Sunday, October 21, 2012

House building (Airfix)

I have done some update on the Airfix buildings, and work on adding extra floors to the brewery and the church.

Here is some pictures. Painting is on its way and I have to find some 30's wallpaint to decorate.

Brewery, outside primed
Brewery, long wall
Brewery, inside. As you can see, barren walls and no floors
Floors for the brewery, using cutboard
Floors with their design. I used Dave Graffam Low Ruined set floor template
The church
The church. Inside with its cardboard floor
The house. German design
The house with its card board floor
The floors printed. They all come from the same Dave Graffam Low Ruined set.
The church and its barren floor. All the valuable were removed during the Soviet occupation of 1939-1941
The house and its floor
The brewery and its ground floor
Outside view of the brewery with its ground floor

Monday, October 15, 2012

October Modelling update

Recently, I have dragged into real life and work/family matters, with little time to paint, model and other gaming activities. I was traveling oversea about every week, and got some of my paint removed from the checked-in bag by security when traveling to the USA... Very bad period.

Finally, after the storm,it started to get better again and I can now move again some hobby projects. First of them are terrain for the next Berlin or Bust game, 3 houses for an Eastern Europe village.
You'll see also the recent investment into a jagdpanther, bought for about US$7 in a small shop. The tank is 1/72, die cast and rubber track. It can have watch batteries and played as a toy.

The next item is the bunker, Italeri made. It is named AT/AA bunker, easy to do. I can remove the top and store it without much space used. Obviously, it needs to be painted, more on that soon. The bunker was bought for about US$10 during a sale in a model shop in Mong Kok (Hong Kong).

Coming soon will be 3 of the Airfix houses, under painting. No picture yet. I have spent some time to cut card board to have additional floors and the ground, next to print some of the Dave Graffam.
I have also completed my armors and vehicles of the Germans, glued the schurtzen to the tanks. The hardest part is to glue the tracks of the Sdkfz 251. I think I won't buy anymore models with legacy tracks kits. I am definitely not good enough at doing it, and it is driving me crazy more than anything else. the infantry has also be primed with "Sand" color from Games Workshop. I am planning to complete then within 2 weeks and paint them in industrial mode.

On the 28mm side, I plan to commission Dragon Paint ( and get my resistance and characters for the ATZ campaign painted. Yes, I know, this is cheating, but after working like a slave, I got some hard earned money and the price will be well within my hobby money. I have been good boy for 3 months and haven't spent anything beside the US$7 Jagdpanther.