Friday, December 20, 2013

ATZ-FFO : Episode 10: I am Von Evil (AAR)

Previously on ATZ-FFO  '44 (I need to find a name to the campaign...)

A group of soldiers looking to defect was discovered and firefights followed. A large group of soldiers are lying out of fight on the ground while the leader of the deserters lies dead. Still 3 soldiers successfully leave the camp with an armored car, leaving the gates of the camp wide open...

Starting map. The skulls are dead bodies, the other tokens are badly wounded soldiers (OOF).
Note: A group of jailed civilians used for unholy experiment are in the big building and the Nemesis is still in its cooler (characteristic will be provided at the end)
Von Evil REP6, pistol
Conrad REP 4, SMG
Kriten REP 4, Knife
T800 REP 3, considered weaponized for Melee, no ammo on his SAW
Olaf REP 4, pistol
Gerald, REP 3, Rifle
Wilhem, REP 3, Assault Rifle

 The gate is wide open

Von Evil is thinking hard. Will he want to save some of his loyal soldiers?

Turn 1 (5,4)

Von Evil was surprised.
Conrad, the chief scientist looked at Von Evil.
"Herr Von Evil, we have to evacuate. The camp will be invaded by zombies anytime soon"
Just as we was saying that, a large group of zombies appeared at the gate.

Achtung Zombies!
30 zombies summoned by previous gunfire rush into the gap

"I wish my loyal stormtroopers were still alive. They were very stupid to get killed. Schnell Conrad, to the beetle. You will drive for me. This is your best chance to survive. There is little time."
"Jawohl, mein Herr."
And they moved quickly to the car, but not too fast, Von Evil was considering himself above such trivial things.

Turn 2 (5,4)
Von Evil sat on the car and looked crossed.
"Conrad, my sweet. Go take some supplies. We never know."
"Mein Herr, you want me to leave the car?"
"Do I need to repeat myself? Go quick and this should be easy for you..."

Conrad left toward the nearest crates.
Von Evil talked for himself.
"What the Heer soldiers are waiting for? I am really surrounded by stupid men these days."

Turn 3 (4,3)

Conrad was looking everywhere for something of value around him.
"Food,... Nein... Ammo, what for?.... weapons? nein, I have mine.... "

Conrad took medical stuff
Kriten gathered his thoughts. He looked at Von Evil who was frowning at him. Von Evil was pointing at something. He looked behind him. The armored transport! He jumped on it and tried to figure out how to get it started.

Von Evil raised his eyes.
"By the Great Unknown. This is getting odd. What would they do without me?"
And he noted Kristen in a corner of his mind to be moved to a position better suited in Von Evil's mind. As experimental subject....

Olaf, the Heer officer shook the two soldiers.
"Let's get out. We free the prisoneers on our way. Follow me and cover me!"
They moved behind Olaf and shot at the zombies, gunning down 3 of them, effectively putting one back to Death for good.

The Heer tried to free the civilians
Von Evil was looking at the Heer from far. He was smiling at the attempt from their officer. He thought: "Good plan Oberst. Freeing the civilians to give something to chase to the undeads so we can better escape. I am proud to have influence that little thing."

Meanwhile, a group of zombies go to feast on the severely wounded deserters

Turn 4 (6,3)

"What are you doing Oberst?"
"I am trying to open the lock, but it seems jammed."

Inside the jail...
"Look, they try to kill us instead of fleeing. These are monsters!" 
"Fortunately we bolted the lock. Quick, put the mattresses and the beds on the windows. We have to barricade."

In the beetle...
Von Evil, comfortably sitting in the beetle, lighted a smoke. He was watching the Heer soldier wasting time on the lock with interest.
"Surrounded by incompetence, I think it will be good on my grave"

At the sdkfz 251...
"Where is that key? The blue cable on the blue pin, and the red cable on the red pin... But there are Yellow and Green pins... Damned be the technician and their kins."

Meanwhile in the brain of the T800...

And Conrad kept searching...
"Who needs so much food and ammo... Crazy people. And books? Who need books when science has to be reinvented?.... Damn, where is what I am looking for...

