Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Building a Kill Team #4 - CharleZ and Vlad (KT leader)

Vlad is the leader of the Kill Team, being a seasoned veteran in asymmetrical warfare. CharleZ is his oldest friend and team's flame thrower.

Let's start with CharleZ

Using Space Wolf legs and standard chest.

Using the flame thrower a dynamic position. I had to drill the shoulder to have the weapon fitting

I added a cyber arm, very visible with the right arm position.

Adding a knife and other space wolf items to show how CharleZ has personalised his equipments

final version
Vlad is the leader of the Tunnel Rats Kill Team. Sent to missions where even most Space Marines would consider suicidal.
Vlad gained his reputation during the Blackroot campaign, when the Tunnel Rats chapter was in charge of cleaning a space station of Orks. Instead of sending a large force to retake the place, Vlad suggested to send a team of 6 space marines and himself, teleport them in the heart of the station, kill their boss and destroy the life support system before rushing through the Ork defense line and do a daring escape. Of the 7 space marines sent in, 2 survived, CharleZ and Vlad. The Space Station fell within 2 days, as the Orks suffocated.

Fur cape for a badass leader 

the plasma pistol and the power fist. The power fist is a conversion from a terminator power fist.
with a terminator shoulder pad

knife behind his backpack

With a GK helmet
finished version

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Building a Kill Team #3 - Hans and Ikoor

Hans and Ikoor are 2 battle brothers who made a special backpack. I missed the step by step photos and only have the late stage.

Hans is the plasmagun bearer, and therefore is a key element in my kill team when it comes to Grey Knights.
the main body, using a Space Wolf version of the plasma gun

Because Hans has to shoot right, he has targeting system included on his helmet

Hans has a shield plugged on his back for better protection
Ikoor is a fighter of many battle and earned his commando marks by holding a mass of genestealer on Hordon II and surviving it.
Ikoor is a standard trooper, with a personalised bolter.

His backpack is made of space wolf shield and a heavy weapon backbpack (before lining the shield and some wash)

Monday, September 16, 2019

Building a Kill Team #2

2nd key space marine, Pimpy the Gunner.

Pimpy is a veteran of many battles and lost a leg. But it did not stop him from keeping up the fight.

First build. I added a metal leg.
Adding the heavy bolter

finishing the main setup
Added a protection on the right arm, adding armor skirts for extra protection

Looking for serious business

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Building a Kill Team

After playing few games of Kill Team made me realised that my warriors were too clean. The current space marines I have are more part of a battlefield company rather than a behind a line group of elite commandos.

Based on that, during a business trip to UK, I visited a Warhammer shop in Reading (really nice place!). There, I bought 2 boxes: Heavy Weapon and Tactical, plus 2 space wolves add-ons to put on the SMs.

Working on them while playing with other friends online. This is a very difficult part as you have to find the bit, glue it quickly and start shooting.

I worked on a first batch of 11 and another of 5. I was able to do 16 space marines with the 2 boxes and the bits I had here and there.

First member to be worked on was Beowulf.

I decided to go for the same way I did my space marines, with a grey neutral armor highlighted with a dark line to show the details, german grey weapon dry brushed with neutral gray, old gold an

Glueing the body and the head. I love the beaky guys

I added a fur, cut the legs to differentiate with Vlad's fur

First highlight after the first paint. I did not glue the arms yet to have access to the whole body.

Mid-way group photo

Glued the arms, shoulder pad and backpack. I added some battle damage on the right shoulder pad.

Bringing a knife and a gun to a gun fight. First layers done

fully finished version, base is still not the final one (I will use a transparent base)

Focus on the back

final after matt vernish spray. Better version once I finish them all