Monday, December 28, 2020

DYI Special PUBG Christmas gift

Back in early December, I was strolling  around shops to find Christmas gift. I have a friend big fan of PUBG and hard to get something special that is not either a cheap toy or virtual.

So I went for a Cinderella moment and decided to go for a cheap toy and transform it into a collector.

So here we go. A cheap toy, very plastic look and not much depth in color.

I used this picture as my reference.

After painting the miniature, I achieved a good result with a good PUBG feel. I painted the helmet metallic blue.

I was not happy about the base and decided to change it and added and nice display..

We exchanged gift at the park and my friend took a picture of the miniature in the woods. Looking really cool.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

DIY terrain

 These terrains have an interesting story.

Few years ago there was an online contest organised by a blogger. It was about doing a piece of terrain, no rules.

I had this idea to build 4 identical terrain and weather them for each season, +1 in case I messed up.

Work got in the way and I was never able to complete it. They sat in my to-do box, and I finally got to do them (the famous Covid made me do it).

I am quite pleased with the result, even though I have no idea how to explain having 5 same terrain on a table.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

More fantasy adventurers

 There is always something to do, and fantasy adventurers are always easy to paint. Set a color code, and you painted men at arms of some local noble.

Here are the latest addition to my never-ending fantasy minis. More people to fight and die in in the dark alleys of Montiberg.

3 random soldiers, 2 with long swords

3 more soldiers not affiliated with a house

4 soldiers from the House of Green

4 assassins

5 soldiers of the Sea Guards / River Custom

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Misc miniatures- painting

 Sometimes, you paint miniatures without a project in mind. You're visiting a city or a website and you see an unusual miniature and tell yourself it would be a great idea or fun to paint.

This is their stories.

The first one is a CPModel, Plague Doctor 

Plague Doctor - CP models

Plague Doctor - CP models

The next miniature is a Pit Beast, from Urban Mammoth. From the Gladiator faction. 
Pit Beast - Urban War

Pit Beast - Urban War

Pit Beast - Urban War

Sunday, October 11, 2020

A leader for my cults (any cult actually)

 I bought this miniature in 2019 during a business trip to Reading. It was whispering to me at night how great it would be to paint it.

I finally got the time to paint it in the same color as the cultists I used for my fantasy campaign. They know have a dark leader.


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Battle for Alabaster - monsters and crabs painted

 There are always some miniatures who are not painted.

Battle for Alabaster was my first kickstarter. Some units never got painted and Covid19 gave me the time to look into the pile. 

Here are the last additions.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Painting Fantasy - the Dwarfs are back

 Painting armies is tedious. Many soldiers to paint, and can be boring after a while.

Painting while watching movies ease the pain. After few years (yes years!) I finally got somewhere with my Dwarf army. And it was not easy.

The miniatures came with the first kickstarter from Mantic's Kings of War, but it took so~ long to have a proper brush love.

I had done a first batch when it arrived and they got shelved when the game store moved to a different district - No more lunch painting for me. 

During the lockdown, I used my discord RPG time to play and paint at the same time, as painting does not require so much brain power (at least for me).

First the leader, the beast cannon and the army.

For the leader I used a Space Wolf hammer and a different shield to differentiate him from the rest.

I soberly painted him, as Dwarf leaders mean business and are not out for a beauty contest.

The army included artillery, and a special metal one. It can be mounted or just set a bombard.

The army itself

Monday, September 28, 2020

Battle Masters / Seigneur de Guerre - More soldiers painted

A long time ago, boardgame would come with a gigantic mat and large armies of games workshop mininatures for kids to play.

 Good old memories when we played with my brothers. We painted a lot of them although not all. I picked up the game from my parents' house as they were cleaning our old rooms and my brothers did not bother. Sadly the box was discarded and I only kept the content.

Here are the latest painted miniatures, Chaos forces!

The last remaining Chaos bowman, usually a very weak range unit compared to imperial bowmen and crossbowmen.

The last Goblin of the Chaos Army was not painted because of a broken weapon. After almost 10 years after his 9 brothers, he finally got painted and ready for mayhem.

I had painted a very lonely orc, and I have finished the rest of the band, 9 Orcs for the forces of Chaos!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Space Rat in Terminator armor - beware!

 If you are scared of rats and mouse in your kitchen or your backyard, imagine meeting one with a heavy armor facing you in a narrow corridor somewhere in space where nobody can hear you die....

This is a Veer-Myn leader, but I can't find it anymore on their portal. Likely out of print (and this show how out of touch I am with latest releases)