliver
turn 22    (1;3)  Music stops!
turn 23    (2;3) 
turn 24    (2;2)   PEF #2 generated
Suddenly, the music stopped, much to the relief of the Mallory's team, and less to Johnson's who barely noticed it.

In the bunker, 5 zombies wearing scientific suits burst from a corner they were jammed. A desk was covering the angle and they broke free when Kyle opened it. The fight was done fast and more scare than harm was done.
The team searched for clues. Kyle found a couple of photos who looked promising but ended up more family's photos than scientific one.
Suffice to say, none of them worked as police officer in their civilian life.

Meanwhile Morgan found an unusual military badge on one of the uniform in a closet and Paulson found a mutilated body of a maybe-human-maybe-not thing in a bag. The bag was very smelly when they opened it. It was enough for Mallory to call it a day. He had enough stuff to leave and the smelly thing was sufficient enough. Intel guys would have good time linking the dots.
"Let's go now, whoever stays behind, stays behind." He gave a stare at Scott to stay behind and prevent any funny things to happen with the 3 Germans. Scott grabbed Paulson to stay behind him and they closed the group running through the corridors toward the exit.

Without getting to much into details, the fight on the trench speak for themselves. Black dice: number of killed zombies, red dice are knocked down, white dice are ties.
All for himself guys. Kill quick, no time for playing around!

Johnson, 2 ties, Stevenson 1 tie. Kowalsky is doing great

The more you kill, the more they are. And the Sergeant and Stevenson (6 melee dice) are doing below standard

Johnson had up to 4 ties during the fight. Stevenson 12 KD, 1 Tie, 5 kills.
Johnson is knocked down, prone but carry on. He will stand up during his activation and fight back
turn 25    (5;4) 
Stevenson, watch out! - Too late sergeant, he's gone

Kowalsky grabbed the sergeant to pulled him out. "You bastard, let me save him, he's still alive!" - He's gone and you know that sergeant.

Stevenson! - AAARRRGGG....Aaaaaarg........
Come sergeant, we need to clear the area.
turn 26    (6;3)      

'"hey start to eat him, these bastards! Let me kill them."
"Sergeant, when they feast, they won't react. Let's shoot them."
"Good idea Kowalsky, they will pay dearly. Let's climb the trench"

turn 27    (5;1)  
"6 gone forever. Reload."
only one zombie generated for 6 shots. good!
turn 28    (4;6)    
Mallory exited and saw a hive of zombie eating something. Not realizing much, he aimed and killed the closest one with his knife. Kyle and Lorenz who where just behind did the same.

"EEEAAARRR! DIE DIE DIE You son of b.tch!"
"Sergeant calm down, don't empty your clips on one of them only"

turn 29    (1;4)     
The rest of Mallory's team came out and quickly killed all the feasting zombies. The trenches were blooded and a poor sight. In the middle of the mass of zombie was the body of Stevenson. Johnson came down and stuck his knife in his head.
"That's the way he would have wanted to end up, being sure not to come back from death."
Mallory looked at his sergeant.
"He did great, you three of you did great." He looked around all the dead bodies. "You did even better, not sure how any of us could have survived this"

Few zombies remained, little threat for the group.

turn 30    (1;4)        
Kyle saw a lone zombie and gave it for granted. As he readied to kill it, it dodged the knife and knocked him down. Kyle left the grip and roll over as Kowalsky jumped on the zombie and dispatched it.

NOTE: Never trust a PEF. He can stay idle for long time and suddenly come into sight with the worst nightmare...

A great crack was heard the southeast of the trenches. A large group of zombie was coming at them.
turn 31    (6;4)      
turn 32    (3;4)       
turn 33    (4;2)       
turn 34    (5;4)       

The group froze, surprised by the sudden arrival of such a large body of dead bodies

Scott and Oliver lose their fight but Carry On.
 The zombies were no match for the group but it did not die without a serious fight. Mallory looked at the group.

"Let's head to the airfield at one."


The group is heading toward the DC10 in standby to take them back. The group has lost one man, and has 3 unwanted invitees.
It will be my next scenario.

Many of the soldiers have lost a fight against a zombie. It means what it means but I will not resolve now, but during the next scenario.

Stevenson, left, is dead. the red cross means potentially infected.
Scott is infected and without ammo. A dangerous situation
will the Germans be reliable allies?
And as a making off, the original bunker entrance I was thinking to use