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The Reich of the Thousand Deads : S2-E1: Behind Enemy Lines 2/2

Turn 20 (2,1), Turn 21 (1,1) (more zombies), Turn 22 (4,1)

"I don't see any zombies Lieutenant. I think we can clear the area"
"I have a strange feeling about it Sergeant. I am not so sure."
"Don't be pessimitic Lieutenant. Take my lucky pocket. My father had it in World War 1 and it saved its life. Up to now, I have killed zombies with deadly precision. You seems to need more than me"
"Thank you Scott, I will give it back to you after."

A large group of zombies entered the area and nobody noticed yet
"Sarge, we finished the zombies. Do we go an extra floor? Seems the Yankees are gonna face a large problem", the British pointed at the large group of undeads that was following the car.
"They'll got them, they're only dead body. We have to secure the village before moving to Alpha mission. Up now."
The Templars moved up and found more undeads, leading to a fierce melee, the British having the upper hand.

This house would bring the clearing of the village to 4 out of 7 locations to clear.

Meanwhile, in the North, Morgan's team was getting in the house, discovering 8 zombies and killing all of them without a sweat.

Turn 23 (2,4), Turn 24 (4,5)

"Lieutenant, I think something is approaching." said Scott.
"Damn it, where do they come from?"
"No time to think Sergeant. I'll do that when I'll have a break." replied Mallory
The horde was on them.
"Scott, step back, they are too many."
It was too late. Scott knocked down one zombie and another one rushed on him too fast. He blocked the jaws with his thompson and had no defense left when a zombie bite his leg. He screamed and knelled once, another one dived and got his shoulder. Soon enough, he was surrounded by zombies.
"SCOTT!" yielded Johnson. He started moving forward but Mallory stopped him just on time as a zombie attacked from a dead angle. Johnson crushed the skull and his training kicked in. The next minutes where all about adrenaline and reflex as more zombies moved forward and more were knocked down or destroyed by Johnson and Mallory.
There would be time to mourn Scott.
18 zombies appearing in close combat is never a good sight
Meanwhile, up North
"Morgan, I heard sounds in the attic."
"Let's check"
They moved up the ladder to the attic and where surprised in the darkness by zombies. The first zombie knocked down Paulson while the next one tore his throat, spilling blood all over the Lorenz.
Lorenz got distracted by the blood spread on his face and barely tied with two zombies.

"You, unholy garbage!" Morgan rushed to help his friend without knowing it was too late. Hurrying, he did not pay attention to a zombie next him and the zombie had him on the hand. Morgan dropped his weapon and faced the zombie just as another one attacked him on the other side, ripping a large piece of flesh from his face. Morgan dropped on the floor holding his face, bleeding to death.

What a turn of event. in 2 turns I had lost 3 key soldiers...

Turn 25 (5,6), Turn 26 (4,5)

"That's for Scott, ... that's for Ericson, ... That's for all my comrade fallen..."
Mallory and Johnson were terminating the knocked down zombies from the horde

Meanwhile, in the tower.
"Sarge, I think the worst is over."
"All right Chaps. Let's move up. The Yankees took care of the horde."
"And they lost one of them"
"That will make things easier for later. Ok, time to stop delaying things. Let's clear the area faster now."
The British looked at each other with a grin and moved up the stairs. There, there was six zombies and 5 were killed out of them and the last one crawling on the floor.

Turn 27 (1,1) Event: 2 Half tracks with 2d6 soldiers

"Major, the shuttle is destroyed."
"JA, it did its work, moving the undeads out of the road as we travel. I can see from here that they have been shot down. Be careful, there may be rebels in the area. All in alert. We have to move fast."

The two half tracks were part of a convoy traveling the territory on behalf of the SWD, the last remaining governing body of the Reich. The 6 soldiers onboard where all dedicated to the Gotterdamerung and the raise of the True Humans.
SWD vor! The SWD will triumph
A small half track for man, a cover for the True Humans

6 Germans REP 4 with SMG, 2 Half Tracks,

Turn 28 (2,6,6)

"Oberst, what do we do?" Max looked at Lorenz. The two Allied soldiers who were with them were dead or about to be and the last zombie was knocked down. Lorenz and Max had no idea on what was happening outside, but they were in Germany and it was good temptation to desert and maybe find their families.

