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ATZ-FFO : Episode 4. The Resistance Gathering Part 2

In the previous episode... (HERE)
 "Careful Jean" screamed Germaine, rushing to help him. Jean tried to look at her and it was enough of a distraction for the zombie to bring him down.
Seeing this, Paul stopped shooting and rushed to help the attractive Germaine who ran to save Jean.

Turn 23    ( 4, 2)
Germaine jumped on the zombie who fell on the ground. Paul came with the cross of his hunting rifle and smashed his head. Jean recovered from his knocked down but was still stunned. All around a vicious fight happened in the wood.
The group was killing and knocking down the zombies. Victory was near.

The "Harry are you ok?" test was rolled. Was Jean infected or not? You will find it later
The zombie ranks are thinning

Turn 24    ( 2, 1)
Jean came back on his feet and cleared up the zombies left. The team was relieved. Francis, a resistant who lived in a nearby village arrived in sight of the main group and naturally joined it.

The resistant who arrived at turn 16 finally reach the group and join it.

Turn 25    ( 4, 4) Event: 3 civilians arrived in area 5.
"I know this area like nobody, I came here for bird sighting."
"Are you sure this was thunder and not a firefight? I see no cloud"
"Yes, likely the thunder. You can trust me on this"
How to be at the wrong place at the wrong time in 1 dice roll

Turn 26    ( 6, 6) Event: 1 kubelwagen with 3 germans. 1 REP 4 with Rifle and Runt (driver). 1 passenger seat REP3 with SMG and Greedy and one backseat REP 3 Rifle and Fast.
Hans, are you sure this is the safest road?

The Germans may be a very nasty turn of the game or a blessing because there are not many cars in 1944.

Turn 27    ( 2, 5, 1, 5)
The last zombie is killed and Jean feel a little tired. He was also a little dizzy from the fight and the knock down.  The group gathered together.

"What's that sound?" ask Vivien. He had just killed his auntie Francoise and was in full alertness.
"Sounds like a car"
The Germans continued their drive. They saw body in the middle of the street and are driving carefully. The kubelwagen was still hidden from the resistant group who is waiting for the car to show up.

Jean felt his mouth dry. He was getting thirsty.

Turn 28    ( 6, 6, 3, 4) Event: 1 civilian arrived in area 3
Whistling a nice song while heading to a mess...
Turn 29    ( 5, 5, 3, 3) Event: 1 resistant arrived in area 2. Lucien, Rep 4, Melee weapon (a large spade) and Runt attribute.

Turn 30    ( 3, 4, 6, 2)
Contact is coming soon

 Hans was driving the car and was looking to avoid driving on the bodies as much as possible. Gunther and Fritz were looking around. Hans was starting to turn on his left when suddenly they came in view of a large group of armed civilians.

Jean and the group heard the car approaching and readied themselves. When the car showed up filled with Germans, Jean, Paul and the older Dubois stayed and raised their weapons. All the others left the scene and went to hide in the barn.

The French reacted faster than the Germans and put the driver in out of fight, while the Germans on the back seat missed his shot while the passenger seat German tried to take back the control of the car . The car drove in the wood where some zombies who were entangled in roots freed themselves and moved toward the kubelwagen.

The civilians saw the German car and the shooting and decided to move North.

Yahoo! the French won the insight test and fired the first. There are still 2 Germans alive but zombies have been summoned in the woods and behind the house, just in front of the 3 civilians.

Turn 31    ( 4, 1, 1, 1)

The German car was in the wood surrounded by zombies. They were attracted by the sound of the car.
In the barn, the Young Dubois and Paul were scared.
"Damn it, I thought the Germans had left. I don't want to stay" said Paul.
"I told you stupid bro'. With the Germans, when there is one, there are more. We should get away now"
"I stay here, if you want to go, just go. I'll stick to my word. I am sick to flee and avoid my responsibilities".
Paul looked at the young Dubois and they ran away. Germaine, Vivien looked puzzled. Rusty (the unnamed resistant who arrived on turn 14) stayed ducking back. It was strange for Germaine to see that strong woodman scared of the Germans when she was not.

Meanwhile, Jean and Francis found cover in the house, leaving the zombies and the Germans alone in the wood.Jean noticed that Francis had this great smell of roasted chicken. He liked roasted chicken...

In the wood the Germans were fighting the zombies only to kick them down. Fortunately for them the car had stopped but the driver was still out of fight.

I rolled for the zombies if they attacked the 3 helpless civilians or the Germans. The dice god decided to go for the Germans.

Turn 32    ( 3, 2, 1, 2)
Next to the northest house the zombie fell on the civilian, killing him instantly. One of the civilian ran away, too scared to stay while the other, an old man who saw worst during Verdun took his oakwood umbrella and decided to defeat the monster which he did with ease.
Strangely, it was obvious that one of the civilian would chicken out

Strangely, aiming at somebody doesn't make it your friend...
In the woods, the Germans tried to kill the zombies or at least to keep them at bay without success. Any delay would result in more and more zombies....
Turn 33    ( 1, 1, 2, 2) Event: Kubelwagen and Germans. As there could be only one (like Highlander) per game, that's a no event event.

Turn 34    ( 4, 1, 2, 3)
Gunther decided to move the body of Hans aside and getaway from this place as soon as possible. They saw more than 6 terrorists and with the wood filling up with zombies, it was not the time to be overzealous.
Hans was still alive when he was dumped on the ground.He would bait the zombies while Gunther and Fritz would put distance between them and the undeads.

