Friday, July 25, 2014

Morikun's take away (collector miniature)

I got time for some personal Internet. Finally.
Time for a break

I roamed the web in the past 2 weeks during busy business trips overseas and finally got time to write in my own blog about Morikun's take away.

Morikun is nice Japanese-oriented French blog about games and miniatures. It's in French, but with auto-translation tools, it is not an issue anymore. By the way, that is real sci-fi, as the tools are getting better and better at auto-translation.

Back to the main story.
Morikun has few collector minis and a challenge to complete. Instead of a standard luck draw, there are actual questions about Japan. A good opportunity to look for answers and learn something. It is completed with the need to write a Japanese poem (Haiku in Japanese).

The Morikun's challenge here:

I really suggest people to try.

(Note: I have successfully answered the questions and submitted my Haiku. Finger's crossed I will win at least one mini and bring them into my Reich of the Thousand Deads campaign before the grand final in December).


  1. Mouahahaha ^^

    Thank you so much for speaking about my little contest !!

    May the Kami be with you my fellow !! ^^