Lorenz failed a test (pass 0d6 and desert)

"Sarge, trouble"
The Templar sergeant looked at the German convoy on the road. Six armed soldiers on half tracks were a high risk. They had to eliminate them.
They killed the last zombie without a breath and aimed at the convoy. The sniper smiled and head-shot the driver of the first vehicle, leaving him no chance. The rest of the British fired a rain of bullet on the other soldiers hunkering down. The second driver was killed, transformed in Swiss cheese before even knowing it.

Fire from the tower hit the convoy


The remaining four SWD soldiers were lucky and none was hit. The passengers tried to take control but failed at each attempt. The first half track turned left, broke a crate and crushed a couple of knocked down zombies. The right half track moved toward the house on the right and hit it at full speed. Unfortunately for the surviving two SWD, the house was a solid stone house on the ground floor and the half track took fire, spreading fast to some extra gas and the vehicle exploded together with the first floor of the house in a gigantic fire ball.
"Not good chaps" whispered the Major, safe in the safe house. She took and whistle and call for a retreat.

the second half track hit the house and explode, starting a large fire on the house. (HT Bash 5, House DV2)

Turn 29 (1,2,5,2), Turn 30 (5,1,3,5), Turn 31 (4,1,2,5)

The large fireattracted a larger horde of zombie and it was almost impossible to stop it.

22 new friends in one turn, and there would be no option to cut the flow... This village will never be safe.

"Lieutenant, I believe it is time to leave Hell"
"Agreed with you Johnson, we shall pick up Morgan and the boys first."
Mallory and Johnson were unaware of the fate of Morgan and Paulson and so moved North to the house they were supposed to clear.
"These Jerries will be torn into pieces soon, the zombies will surround them in no time. Let's move fast."
As Lorenz is about to leave and desert for good, Mallory went to pick up his men

Mallory opened the door and faced Lorenz and Max, alone.
"Great you're here" he said at first then realized his men were missing. "Where are Morgan and Paulson?"
Lorenz was sweating and Max moved his hand toward his rifle trigger. Johnson saw it and raised his SMG.
"It's a trap!" and instinctively deadly shot Lorenz, emptying his clip.
Mallory raised his SMG and shot Max who was only stunned.
Dice give the initiative results. The highest, the fastest.

Meanwhile on the tower, the British were rushing downstairs in order to leave as soon as possible the area.
"Guys, we break up contact, we leave the place, down as fast and quiet as possible"

They reached the ground floor in no time.

And they spotted a back door opposite to the zombie horde leading toward the woods.

General view

"For SWD!"
The last two SWD soldiers reacted and fired at the horde, missing most of the zombies and bringing more into the area.
"Mein Herr, I believe we shall leave, there is no hope in staying. We have to warn the HQ that there are enemies in the area."

Surrounded? No there was a little gap, maybe just enough, toward Northeast
The SWD jumped just on time and ran as fast as they could

Turn 32 (5,5,4) Event: PEF generated in area 5

Turn 33 (5,3,3), Turn 34 (3,5,1,1)

Mallory watched the two germans lying on the floor. Lorenz was definitely dead, his brain all over the wall behind him.
"Johnson, keep an eye on Max. We may need him later. "
Mallory went up the attic and found the zombie feeding on Paulson. With disbelief, Mallory took his knife and dispatched the zombie. Then, he went to Paulson and Morgan's body.
"I have not known for long, but I am sorry to bring you here for this." He said so for both men as they were good and stuck his knife in their skulls so they may never revive.

"Oberst what is in front? 
"I don't know but likely better than the zombies behind us"
Suddenly in front of the 2 SWD soldiers appeared two local survivors with SMG. They briefly looked at each other and ineffectively shot, all shots doing nothing more but grazing and bringing more zombies.
two SWD face 2 local survivors

The 4 germans hide as much as they could.
"Listen. I know you hate us. But the longer we stay here, the less chance we all have. Go your way, we go our ways"
"How can we trust you?"
"You don't, but believe me, I have no wish to face the undeads today"
The SWD soldier risked a look and saw the two survivors running away.
A good reason not doing a Mexican standoff

The Templar made it outside and waited for Mallory to come or not.

