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ATZ-FFO : Episode 4. The Resistance Gathering part 1

There are undeads in my backyard

First and foremost, the little additions to the team.  Find below Germaine, the creeper, the priest, Civilian 1-2-3-4 (I haven't found a good name yet), and the Gestapo.
The creeper.

The priest
Civilian 1
Civilian 2
Civilian 3

Normandy, July 5th. Noon.
Jean had arrive at the farm 2 days before. Dirty and limping, he told a story of dead people walking. He was obviously scared but his uncle could not believe him. True, some cows had been slaughtered by some sick animals, but nothing much to worry about. Until last night when the BBC broadcasted warnings and the Germans and Allied forces pulled out of the area. Without thinking too much, Uncle decided it was time to take things in their own hands. Whatever was outside, they should protect themselves. He was to prepare the farm for a long period of isolation while Jean and Germaine went to muster the Resistance in the village and get rid of the collabo.

The village
I used the Ganger scenario "Territory" of Haven, and changed the Ganger by Resistance. As the Resistance were the good guys, they won't rob people but get their support.
3 PEF: 6/6/6 (I was doomed)
Jean had no REP increase from game 1, a pistol and earned an improvised weapon in the inter scenario, while Germaine has a large knife in her handbag, counting as a close combat weapon.

Turn 1    ( 6, 3)
Germaine and Jean looked at the sleepy village. It was a hot summer day of July.
"Which house do we go first? The barn or the house?" asked Germaine
The village was too calm to be honest. They could hear hissing and strange noises ahead, hidden by the terrain and the houses. Jean and Germaine took their time (no activation) before jumping to the unknown.
"I don't know, ... let's take the right one."

Turn 2    ( 4, 5)
They moved carefully, not willing to run and get caught in the opening or stupidly hurt themselves.

Turn 3    ( 4, 5)
They reached the door of the house and took a deep breath when one of the strange noise suddenly moved in their sight...
To their relief, this was no more than the wind playing with a dried newspaper on the pavement. (PEF in sight: Nothing but nerves. Increase of the area level to 4)

Turn 4    ( 4, 5)

Debout la France: First meeting with civilians
Jean and Germaine got into the first house and met "somebody", Paul and Vivien. The "somebody" left as soon as he heard the knocking on the door and the two others did not know him. Paul and Vivien cheerfully joined the Resistance movement and agreed to share their stuff (Food and Rifle). Jean took the rifle and gave his pistol to Germaine.

Paul Civilian (Rep 5, Greedy, Hunting Rifle)
Vivien Civilian ( Rep 3, Logical, unarmed)

Turn 5    ( 3, 3) Event : Appearance of a Collabo (People collaborating with the Germans during the war)
The "somebody" was Mark, one of the member of the Vichy government in the area. He saw the 2 civilians welcoming the troublemakers. He had just enough time to jump through a window when they came in. During the discussion, he sneaked and tried to attack Jean, as he looked like the leader. Jean was swifter and took him out with a lucky shot.
I decided the person who just left the house was the collabo event. I took the Draw Down Table (p37 of Haven) and it resulted in the collabo dead.

Turn 6    ( 2, 2) Event : Resistant (A fellow resistant appeared)
Freddy, a fellow Resistant was asleep upstair and heard the gun shot. He went down and while he agreed on the decision to secure the village, he decided not to stay and leave at once. He had his family far away South and was worry of their whereabouts.

Debout la France test failed. The resistant decide to leave.

Turn 7    ( 1, 6)
With the rest of the party, Jean and Germaine decided to move to the barn. Paul and Vivien are going with them.

Turn 8    ( 2, 5)
Knock knock! Would there be any friend or foe?
Reaching the barn, they took a deep breath and got in.

Turn 9    ( 1, 2)
Debout la France: The smugglin' Dubois brothers
In the barn, the Dubois brothers were busy clearing their stash. They automatically raised their guns when the party opened the door and moved in.
"Will you join the Resistance?" asked Jean directly.
"What's in for us?" replied the older brother.
 "Don't fall for it brother, that's trouble", the youngest one was nervously playing with his pistol. "Don't take the offer. We've so much. We shall go..."
"Shut up, grown up are talking", the older brother lowered his gun. "Of course we're in. I was born here, I can't let the whole village ruin."
Jean lowered his gun too and shaked the older brother's hand. "Happy we are in agreement, it would be too sad otherwise".
"We have not much left, we buried the remaining stuff somewhere safe, there is only food, fuel and hunting rifle with ammo"
Vivien looked interested and grabbed the gun. "As I am the only one unarmed, that's obviously for me"
"What's next?" said Paul.

Older Dubois Survivor (Rep 4, Poser with Hunting Rifle)
Younger Dubois Survivor (Rep 4, Poser with Pistol)

Turn 10    ( 1, 1)  Event: Collabo. Arrived in section 3. Rep 4 with a knife and Slow attribute.

Turn 11    ( 5, 6, 1)
 The group decided to stick together and moved to the house in the middle of the village. Their number assuring the people would join joyfully the Resistance.

