Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Rise of the Underwolf - the Razorback

 The Underwolf is a new Chapter by Space Marines standard even though it was created millenia's ago by a Space Wolf force cutoff from the Imperium by a Warp Storm.

When the Warp Storm finally calmed down, the new Chapter was restocked with second hand equipments from other Chapters.

This razorback is one of them.

this is qn eqsy to build model
I opted for a standard color scheme of the army, finding a spot for the boneskull color
The model looks nice, but I still need to learn how to use it at max capacity
I used the same coloring and highlight that I used for vehicle with good tabletop effects

Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Rise of the Underwolf - the Landspeeders

Swift and agile, the landspeeders are deadly machine.

I got my first landspeeder earlier this year through a trade, and then the second one. I bought them to gain more speed and terrain control while using heavy weapons.

The type I wanted the use, the Tornado (Assault Cannon and plasma) was not available. So I converted it with a rider on plasma and under carriage assault cannon using bits from the Wolf Guard.

The plasma gunner saw different position.

I used blue tack to keep the shape before glueing. 
Position one

Position 2 - I preferred this one, more dynamic

Next step was to add the pilot. Converting from a pure scout to a real Space Marines

Main paint job. I realised the speeder was not looking as good as the marines. 

Hence same as the dreadnought, it got the highlights

As I got the second, I had the idea to convert it into a Xmas gift delivery.

I used an AOS model to create my secret Santa

With some special Underwolf conversion

A good Santa Sleigh needs some gift

And some special marking needed too 

Santa Claws is really mad at naughty boys

Santa Claws like a good melta in the evening

Santa on the left or Santa on the right? Still not decided

Ho ho ho


Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Rise of the Underwolf - The drop pod

Dropping from the sky, loaded with skilled warriors, the drop pod is a Space Marine tactical vehicle that is a real threat.

Well actually, like Kinder Eggs, this is what is inside that is more important.

I always liked the concept and the visual of the drop pod. Getting into 40k, it became a must have.

Underwolf drop pod
The drop pod is a very special model to build, but not too hard

Underwolf drop pod
Painting the inside gives a good first impression.

Underwolf drop pod
Highlighting the shape with a dark shade reveal more of small details

Underwolf drop pod

Underwolf drop pod
Finding a way to break the boredom of the full grey, I added the bone color that appear on the shoulder pad of the SM

Underwolf drop pod
Shading the recess area 

Underwolf drop pod
Atmosphere burns

Underwolf drop pod
the model looks good already but something was missing

Underwolf drop pod
I started to add the line using the Molotow marker

Underwolf drop pod
Ready for combat!


Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Rise of the Underwolf - the Wolf Lord

Raised from the crowd of troopers, a Wolf Lord of the Underwolf must have displayed great leadership and heroic combat skills.

The Wolf Lord I usually play is a Terminator with a Burning Blade and a combo plasma. The idea, still work in progress, is that the Wolf Lord is moving forward with one or two teams toward the enemy and using the plasma to soften big targets.

The wolf pelt is white to be different from the rest of the pelts on the different tactical marines and terminators.

Wolf Lord of the Underwolf in Terminator Armor

Wolf Lord of the Underwolf in Terminator Armor

Wolf Lord of the Underwolf in Terminator Armor

Wolf Lord of the Underwolf in Terminator Armor

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Rise of the UnderWolf

Hello world.

Long time no see and I've been busy. Busy catching up with W40k, and specifically the core game in v9, playing my little army and expanding it to play at larger games.

At the end of Kill Team 2018, there was an interest to see how it would play on a 600pt patrol that lead to a 1250 army and lead to what a 2000pts army would look like.

As of today 19th Nov, this is what my army look like, and I will share some of the model build-up and kitbashing.