Turn 35 (4,2,1,6)

Mallory broke a window and ran away as fast as they could opposite the horde who was still attracted from the Germans running away.
British on the left, Mallory top middle. German on the top right. Zombies everywhere.

Faster Yankees, we don't have all day
Turn 36 (4,4,1) Event: PEF (Value 3) in Area 6 - No effect

Turn 37 (4,6,4), Turn 38 (1,2,5)

The SWD and the survivors too. Will it affect the mission?
Mallory and the Templars left the area.

The undeads won
Deads bodies were the proof a fight for life occured

115 zombies had been killed.
1 survivor was killed by zombies.
5 good guys died. RIP Morgan, Scott, Paulette, Paulson and Lorenz.
6 SWD troopers and 3 vehicles were disabled.

And to realize how far it went wrong:
Before Turn 18 (each red token is a dead zombie)
Last turn

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The Reich of the Thousand Deads : S2-E1: Behind Enemy Lines 1/2

 updated rules here

 "Lieutenant, I can see the village"

The group arrived at the edge of the forest and saw the devastated village.

"Finally, I like these outing in the woods, but not when I am surrounded by things and stuff"
"Shut up boys. Once we reached that village, it's all about doing our job fast and quiet."
"You are the boss Lieutnant."

Turn 1 (4,2)

"Ok guys. The mission is a straight one. We kill the undeads, find the other guys and setup base. Question?"
"What if they are not here?"
"There are no option. We all go silently to check the big clean house."

Note: I decided that if I cannot find the British before the final house check, the British will be automatically in the last house.

"Lieutenant!" Scott was pointing at the road. A lone survivor was followed by a large group of zombies.
"Do we help him?" Johnson had raised his gun. Mallory put his hand on it, sadness in his eyes.
"He's gone. Look, another group is cutting his way. May he die quick."

The German was panting. He raised his MP40 above his head and let a burst go above the zombie's heads, all missing. An awful "Clic, clic" echoed his "Sh.t" as he had emptied his charger.

PEF 1 and 2 move in view of Mallory's group. Local survivor (REP3, SMG) followed by 9 zombies.
Not a good time to miss and run out of ammo
There are no way out and a fence blocking his best exit
 Turn 2 (1,3,5),

As they ran to the door, they saw the poor German being caught by the zombies. He gave his best and fought hard, dropping two zombies, one certainly dead, but only to be overwhelmed by the brainless murderers.

A desperate fight

A predictable result

They silently entered the house, avoiding to look toward the feasting mass of zombies. The house was dark and dead silent. The furniture were broken and the smell was terrible.
"Something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark" whispered Scott
"Told ya not to eat so much Garlic" grinned Paulson
"I was talking of Morgan's perfum"

Johnson raised his finger.
Then, he loudly coughed.


Two shadow raised from behind a cupboard.
"First in..."Mallory raised his Thompson.
They shoot them with their silencers equipped SMG and killed them outright.
"First out.", completed Johnson.

Paulette looked at them.
"Would you stop. They were human being. We should not joke about it."
Lorenz slipped his bayonet through the eye of one of the undead. "They are dead now Fraulein. Whatever could decrease the stress. But I do prefer professional method to Yankee's chat"

Turn 3 (4,3), Turn 4 (5,1)

"Ok, now, let's move up, and let's be professional. We have a lady with us today."
Scott opened and the door and bowed.
"Lady's first"
"If you insist" and Morgan climbed up.

A forgotten family was standing there in the middle of the room. Their clothes ripped and dried blood all over them.
Morgan signaled and they silently moved up, surprising the zombies who died from accurate shooting. The last shot went wild and hit a fried pan with a loud bong. The zombies outside heard the sound and started to converge toward the house.

"Time to leave guys"

They moved down and readied to get into the shed.

Turn 4' (2,3) (I missed that one when I listed the turn during AAR preparation), Turn 5 (6,5)

Johnson opened the door quietly and froze.
"What's up Johnson?" asked Mallory.
"I fink we'fe found the Britif" A dark sten gun was pressing against Johnson's nose.

