Saturday, September 27, 2014

What happened to September?

September is really a short month. Not yet started, already finished and I haven't done anything on the hobby side.
Well, I had few business trips who broken my mojo (tired, traveling on weekdays + week-ends).

I have achieved little and I am now late by 2 scenarios for The Reich of the Thousand Deads. Trying to make one scenario before end of the month,... running out of time...

Most of the month was spent on getting my BattleSystems ready. Great stuff overall, but it can be very painful when the sheets are not well cut. For instance, my stairs and railway sheets were all badly cut (the cutoff area was partially cut, the printed area was not properly aligned).
Gamewise, once setup, the terrain is very sturdy and highly flexible. It is way beyond my painting capacity, so I will highly recommend.
They recently ran a kickstarter for fantasy. I am running out of space, so I couldn't back it up.

Right, my little trooper is happily helping out and brought his playmobil to a gun fight

Small setup with few walls and props.

Close up on the boxes and the beds

Deploy the team!

There is trace of gun fight (note, I forgot one of the ramp)
And now, A pink King Tiger, next to princess stuff.... I love Hong Kong for stuff like this

Monday, September 1, 2014

August Wrap-up

 Here is a little wrap-up of August.

It was not a good month for ATZ, but I decided to take on mass painting in advance of a battle-systems focused projects.

 Battle for Alasbaster : 30 marines painted (all special characters still waiting)

28mm (Weird) World War 2 soldiers: 18 sentries/partisans painted

Bolt Action Last Levy and Westwind German head

Artizan design

Bolt Action Last Levy and (unknown) head

Bolt Action Last Levy and Westwind German head

Bolt Action Last Lev

Bolt Action Last Levy and Standard Plastic German head

Bolt Action Last Levy. German sentry

Artizan design German sentry

Artizan design German sentry

Artizan design German sentry

In the box, waiting for varnish. Note some Bolt Action Dad's Army. On top there is a Dad's Army Vicar with a GW Inquisition book

Zombicide: 20 zombies painted out of planned 100
Zombie horde primed
 Kickstarter Battle Systems Received!
My Battle Systems box
 Bought 4 trucks and 1 armored transport at Warlord website.
New Bolt Action vehicles and AFV Tiger

 Note: A parcel from FRP had been lost. Damned, there were my remaining boats for Man o'War.