Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October wrap-up: No game but tons of minis painted

October came and went.

That was a very busy month. Not only on the real life, but hobby-wise too. I missed my game and seems tomorrow it will not be possible to make an ATZ game.

So instead I moved forward on the ATZ-FFO minis for the next scenario, it will be a German Scenario and named: Back to Fatherland. The rules, PEF and encounters have been written. As a teaser, the Germans will try to leave their camp on week 4 and avoid being caught by the SWD or other Germans.

On the ATZ-Fallout, I keep on adding stuffs to the game in preparation of the first game. I have been late on painting the heroes, focusing on NPC and encounters.

Total for the month is over 40 world war 2 minis, 20+ monsters for Fallout. 5 new buildings for ATZ-FFO '44. Not bad.

Last acquisitions amounted for a mere US$ 6.
A car, it will need special treatment to make it Fallout Approved ($3)

Fancy military gas station. Seems legit ($0.70)

5 radscorpions against a survivor ($2) Survivor is Urban Mammoth and just finished, varnish not yet sprayed.
Here, only the big spider is the latest acquisition. I almost glued my fingers to make some legs stick to the base.
Mama Spide and its baby swarm (Swarm is Urban Mammoth just finished, Mother is standard Halloween spider) ($0.3)
And here are the updated SWD forces. 
SWD Terminators - Artizan Design

SWD troopers (different from the Stormtroopers) - Artizan Design
Still a bad photo. Too late to see, I cleaned up the minis... - Artizan Design
SWD Officers. I need to decide who is Von Evil - Artizan Design
3 out of 15 German Resistance survivors (white and yellow strips) -  Warlord Plastic Germans

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mid October update: I was not abducted by aliens

What my boss wants to hear: Work

What my wife wants to hear: Family stuff

What my friends wants to hear: Beer and Games

What I did: Painting a huge Partisan force for Bolt Action and in preparation of the next ATZ games:
Painting table one time

ATZ '44 and ATZ Fallout

Giant Fire Ants for ATZ/Fallout

Badland monsters for ATZ/Fallout

Doc Morbid or any Mad Scientist of any era

My take on Super Mutants
Group of Partisan for Bolt Action

My actual Bolt Action last Thursday. Urban war. Partisan vs Soviets
Hidding for better hunting
Nice place you have here... Remnant of previous Russian/German fights
What my ATG saw

What my Aircraft liaison saw
What Soviet ATG saw
Soviet side