They all got inside the shed. The British were holding up.
"Lieutenant Mallory, here to save you"
A Black uniform man looked annoyed "All right, then, late as expected from the Yankees. We're  on schedule here. We have to clear that area to plan our next move"
"Are you the Major White?"
The woman moved forward. "No I am the Major White and we are really behind schedule by now. We have 3 days left before... well before the German find us."

Turn 6 (4,6), Turn 8 (1,2)

"1, 2, ... and go"
"Templar go!" said the British.

They all rushed outside, leaving few soldiers to keep the two women.

They fired at will at the approaching zombies, believing in their silencer to attract as little zombies as possible.

Out, go, go, go
Take them out
Mallory, Johnson and Scott used their bayonets and quickly dispatched their zombies.
The smoke dissipated. Eleven zombies were laying on the floor, attracting few from the area.

"Stop shooting, morons! You will attract half of undead Germany"
"Let them do Johnson do their British stuff. Paulson, Morgan, go North with Lorenz and Max and clear the house. I take South with Johnson and Scott."

Turn 7 (2,6)

"Where did they find the blackies?" Johnson said.
"I don't know, but the zombies have taken their tolls on their best."
Mallory and Johnson were silently killing their zombies.

The Templar were not listening to the order and missed most of their fire, dropping only few zombies for a hell of fire.

"Morgan, stop shooting, damn it."
Morgan looked at Paulson. "Well, I am empty anyway."

The Templar moved down the alley and shoot more zombies.
7 shots for 4 deads zombies...
Turn 9 (4,4)

From the surrounding area 2 zombies arrived.
1d6 zombies are generated, 2 arrive in area 2.
Turn 10 (5,6)

"Get into that rumble. Let's make clear there are no candies hidden here."

Once inside 5 zombies raised and attacked Mallory. Mallory and his team mostly knocked them down.

Turn 11 (1,1)

Paulette was feeling boring and started to look around while the British were looking how they fared outside. She moved toward a nice looking dress room and a zombie busted out and bite her neck.

Turn 12 (5,5)

Behind the sniper a zombie exited one of the crate and grabbed his ankle. The sniper killed him right away.

Turn 13 (6,6) The area is a zombie nest, all zombies are doubled.

"I have a wrong feeling Lieutenant..."
"There are too many zombies, more than expected. Thing may go wrong"

Turn 14 (5,3), Turn 15 (2,4), Turn 16 (6,2)

Paulette dies from her wound and the zombie started to feast on her. The sound of flesh being ripped gave the zombie away. The Templar started to look for it and dispatched it.

Meanwhile, more zombies are killed or knocked down.

Morgan's team is facing
The area started to be cleared No more zombie in the Northern side
Looking good, but the Templar kept on missing most of their shot saved for the Sniper
Mallory's team jumped out of the cleared building and readied to fight the last zombies.
"The Blackies don't look good enough to do the job right."
"Agreed with you Lieutenant"

With ease, they knocked down the last three zombies.

Turn 17 (3,5)

The Templar quickly move into the tower to clear. 8 zombies waited for the British (Effect of the event doubling the number of zombie to be generated)
The objective was to use the sniper to kill zombies from a distance.

Morgan's group entered the house and cleared the zombies.

Turn 18 (1,1) When things went wrong

"Please  stay calm in your place and lock you in"

"Please  stay calm in your place and lock you in"


"Please  stay calm in your place and lock you in"
"Lieutenant, what the hell is that?"
"I have no idea, but they will bring more of these things. We better shut it down."

- Hans, do you really believe what we are doing? - drive, I don't want to stop

German car with loudspeaker, 2 REP 3 SWD with SMG.
Turn 19 (1,3,6)

The car drove in front of Mallory's team without seeing them.
"Shoot the car and take it out."
"Considered it done" replied Johnson and Scott as they fired at will.

The driver was killed on the spot while the passenger was deadly wounded. The car continued its way on the right before stopping in a unreal silence.

Mallory, Johnson and Scott shot the car.
9 shots, 4 hits and OOF the driver, 2 KD on the passenger, who failed his recovery test.

Seemed clear of enemies. Were they close to win?

 To be continued...