Monday, March 8, 2021

Kill Team 2021 Game 3

In a world full of surprises, we forgot the terrain.

the game was a 125pts, Elite allowed.
The Necrons vs the Space Marines.

We rolled for the scenario 1d20 on the kill team compendium and got the scenario the Cull.
As we never played it, we decided to go for it.

The board was a simple map, with the defender deploying half of his team in the middle and the attacker deploying in each corners.
The SM team, space wolf team with many company veterans.
the fateful 50% deployed in the middle
surrounded by a Melee-only Necron force
Turn 1, one Necron reached the SM. how long the SM will last?
The SM specialised in melee died amd the rest of the SM are fighting with their knives
The flamer attacked the necron leader, same as the others, knife vs flayed one
on the last turn (no picture), the flamer took out of action one necron, while the rest the team died. The non melee specialists of the the SM survived 3 turns, while the SM melee specialist died on the first fight.
Necron victory.

On a side note, the scenario mentioned the reinforcement of the space marines can arrive in their deployment area, as long as not within 9 inch of an enemy, which is physically impossible on this map. So for the whole scenario I was actually playing with only 50% of my army, not the funniest game.
In conclusion, DONT PLAY The CULL scenario for Kill Team