Monday, January 13, 2014

Name the Campaign - Giveaway

Seeing that I was not 100% clear and that I did not have the photos of the giveaway,

To win one of the mini:
- Choose a name for the ATZ-FFO '44 Campaign (ATZ/FFO in 1944)
- Write the name in the comment
- Post this post on your blog and register as a follower (if possible, I know that some have no accounts to log on to)
- The Final list will be on Jan 28th and will be reviewed during Chinese New Year, published on Feb. 8th.
- Free of postage worldwide from HK for the finalist(s)/winner.

Here are the giveaway to chose from.
Miniature still with the original blister
Painted (for reference only)
Gothic Brother Leader

Painted (for reference only)
Gothic Brother Bannerman
Painted (for reference only)
Redneck (Westwind)

Spec Ops (Westwind)
SWAT (Westwind)
Templar Biker (view 1) (Westwind)
Templar Biker (view 2) (Westwind)


  1. Zomcalypse Now

    I'll post it on my blog later today!
    Are there limits on the number of times we can enter?

    1. I am for a free world. You can enter as many times as you want.
      btw, I like the two suggestions. :)

    2. "The Thousand Year Reich: Risen" (or simply TTYR: Rise, losing the 'n')
      "The Thousand Year Reich: Awakenings" (A bit ponderous this one)

      Suggesting the start of something you could keep through different ages of the game using different THW rulesets.


    3. Great idea that I could keep the game motion through the different THW ruleset :)