Friday, July 25, 2014

Special Mini Campaign Project - Cryozone

Recipe for a sci-fi zombie campaign.

Take a kickstarter (Battle for Alabaster) that disappointed me but that I deeply want to make good use of.
Take a kickstarter (Zombicide Season 2) that provided me with tons of zombies.
Take a kickstarter (Battle Systems) that will provide me with cool sci-fi claustrophobic terrain.
Take one of the best BD serie I read when I was still in France. (Wikipedia)
Take the best zombie rules (All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out) for miniature games.
A zest of Alien 2 because it is good.
You got:
Cryozone Mini Campaign.

Cryozone settings are quite simple.
Cryozone volume 1

In the future, the UN has sent 2 ships to the closest Terra-like exoplanet. The 2 ships have a time difference as they were launched at different periods. The travel to the exoplanet would take 20 years. Each ship carry 10,000 colonists. To avoid the issues in close environment, a crew of 400 is awake while the 9600 remaining are in cryosleep. Every year, the crew is changed. Cryosleep is provided by Cryoteck and their innovative CM-661.

The Neil Amstrong was the first one of this ship and a terrible accident happened. The ship was lost.
The mini campaign will be when the Youri Gargarine, the ship that followed the Neil Amstrong reached its wreck, 14 years after the incident. A terrible truth will be unveiled.
I plan to have a 4 scenario campaign that will decide the fate of Mankind expansion beyond the solar system. The 4 scenarios will have a decision tree if sucessfull or not. I need to work on them now, but likely something like this:
Scenario 1: Rescue mission
Scenario 2: The Vaclav Zdic will
Scenario 3: Syndrom Z
Scenario 4: What happened in space, stayed in space
Cryozone volume 2

I expect to receive the Battle System by end of August, planning a September-October-November play time, that will overlap with Reich of the Thousand Deads (No worry, it won't be forgotten).

To make sure I play the campaign with all the necessary tools:
- Paint at least 80 zombicide zombies. That will be tabletop quality at least.
- Paint a squad of marines from Battle for Alabaster (10)
- Paint 6 survivors who will be my characters:
  • Captain Williams
  • Slobodan
  • Lise Caron
  • Francois Dupre
  • Professor Gaval
  • Cash Vulkor


  1. Nice idea dude! Can't wait to see this unfold.

  2. thanks. I have a fallout campaign on the hold, I realized I needed to finish my weird war 2 first. I am trying to keep it minimal in scale of minis, but definitely, the aim is to use my past kickstarter at their best. And Cryozone was a super cool mini serie. Worth a read