And the horde kept on moving in the base.

Turn 5 (5,2), Turn 6 (4,2), Turn 7 (1,5)

In black, German, in Green the zombies,

The undeads were getting close. Some of them rushed toward the mechanical man. The T800 swung his arm and crushed the skull of one while knocking down another one.

"Watch out!"
two zombies were charging the soldiers and only their training saved them. Fired at them and two undeads dropped.
"Dead?" asked Olaf as he kept trying unlocking the door.
"I am afraid not Oberst"
"Let's go Oberst, I don't want to stay here anymore"
Olaf looked behind his shoulder and saw the horde was closer than he thought.
" it. Run!"
Leaving right on time
 As they ran, the zombies reached the door and heard noise inside. The first zombie looked puzzled, as much as a brainless corpse may, and started pounding the door and the reinforced windows.
"Hold it! If they get in, we are doomed"

Meanwhile a large group headed to the cooler were loud animal sounds were coming from. As their rotting body's buddies, they tried to break the reinforced steel door.
Not sure they will like what they will find in there

Kristen looked puzzled at the car. He had tried everything and kicked the board shouting "Will you start?", and the sdkfz 251 started.
And the armored car started. German design...

The T800 resisted and killed 3 zombies, KD 2 and lost 2 fights without effect

Conrad jumped on the driver seat and threw a package at the back of the car.
"What took you so long Conrad?"
"I was looking for medical supply. We always need more medical supplies. We could have some good experiments on the way to the next base."
"You may proceed in starting the car" Von Evil looked at Kristen on the other side and signaled him to get ready. 
Von Evil and Conrad are in the beetle

Turn 8 (6,4)

"Move forward Conrad. They need my leadership to mak sense to their action" said impatiently Von Evil.
Without a word, Conrad moved forward and stopped by the armored transport.

In front of them, the T800 was holding a growing group of undeads and showed signs of weaknesses, the zombies were able to block his arms and one managed to take out a shield of metal protecting the vital organic brain.

4 ties! 1 kill, 1 KD and luckily only 1 damage
Further down the road, a large roar came from the cooler as the door started to weaken under the assault of the zombie and the Nemesis itself. But the jail barricade was holding.

A zombie appearing from the North side started to feast on one of the previously wounded

Turn 9 (6,1)

"Go in fast and stop looking around",said Von Evil from the opened window of his car.
Olaf and the soldiers were shocked to see the bodies of their friends lying on the ground, some of them calling for help but too wounded to move themselves.
"Soldier! If you don't jump now on that transport, you are free to die here."
Olaf looked bemused. He knew Von Evil meant it.
And they quickly jumped inside the armored car

As Von Evil was commanding the Heer troopers, Conrad shot at dangerously close zombies and killed two.
"Look, the door will give away" Wilhem was starring at the zombies by the jail.
A loud crack was heard and the door of the jail broke. The zombies looked surprised at the door that was now lying loosely on the side
Von Evil smiled. He looked at the German soldier and gave an evil laugh "Good, this will make them busy for a while."

"Oh God!" Gerald pointed at a zombie.
A zombie had reached the body of the propaganda crew and started to eat his ribs.
3 turns to digest the filmography of the propaganda

Turn 10 (3,5) 

Getting more damages, the T800 was able to knocked down a large group of zombies. Any more damage would destroy it

This was one of these floating moment before the tempest.
Von Evil shouted over the growing moaning and the vehicle's engines.
"You, open the road for us with that 251. And no stopping"
Kristen promptly moved backward and geared the 1st.
"The show must go on"

Black - Germans, Green- zombies,

Highway to or in Hell. That's to be decided later

[Cliffhanger...] Will the civilians survive? Will the Nemesis exit before Von Evil is out? Will the Heer soldiers survive? Will the T800 hold long enough? Will the engine summoned too many zombies? You will know it after our commercials....

Turn 11 (2,5), Turn 12 (1,1) Fire in the Command Hut (no effect, just more zombies),
Turn 13 (2,6)

The T800 was holding the zombies. Its arms were crushing bones and rotten flesh but missing the skulls.

