Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ATZ-FFO : Building up the village

Few updates on the village houses that will be used for the Game 2 (and likely Game 3).

Those are Dave Graffam houses, made from paper and a special trick to fold them when not in use. As Hong Kong is a place where the square feet is the most expensive on Earth, any small space saved is a relief for the family.

Houses of the village
All the houses folded into one stack
 As I moved forward in the cutting and gluing, I finally found a better way to have 1. a sturdy roof and 2. a foldable one.
Again, I had rushed 1 house before my brain functioned as it should be and I have one fixed roof and 5 foldable

Next one is a bigger house, more a manor. Greenish and gloomy, it is dedicated to the German force and maybe any bad guy lair.
It has 2 entrances, a hall, a main 1-storey building and a 2-storey tower, all with an attic for a sniper?
All windows are barred, which will be handy when the zombie apocalypse break havoc in the community.
Bad guys house

Bad guys house folded!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Minis for ATZ-FFO


A quick update on new minis to be used during my ATZ-FFO games or even Secret of the Third Reich.

They are a commission from Dragon Paint ( These are 33 mini, with a mix of Germans (to be used as Gangers, German soldiers deserting the army as the world fall into the Zombie Apocalypse), American Airborne, wounded British Para, and civilians.

I like the work done on the civilians because it gives really a feeling of part civilians without any military background and the amateurish resistant and the warrior like commandos.

I plan to use these troops also during my SOTR games as partisans for the French forces.

German gangers, Artizan miniatures

German gangers. Artizan miniatures
German gangers (cont'd). Artizan miniatures
German gangers #1 (cont'd) back. Artizan miniatures  

SAS / Commandos. Artisan miniatures
SAS / Commandos back. Artisan miniatures

Civilian. Artisan miniatures / other brand (I forgot the brand)
French partisans. Artizan miniatures
French partisans. Artizan miniatures

French partisans #2. Artizan miniatures

French partisans #2. Artizan miniatures
US Airborne. Warlord miniatures

US Airborne. Good looking for Survivors/Gangers. Warlord miniatures

British Characters. Artizan miniatures

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year resolutions

Happy New Year to everybody. A late call, but better later than never.

So, with the New Year went some resolutions. First of all, buy all I can do before end of 2012 and try to stop buying in 2013. 
Already busted that call with 5 Grey Knight Terminators at the local store...

Other resolutions are:
  • Limiting myself to 4 game system (SOTR/BE, Necromunda/Inquimunda, HOTT, one game of corridor gaming like Space Hulk/Run 'n Steel/Battle for Alabaster)
  •  Paint as many miniature as possible. The goal is to reach 60% painted
  • Get 1 ATZ scenario per month, or 12 this year.

I am working on my second scenario for ATZ, with more details on it later, when I have found the right thing to do. My first scenario complicated the whole plot with the hero twisting his ankle badly.

I have also decided to give a go to small scale Warhammer 40k after I left it after the 2nd edition. I looked at all the army and decided to play Inquisition (where the Grey Knight Terminators will fit) and fluff it a little bit with an Inquisitor named Corteaz that allows irregular stuff.

And there it is, the start of an infantry based henchmen of the Pax Inquisitoria Legio
the first 7 henchmen. I need to explain what is the guy on the left

What to do with these guys? No idea, but they are real fun!