Turn 12    ( 4, 5, 3)
The group froze when one of the potential threat came into sight. They all took their breath and waited for the worst.... which appeared in the shape of a dreadful chicken who looked at 6 people armed and dangerous gazing at it. It looked back to where it come from and quietly walked there.
Worst than a zombie apocalypse, a Chicken invasion
Turn 13    ( 6, 3, 5)
The fearless Resistants looked at each other.
"If mam had told me I would be scare by a tiny chicken..." broke the older Dubois. Despite the pressure, they all laughed.
PEF resolved as nothing but stress. Increased the area level to 5.

Turn 14    ( 3, 3, 1) Event : Resistant, appeared in area 3. Rep 5, Rifle and Initiative attribute.

Turn 15    ( 5, 1, 2)
While a chicken was funny,. a lot of zombies is less...
Another sound was coming their way and hidden by the forest.
"After the chicken, the holy cow" launched the younger Dubois.
"Mother of God! Undead!" whispered Jean.
"Unwhat? Looks like Auntie Francoise and little Emilien to me. Hey, come in this way!" shouted Vivien.
"No, don't bring them. They are dangerous" said Jean
"Are you sure, they are our neighbour Jean"
"I know what I know Germaine"
Would that be preferable?

That PEF resolved as a group of zombie larger than the group. I included the resistant from the earlier event (turn 14) as he would likely shoot the zombies too. As only Jean met zombie before, he was the only one to identify them from that far, while I played the others as unresolved on what they were and what to do. Jean would be the only one able to shoot but I thought he would try to convince his teammate that they are a threat first, so I decided not to play any shooting that turn. Would that be a death warrants to some of the players?

Turn 16    ( 4, 4, 2) Event : Resistant, arrived in area 1. Rep 4, Pistol and Brawler attribute.

Turn 17    ( 2, 3, 2)
Ok, time for shooting and we'll talk later.
The mass of dead people moved toward the resistants while the group was still undecided.
"Bro' they look like the Germans we met at the road last night." said the younger Dubois
"Damn. You're right." The older Dubois replied as he started t o aim.
Young Dubois fired at the approaching zombies and took one out with a straight headshot.
Jean reached the conclusion that after the shooting things would be clearer to everybody and killed one zombie too. The older Dubois shot his hunting rifle, dropping one zombie, knocking one down and missing a third one with a little margin.
The resistant  (the one from turn 14) was hidding in a corner and shot without luck another zombie and waived to the group showing his armband "FFI" (Force Francaise de l'Interieur, Free French Irregulars)

Germaine, Vivien and Paul looked at their teammates with surprise.

10 shot fired, 2 pistols, 6 hunting rifle - same as shotgun, and 2 rifle summoning 2 new zombies.

Turn 18    ( 2, 5, 2)
OK Coral in Normandy, less the camembert.
Watching the shooting, the 3 civilians decided to let it go and unloaded their weapons to the crowd in front of them. The smell of decayed flesh had reached their nose and they decided that these were bad times for mistakes. Better to shoot first and ask after.
The zombies were definitely puzzled by the sudden opposition and looked disoriented for a while.

5 more zombies are killed. 6 zombies are summoned.

Turn 19    ( 6, 4, 3)
With the undead closer, the civilians realized that this was no mistake.
"These people are dead"
"I can't believe it. We're doomed"
"That was true? The BBC was true?"

The Dubois brother were reloading their guns and Jean brought Germaine, Vivien and Paul together. "We can kill them. They are dead already. No mercy and we'll survive this. I promise"

The players paused and some zombies were close enough for a Zed no Zed test, which they all passed.

Turn 20    ( 3, 2, 1)
More shooting occured but with little effect. Only 1 zombie was killed and many more missed or just knocked down.
Jean decided to rush and charge as noise was bringing more zombies that they could kill. He was also afraid the shooting would bring other potential lethal threats such as Vichy militia or Germans.

Turn 21    ( 5, 2, 2)
The Collabo who was hiding in the house decided to leave the area. The resistants were busy with the zombies and the zombies were busy with the resistant. Such relationship was better left alone he tought.
The zombies were getting into melee in the wood and only draw resulted.

The collabo has only a knife and not much to bring into the fight as only zombie and resistant were fighting. It would be absurd for him to stay and fight the winner of the encounter. So he took the opportunity to leave the area as fast as possible.

Turn 22    ( 2, 1, 3)
POTUS down!. Arg, no, wrong scenario, only Jean.
"Careful Jean" screamed Germaine, rushing to help him. Jean tried to look at her and it was enough of a distraction for the zombie to bring him down.
Seeing this, Paul stopped shooting and rushed to help the attractive Germaine who ran to save Jean.

Arg!. Jean lost his melee with the zombie and Germaine is only fast enough to engage the zombie to avoid any feasting next turn. But, will Jean turn or not? Answer in the next post. 

To Be Continued...


  1. Nice figures and report. I also like your solution for playing the building interiors.

  2. Thank you Sean.

    For the building interior, it's mainly because there is no interior. And finally, it makes it faster to play indoor.