Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Kill team 2021 - game 1

2021, social distancing and other restrictions, my mates and I met for a Kill Team. 
Mission: take and hold objectives in the middle
Space Marines vs Necrons vs Grey Knights

the Space Marine bottom right, Grey Knights on the left and Necron on the top. 

Space Marine advanced, covered by the Heavy Bolter (Sniper) supported by a tactical marine with com'

Standard GK force, 5 dudes with 1 flamer and 1 psycho cannon

Necron moved with flayed ones in front

For the Emperor!

GK are living under the bridge.

Necron are providing cover fire to their flayed ones

SM and Necrons are on the path of melee. The GK are avoided

The 3 sides meet in melee to hold objectives

The game ended on a victory of the Space Marines for holding 1 objectives whole all others are contested.