Monday, April 27, 2020

Isolation - What has been painted lately - Space Marines

Cadeau de Noel, Ulrik the Slayer. highly reworked.
It is a very nice model, but very static, in the latest GW fashion

I worked on some heavy conversion: change of the helmet from the hand to the head, change the hand to carry a plasma pistol, change the melee weapon from static to dynamic position, ready to hit, and added some wolf tails.

Second was Primaris space marines, included in a Japanese promo book of Games Workshop. no conversion, and it will be a white base once I can spray vernish again.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Isolation - what i have in Fantasy

Lately, I have restarted the Montiberg serie (losing some photos on the way, I can't remember where I stored them...).

I took a picture of what I have to play, and it is sizeable. When I remember I just wanted to play skirmish / lone-game.

what started as "lets do it small" and snowballed in a lot of factions
The adventurers are the largest group. Composed of multiple brands and also unique miniatures




Blue Chief gang

Red Baron gang
Crow Company of soldiers of fortune 
Black Shield Company

Governor guards

The (Tall) Priest of War and the Dwarf Hero

Any local lord's guard




Skeleton crew
Zombies (actually normal soldier brand - Victrix)