Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Rise of the Underwolf - Rest in Pieces

Orks... When will they learn to give up?
The Verdun system reconnected to the Imperium does not mean the end of the Green Tide. Relentless attempts from the Orks to vanquish  foes wherever they are and without much thought on the aftermath.

Once again the Underwolf are called to battle. The Orks are on their way.

1250 pts battle at the Golden Dragon Hobby (HK). Underwolf against Orks.

the underwolf castle was moving forward

the orks were fully motorised

drop pod and jump troops tried to take the orks off guard in the middle

Orks decided to charge the Underwolves to delay rhe castle advance

Meanwhile, they destroyed the futile diversion

the Ork advanced unit did not survive long

The Orks were master of the center of the battlefield

the terminators were taking care of the heavy equipments of the Orks

the left side of the Underwolves was able to containthe Ork's tide

Kommandos were proving an annoyance, keeping important forces at bay

the Underwolves did not prevail. The Orks claimed victory once more

Thursday, February 17, 2022

The Rise of the Underwolf - the Wolf and the Green Tide

On the sanctuary planet Kebab, a group of Ork raiders was wrecking havoc. The local governor sent a request for support and a force of Underwolf was sent to put an end to the trouble.

The 2 forces would meet on an abandonned temple ground. Who will prevail?

the ork army was deploying kopters and kommandos. The orks were pre-v9codex

the objectives markers were using Scibor miniatures monks

the orks deployed on the right and the space marines on the left

Ready to charge, the Underwolves got caught in the open

ork Kommandos hid in a ruin next to the space marines

Most Underwolves were supported by a wolf guard

the koptas and the kommandos destroyed most of the geey hunters and blood claws.

the terminators will prove to be difficult to destroy for the Orks

the terminators will clean up the board but the orks achieved their objectives and won the game