Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2018 wrap up - and plans for 2019

Ah, the end of the year summary and planning for 2019.
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What did I promise in 2018.... Nothing!
What a mastermind I was. No promises done, nothing to break.

Well, I did try to hold the famous "Don't buy, Paint" philosophy every gamer tries to hold every day or so.
- I painted half of what I promised.
- I bought twice what I planned.
- I painted more terrain for my fantasy campaign
The good news, because we have to be objective at the beginning of the year, is that I painted more than I acquired.

Gaming wise, PUBG screwed me. That and a promotion that meants more business travelling away from home. More than 60 days only for the last semester of 2018. And we also implemented a Thursday RPG with a group of friends, alternating who is the Game Master.

I did little games at home, but did few X-Wing games, boardgames with the family, a big Bolt Action game and that's it.

2019, what should I look for?
- Well, first, buy less, clean up some shelves of stuff that will never be painted.
- Enjoy my painting with things I will put on a table and play them
- Play games