Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Winning the Morikun Challenge

Ok, I am absolutely later than late.

So, to my surprise I won the Morikun challenge and was 11 out of 82. The criteria were theme rather than painting skills.

I painted the blogger back from vacation with a Prodos (AVP) box on his car.

I had the choice among more than 40 gifts! That was, kind of.... impressive. He had been supported by big Indy names (Battle Systems being one of them), but also key online/brick-n-mortar store like ludikbazar and starplayer (to be visited whenever you are in Paris).

I took the treasure crates, because I have a lot of dungeon crawling stuff coming their way (2x KS + Frostgrave + KoW 2).


  1. Well done on winning a prize, even though I have no idea what is the Morikun Challenge.

    1. That was a challenge launched in early Summer by Morikun (http://letempledemorikun.blogspot.hk/) when he reached 300k views.
      The theme was "whatever you want, but if theme around the blog, it will be better" and then he got about 54 gifts from his personal hoard or 3rd parties, such as Battle Systems. You can go take a look at the entries, most of them are gorgeous.

  2. Salut Cédric ^^

    Il faudrait que tu me confirmes ton adresse postale par MP, je ne parviens plus à retrouver ton mail ^^'

    L'enveloppe pèse 50g et la poste française me dit que cela ne coûterait que... 2,10€ ??!! Soit. Je m'attendais à un tarif hors de prix... Aussi je t'avais prévu un petit "cadeau-bonus" car ce n'était pas juste de te faire payer des frais de cochon hors de prix par rapport aux autres... Bah je te le laisse de bon cœur ^^

    M'est avis que ça va pas mal te plaire... ^^