Saturday, September 19, 2020

Isolation - What has been painted lately - The Super Mutants - Heavy Orks from Mantic

Like the whole world, Hong Kong has been struck by the virus. We were among the first and since late Jan, we lived through the first wave and the second wave.

Before this situation, I started painting and playing Kill Team. With the latest measures, it is now impossible to play Kill Team anymore (limited gathering), and my painting area had been taken over my dear half working from home.

Still, I was able to push forward few models.

These are Mantic models and fits very well as Super Mutants for any Fallout proxy game.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Here comes the Sumo gang

 The beauty in confinement is that you start taking to much time looking at your miniatures and sometimes, talking to them.

I'd say, in rare occasion, they reply back, but usually after glasses of whisky (to drink with moderation of course).

I had a group of Urban War triad sumo telling me it should be great to be painted. And I agreed.

They came in a single VHS box, with 6 of them. 

One of the club guy (tetsubo) was coming in double. I cut the hand and replaced it with an ork axe I had in my bits box.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Isolation - What has been painted lately - Terrain

Here are some terrain done during the confinement in the first quarter of this (very special) year.

A Dave Graffam terrain, latest addition to my terrain, in anticipation of the Battlesystem that was coming in July.
Dave Graffam paper terrain

and some scatter terrain to be used as objective. 
I used some left over bits I have accumulated over the years.