Sunday, March 31, 2019

March painting - update

Few models painted for March.
After the photo, I realized that I forgot 1 or 2 things that I will need to fix.

They are from an order in late December 2018 from Northstar (except the girl warrior, I can't recall her name).
FW2 Sewer Scavengers 
FW47 Wastelands Desperadoes 
C08 Pilots 

But satisfied of the model quality.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Jan painting - Some partisans and Necromunda

1 picture is worth ten thousand words.

my failed (too late) participation to a competition. Special biker with a pinky vest, and a yellow scarf. Also, painted the guy black. There are not many black colored miniatures on the Internet
Here I tried to draw Hello Kitty and miserably failed

2 more partisans. A negotiating guy who seems to say: Hold a minute, let's talk this through and a girl that mean business

3 more partisans. 2 girls with a more 70 look and a thug.

she's more intp dirty shooting than dirty dancing

a necromunda team received last year for my birthday. 365 days later, here they come. They were converted with more bits than the usual kit.

here we have an ork arm (mutated ganger) and a space marine scout with a shotgun. The necromunda gang was fun to paint.