Monday, March 26, 2018

Fresh from the bench: Westwind Brotherhood, Viridian, Space Marine and Teutonic knights and using battlesystems

While waiting for Morikun 1,000,000-views competition, I decided to slow down on PUBG and start painting.

I have done a good progress by my standard, by painting the whole Brotherhood gang I planned to use for EoD or Dracula's America.
Brotherhood Boss - Road Kill from Westwind, perfect for any period
EoD Brotherhood - Cool minis, not much needed to trim

The miniatures are very characterful and dynamic
They are all grey beards, because they have nothing to lose
 Long time ago, while trying to revive my Space Crusade board, I bought a Space Marine apothecary. I have finally finished him off, and he is ready to join his friends.
I have decided to go for a more crude visual on the armor than the usual space marine
His job is to butcher gene seed, not to be the prettiest of all

The Viridian (here) had a girl pilot, likely because women can do multiple things at the same time. I didn't have the mood in the past to paint her, and she has been painted over the past 12 month.
Finally, here she is.

And here are the Teutons. Perfect for paladin, or any fantasy setting. Cutting the metal base was a pain, and after 1 test, I decided to keep them like this and paint the base darker, as if it is their shadow.

We worked also on structure with the kids, using their units of inquiries at school to make some fallout/necromunda board.
Orlosh settlement with a 1-floor, a 2-floor and a 3-floor building
The Claw Store. Vet store or pelt trader?

If it is fallout, here is the way to the Vault
Any settlement should get their table and chairs for chilling out.
Arm dealer, mandatory
A good weapon is a heavy weapon

We added a tower to help protecting the settlement.

Eagle view of Orlosh
Nurse station where any mad doctor can quietly operate
Back of the Nurse station

Thursday, March 8, 2018

March 2018 update

An update! Well, not much had been done lately.
I have spent too much time than expected business traveling and playing Player Unknown BattleGround (PUBG).

I am now feeling ready to take painting again, with miniature gaming.

One of the business travel brought me to Madrid, Spain, where I visited the hobby shop Atlantica.
Very good store with a lot of indy brands. A go-to shop in Madrid!

The loot:
Some prepainted dungeon items. The resin is heavier than usual and the pieces feel sturdier.
A bed and a box. I have tons of boxes, but not enough beds.
A fire place.
A coffin and a tombstone.
Paladins. I didn't have enough.
Trying to build  a team for Dracula's America. Of course, some templars/crazy monks is my way.
Give that monk a gun!
And some crossbow and a torch, just because.
February was also my birthday. My friends took a loan at the bank and got me the new Orlock to go with the 1st edition Orlock. There will be blood in the hive.