"Hold on guys!" Kristen pressed the accelerator and the 251 jolted forward driving through a pile of knocked zombies next to the T800, rolling over one zombie's head with a crack noise and breaking the limbs of another one missing the head.
"Now" Von Evil ordered Conrad.
Conrad was following just behind the armored transport. Would the transport brake, and they would ram it from behind.

All around them the zombies were frozen. There was too many stimuli for them, the T800, the wounded, the cars, the cooler and the jail.

The armored transport continued straight into a group of 4 zombies idle in the middle of the road. One was crushed without redemption and 3 bumped aside by the armored front.
"Take that bastard!" shouted in triumph Gerald.

Conrad was exulting "We will make it, we will make it!"
"Temper your joy, We are not out of the road yet. Hopefully these pawns will succeed in this trivial matter."

Turn 14 (4,1)

"Don't leave me!"
"Help! Help!"
The cars gone, the zombies behind ran over the wounded. Those who were feasted on were in agony and the others tried to crawl or shouting for help, panicked by their predictable fate. They were only making it easy for the zombies to find them and eat them...

Behind the cars, the zombies start feasting on the wounded
"Everybody for himself!" 
The civilians ducked behind whatever shelter they could find. A group of zombies rushed inside and started to pull crying people from under the beds or from behind drawers. Conned by the Germans (Part 1 and Part 2), they thought they were rescued to in fact be the experiment subjects for the mad scientists under Von Evil.

Nobody will see them again. But that may be another story
The T800 was dispatching more and more zombies, but they were many and a time will come until the dead will triumph over the machine.
Each red token is a dead undead

 "Jesus..." The Heer soldiers had tears coming. They were seeing their friends being massacred by the undeads, the zombies rushing inside the jail and the T800 being swarmed by them.

"We have reach the gates. We are almost there" Kristen was triumphant and drove against a group of zombies, crushing two to the real death.
"I am getting better at this"

Getting experienced or just too confident?

"Herr Von Evil, be careful"
The beetle was following shortly behind the transport and the zombies it did not kill were grapping the car. 4 zombies were trying to hold the car and they may accidentally puncture a tire.

(I played each zombie as independent melee with a REP 4 on the Beetle and the beetle cannot hurt the zombies. The Beetle *won* all its melees

In a deafening noise, the cooler door broke. A strong roar coming from it, the Nemesis exited its prison.

Nemesis Project
The Nemesis entered the fight
The Nemesis. The merge of Rats and Humans race
A monster nobody can control and that can be contagious

For the first time Von Evil had a second of panic.
"Faster Conrad. We know what it can do, and I don't want to be directly involve in experiments." 

Turn 15 (4,5,5), Turn 16 (1,1) Rain, Turn 17 (1,6,6), Turn 18 (4,3,2)

Just out of its cooler and facing 9 hungry zombies, the Nemesis or Wererat prompty beheaded 4 and pushed away five without a sweat.

The Nemesis, the perfect anti-zombie weapon (and anti-human too)

Kristen,  maybe nervous from the exit of the Nemesis missed the last six zombies in front of him, he pushed them aside but hit the anti-tank elements of the gate. The armored car flipped, sending the passengers off-board.
Olaf impaled on a rusty steel barricade, Gerald was thrown under the armored car who fell on him. At least they were killed instantly.
Wilhem was less lucky and broke his back over a dragon tooth and despite the pain stayed conscious while Kristen was save by the wheel. He was alive and not seriously wounded, only partially stunned. He opened his eyes and realized the critical situation he was in. He quickly assessed his situation as the beetle passed by. He took his long butcher knife and avoiding the zombies heading toward Whilhem ran for the wood.

losing the bash test by 2 against 6 zombies has terrible effects
Von Evil smiled.
"Good, the way is clear. Drive fast and let them keep the zombies occupied for a while."
Conrad did not discuss the order and sped up past the wreck and the wounded without a look.
"We are going to the airfield 132. Too bad we could not take one of the wounded"
Conrad gave a puzzle look at Von Evil.
"You wanted to...?"
"Conrad, I believe you understand me wrongly. We need brains of fallen soldiers to build T800. And my sweet SWD troopers would have been good subjects. Don't think a moment I would have save anybody, save for myself."

