Sunday, April 28, 2013

Miniature, terrain update April

Yeah, sounds like big thing coming up. This was a very busy month and I couldn't do what I wanted to do.
It also did not helped that the humidity hit the roof (95-99%) but it was too cold to really use the aircon.

So here we go.
I went crazy few nights ago and started to do some terrain , before heavy work kicked in . I shouted a lot as I ran out of super glue and had to resort on lesser glue which stick on the fingers but didn't dry fast. Well, it was a mere 84-90% humidity yesterday but not hot enough to start the aircon ... the joy of sub-tropical weather.

My revisited Inquisitorial army for W40k, with mainly Urban Mammoth models and some scibor/GW
About the Mantic Ghouls. I bought a 30-model box from Mantic at a good price when Maelstrom was still part of this world. Good deal for mass zombies. The main issue with Mantic is the lack of variety in the pose. To solve that issue, I resorted to boiled water, putting the arms in it, and then trying to change the direction without snapping. And it works to a certain extent.

I painted them light colored flesh with 2 shading, green/sepia and green/darkgrey. They all have blue outfit because I originally planned to paint them with Fallout Vault colors (blue/yellow) but could not succs
The zombies of the incoming zombie horde for ATZ-FFO
They are hungry. These are Mantic Ghouls
Hungry Birds...
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Basing my ATZ-FFO (gluing the base at least) and newly made terrain


  1. Progress is progress, whether it's a lot of work on one subject or a little bit on each of many projects!

    I don't recognise the figures in the last picture at all. Many look military, but not all?

    1. Some of the miniatures are Artizan Design: Resistance and Partisans, Afrika Korps (look very good German Deserters) and Thrilling Tales.
      The military are Warlord.
      The largest miniatures are Uncle Mike Aeon range.

  2. The humidity sounds awful. The progress looks okay though.

  3. Humidity is killing any chance to matt vernish and glue has been an issue. But yes, happy to have painted a bulk of zombie, that's made me happy.

    I was planning to paint about 5-6 more partisans to increase the number of new faces for the next game, I'll need to give it a pass.