Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AAR - Alamo in Sicily (New pictures)

Just receive new pictures from the club.

British bunker - The HMG is already disorganized

Frasier and Aufklarer


British roster

The Mecha is immobilized before action

Team of the battle : The Mortar

The British are waiting the assault

German ambushing

Diminished HQ

End of 3rd turn

Pioneer taking down the British Steel

A nice HQ vehicle, destroyed right at the first British shot

The Aufklarer and their best position

Monday, December 19, 2011

AAR - Alamo in Sicily

June 1949, Alamo HQ, Sicily.

The situation is critical in Sicily and the Allied lost a lot of ground. Still, reinforcement on their way and the German navy losing a key convoy, the front stalled.

In Palermo suburds, the British HQ had a special device to communicate orders between units that the Germans were not able to decipher. The High Command replaced Von Kleith the Vampire by Hermann Goret, the Head of Airborne forces (to be coming)

German surprise airborne attack

Once arrived, Hermann decided to take the HQ with a surprise attack and seize the device. In a surprise night drop, a full force was about to take in the early morning the HQ bunker. The British, set a last ditch defense while reinforcement was on their way....

German ready to assault
We used the "Ancient Shrine scenario" with the following modification.
The landscape was changed from woods to city, and the board was 4x4 instead of a 6x4 therefore we played 4 turns only.

The first turn went bloody for the Germans, with 1 werewolf slained, the HQ Skdfz 250 destroyed by 1 lucky mortar shot. The British HMG fleed back to the trench, while German moved to take position in the buildings. The remaining British units dug in.
The HQ vehicle before being destroyed

The second turn, Allied reinforcement did not arrive, the British steel took out the Mech out of action, while British Temple unit is gunned down to a single standing man by Aufklarer in the building. in the mean time, mortar disorganized half of the pioneer.

The British are dug in
On the third turn reinforcement finally arrived, but only 1 engineer team, with still 1 full rifle squad, 1 engineer and 2 snipers still on their way. The engineers took out the last Werewolf but the German retaliated by dropping grenades killing 2 and disorganizing the unit. The Third turn was a grenade turn, with the German killing 4 (!) British steel with grenades. The mortar fired another shot killing 4 grenadiers too close to the trench.

The fourth turn was the last one. The Germans were too far from the trenches to really take the device in time and too pride in killing as many British as possible. While the British were seeing their number getting lower and more disorganized units. The trench were filled with grenades from the building but the British hold it with the remaining Temple being the only fighting unit at the end of turn 4 still in the trenches, true to their oath.

====== SUMMARY ======
While German were still very strong, they had lost key units and were too far from the HQ to effectively claim victory, while British reinforcement were getting closer.
The HQ "Alamo" at the end of the game

Schnell, schnell!

last full British unit

missing reinforcement

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Secret - New Terrain

Terrain in SOTR is really tough. As there is a need for very dense terrain, I am busy in cutting, gluing and finalizing terrain.

Living in HK bring also a special difficulty which is space optimization.

So I am completing my terrain for the next game that will be featured in city. The last 2 buildings have been completed and I just purchased 5 new pdf from Dave Graffam productions and that will be gorgeous.

Ruined Wall

 Bombed House

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Battle Rep - British against German - Recovery mission

Aufklarer firing at the house
Mech grenadiers hidding behind a wall

Summary :
The fight was tight and nobody could say who would win it. The objective was the recovery of the crates and what was inside. What we did is that evevy turn, we would draw a discovery card (see Get me that Mad Scientist discovery cards) and cumulate the points. The Germans had 0.5 points, the British 1.5 after turn 4. The British then won a minor victory in respect to their loss.
British weapons in cards

The great tool, rules on a tab!

British force

The bunker: Mech Grenadier and a unique para in close combat

The house of the suppressed

Mortar and HMG

The meat wave taking the hit

Run I'll cover you (I'll try at least)

view of unpainted Mr Smith

Near Medina : Werewolf Camping, 2 star camping

highlight of the Zombie fashion week

More ammo lad'

We'll get them