Friday, December 29, 2017

End of 2017 update: W40k and Fallout

Santa fighting Nazis
Normal Santa
Not dead.
I did a lot of painting recently and spent too much time playing video game (easier, faster, ...). I also changed my dining table, which impacted the games.
Nevertheless, I recently got a Mahjong table, ideal to set a quick game.

Here are the November and December painting. Space Marines, Santa Claus, Warmaster (MB/GW), cant-remember, starship troopers Skinnies.
Rebasing all my space marines in clear base, repainting old marines.

All the space marines, in a nutshell
A rogue trader
Some grey hunters
They have old helmets, because w40k!
Command team
Warmaster Chaos and Empire bowmen
Fallout small guys. Can't-remember-the-brand-but-too-much-complicated-to-glue miniatures and skinny faction from Starship Troopers

A big priest and a Thief
 Regular imperial guards and some gangers (Necromunda) reinforcement

Bad scientist

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