Friday, May 29, 2015

Getting ready for the incoming Incursion Kickstarter

Having missed the Incursion game, first version, I collected some of the best models they produced: The Lucky 7.

I customized them to be French Foreign Legion, and they were ready for Secret of the Third Reich (v1). Unfortunately, I am naturally lazy when it comes to base my miniatures, and I never really finished them.
As the boardgame is coming (pending USPS to pass the parcel to the efficient HK Post), I decided to get ride of the base and go for transparent one.

And Secret of the Third Reich v2 is coming on Kickstarter!

Here is the result.

As I was on it, clear based more soldiers
The first priority WIP

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Terrain update: Building terrains at the FLGS

This is how I see myself /
Ces derniers mois, j'ai passé pas mal de déjeuner à faire des bâtiments pour Bolt Action.
In the past couple of months, I have been building terrain for Bolt Action at the FLGS, spending noon time cutting and gluing instead of having proper food.

Voici quelques uns des résultats et des étapes intermédiaires.
Here are some of the buildings done with their WIP picture of the time.

Road, we all need road./ Des routes, on a tous besoin de routes

Dave Graffam model
Grange avec top (Dave Graffam modifie) / Barn with destroyed attic (custom made Dave Graffam)

Dave Graffam model

Dave Graffam model

Dave Graffam model

Dave Graffam model avec du lichen

Destroyed barn / Grange detruite

Ruind building / Ruine
Ruind building / Ruine (back)
Trying l-shape from Dave Graffam models. / Essai de bâtiment en L avec plusieurs modèles Dave Graffam

Monday, May 25, 2015

Defi APO Semaine 5 - Peu de progres et parade d'armée

 Peu de changements, un week-end à Macao avec la famille, et une semaine de folie (9h-23h toute la semaine). Et des photos floues, parce que plus elles sont flous, plus on rit.
Changement de base en bases transparentes. 

Et le précédent gang Necromunda (boite de base).

Parade d'armee, armee inquisitoriale/ Fallout.
Inquisiteur / Seigneur Fallout
Photo de groupe / Group photo
Personnages spéciaux / special characters

Adeptus Mechanicus / Machines conscientes

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Defi APO Semaine 4 - La semaine est proche, The end is near!

 Ca avance, ca avance! / It's moving, it's moving!
Pour un peu, j'aurais cru que j'avais reculé avec entrain. / For a while, I thought I was going backward with a smile.

Les VASA sont proches de la fin. Il manque un peu de vernis transparent (Tamiya T80 flat clear) et après transfert sur les bases transparentes. / The VASA are near the end. I am missing some Tamiya flat clear (t80) and rebasing on the clear bases.
Il restera à finir quelques personnages spéciaux et les mechas. / I will have the mecha and the special characters left.

Il manque la nana; je sais. Elle prend son temps en maquillage. The girl is missing, I know. She's taking her time in make-up

Les VASA sont des blondinets noirs. The VASA are blond black.

Encore des extras et le William Wallace noir. More extra anq black William Wallace
Black Legion et pilote. Pilot and Black Legion

VASA Executioneur

VASA Pacificateur
 Et il y a quelques achats cette semaine. / And there were some purchase this week.
2 grappes gratuites de la communauté de l'Anneau / 2 free Fellowship sprues

Héro elfe pour Kings of War / Elf heroe for Kings of War

Space Wolf