Keep fighing. Kill the undead. Kill the undead , keep fighting....
Behind them, the screams of the civilians and the wounded being eaten was weaker. Conrad could see in the back mirror the T800 still fighting zombies and the Nemesis madness, jumping over zombies to reap them apart. After a turn, he could not see anything more, but he heard the powerful howl of triumph of the beast.


Von Evil escaped with the 2 SWD scientists. This was not a scenario for good guys.
The Nemesis is released and Von Evil will keep on working on this project. Who knows what evil can Von Evil.

Nobody will know the fate of the civilians, nor if the Nemesis or the T800 fought and who won.

Nemesis Rules

REP : 4 as standard, REP 5 whenever within Charge or in Melee)
When are they met: After month 2, whenever the activation dice double 6.

How many Nemesis: Roll 1/2 d6, this is how many beasts appear.

1                              Nemesis PLACEMENT TABLE                
                (Reading the result as rolled)                           

Dice value
Center of the top table edge
Center of the right table edge
Center of the bottom table edge
Center of the left table edge
Center of the table edge closest to the largest group of humans
Center of the table edge furthest to the largest group of humains

All Nemesis will come from the same edge as the first one. Place the first Nemesis 8” from the table edge and 1d6 “ for the following Nemesis.

All Nemesis activate with an additional dice for all Nemesis.

When a Nemesis is active, it will perform the following actions in this order of priority
1-      If it has a LOS to a living creature or a zombie, it will move 12” toward it
2-      If it had a LOS to living creature or a zombie when last active but not now, it will move 12” toward that spot
3-      It will move 12” toward the loudest noise, whatever it is
4-      If none of the above applies, it will scent and move 5” toward the closest living creature even without LOS

Nemesis will tear into pieces any creature that it kills. Rolling 1d6 after it has stunned/caused to go Out of Fight or OD. This is the number of turn it will spend Raging on the corpse. After that, it will move on.
Note that no other Nemesis will join the Raging. Instead they will look for their own preys.

Nemesis move up to 12”

Special rules:
-          Knock Down Nemesis will get back to its feet on its next activation and can still move up to 6” (See Actions for details)
-          Nemesis can climb stairs and ladder as well as move up a wall at 1 floor per activation.
-          Enteing/Exiting Door: Nemesis cannot open door but can push unlocked door or destroy them. They cross a window or a door -2” of movement
o   When facing a closed door (barricaded or not), use the ATZ-FFO rule p35.
-          Wooden area, move up to 10”, with visibility penalties applying, but it can scent (Activation #4)

Nemesis does not use ranged weapon but is very good at avoiding them.

Line of Sight
Nemesis duck back whenever fired at unless it is at 6” or less from the shooter. It will find a way to charge the shooter.
They can use the cover and concealment rule.
Weapon with an Impact of 1 are ignored by Nemesis and it will carry on.

A human who comes into physical contact with an out of fight Nemesis can dispatch it or capture it.

Hand to hand weapon
Nemesis does not use weapon but claws and fang and be treated as armed with a close combat weapon.

How to Melee
Nemesis are handed differently in melee
-          They roll 4d6 +1 (REP 4 +1 for being armed) when in melee
-          They have an impact of 2
-          They do not count the -2d6 for being prone (but count it when attacked in the back)

New Test: Harry, what long teeth you have!
Nemesis is an infectious status. Whoever gets bitten may be infected too.

If a Nemesis scores a result of Stunned or Out of Fight on a human and the human survives the fight and escapes, there is a chance it has been infected.
1                              HARRY WHAT LONG TEETH YOU HAVE!
If 9+ : Passed
If 8 or less the model is infected.

Mythic and other things.

Silver bullet affect a Nemesis. Whenever a silver bullet is loaded, the weapon has an increased impact of +1.
Note that to do silver bullet, the survivor has to announce it used up 1 Luxury item before the encounter.