The zombies were approaching the car when it drove away from them. They were as disappointed as any brainless zombie can be until one of them felt the warm motionless body of a not-dead-yet person. He started to feast on it and all zombies joined the party. A true zombie beer-and-bretzel moment.

The zombie will feast for 6 turn on unfortunate Hans.
the dice show 4 turn left, because I took the picture 2 turns later
Turn 35    ( 5, 2, 4)
The car left and the zombies seemed to be attracted by something in the wood. Jean went to the window and communicated by sign to Germaine in the barn. Not knowing what the Germans did in the wood or what was their plans, he decided the best plan was to keep hiding until things settle.

Next to the old dungeon Lucien fought 2 zombies with his spade, knocking one down. With no witness around, that fight was kept for the director's cut and the Bonus DVD.
That will make a great DVD bonus. Spade versus Zombie.

Turn 36    ( 6, 1, 6)
Vivien looked at Germaine in the barn.
"What is he trying to say?"
"I have no idea"
They were watching Jean making a lot of movement with his hands. Definitely, he was trying to say something, but they could not make sense out of it. To Germaine, he was trying to explain them how to open the barn door and clean a window, which made little sense. To Vivien, he was mimicking fishes in water with a Parkinson disease. 

Meanwhile, Lucien was killing his zombies and the old civilian zombie killer was heading his way.

Turn 37    ( 1, 6, 3)
 Germaine decided that watching Jean gesticulating like a madman was stupid. The German car drove away long time ago and there was no sound of anybody else. She went out with Vivien and Rusty and started crossing the road. They could not see Jean and Francis but they heard a great commotion coming from the house...

Meanwhile, Lucien greeted the old man and they agreed to move East together, not knowing that Jean and his group was just yard from them.
A standalone group of two looking to do a campaign spinoff

Jean went out of the house and made a terrible sound "AAAAaaaah" while he tumbled (or shambled) on the front door.
Francis was just behind him and waived at Germaine.
"Watch out!"

Germaine was distressed.
Jean repeated "Watch out! There are zombies in the woods"
Germaine was crossed. "What are you doing? Drinking cider now? Are you crazy?"
"I was thirsty with all these fights. And we found the cider in the House! (Loot: Food+Weapon: Sword)
"What he meant..." started Francis.
"Whatever, whatever" said Germaine waiving her hand. "I am disappointed Jean. You know I don't like drinking men. You'd better behave. You're drunk"
"Not at all my dear, I bumped on the door entrance and almost fell. Look, I am sorry. That's not the right place to have a dispute, you see" He pointed at the wood. "We saw some of the undead heading there. There should be something. Let's go and take a look."
Turn 38    ( 1, 2, 3)
 They went, and they saw. Zombies eating Hans who was convulsing. More from the nerves than from the biting itself.
Still, the sight was too much for the French and while 4 stayed surprised and full of disbelief , 2 ran for the barn.

Turn 39    ( 5, 5, 2)
Nothing more than 4 stunned people and few zombies feasting.

Turn 40    ( 4, 1, 2)
Jean, Germaine, Francis and Rusty recovered from their surprise and charged fearlessly the zombies, killing them all as they were feasting on the body of the German.

Turn 41    ( 1, 6, 4)
Germaine headed back to the barn to pick up Vivien and the older Dubois while the men search the body of the dead German for any valuable. Finding his rifle and food in his bag. (Loot : Rifle and Food)

Turn 42    ( 4, 3, 6)
The group decided to split in 2 groups and visit the last 3 houses to secure the village.

Turn 43    ( 6, 4)

Turn 44    ( 3, 3) Event: Zombie arrived in area 3.

Turn 45    ( 1, 5)
Jean and Francis reached the house in the North and met the local priest. He joyfully joined after seeing them killing zombies.
"There are zombies in my backyard" shouted him. The blooded crucifix was a proof that he was not defenseless.
As I am joining, let me share with you the following things I have accumulated lately. He showed a SMG and a large stock of food. (Food x2)
The house of the North jinxed Windows. Can't change the photo orientation...
Priest, Survivor (REP 5, Melee Weapon, Slow)

Turn 46    ( 4, 3)
Germaine reached the tall house before the dungeon. There, she met Thomas the mayor (REP 5, Hunting Rifle, Poser). Thomas invited them for a coffee with Calva (a local juice made with fermented apple and about 40% of alcohol) and listened to her. At the end, he looked at the three of them.
"Look, I have no issue with what you want to do, but I can't join the fight. I am neutral. I don't know who will win or lose this war. But I know that I am the mayor of this village before the war, during the war and likely after it. I am sorry but I won't help you. Please respect my decision." 

Turn 47    ( 2, 2) Event: Jean-Jacques, Resistant arrive in area 3. REP 3, Rifle and Slow.

Turn 48    ( 5, 4)

Turn 49    ( 5, 3)

Turn 50    ( 1, 2)
Germaine left the mayor's house not without arguing with the mayor. He was a real stubborn person and he didn't want to change his decision. Outside she saw Jean-Jacques who agreed to join the group.
Jean left the priest house with the priest and headed to the dungeon. Jean and Francis enjoyed the hospitality of the priest and his stock of wine.

Turn 51    ( 6, 5)
 With the hot weather outside, Francis felt a little dizzy and they had to stop for him to take a rest. They were not sure if it was because of the sun or the traditional sausage but Francis threw up all he took at the priest house.
"Likely the sausage, the wine was perfect" remarked Jean
"A '39 bordeaux, great year and ideal to chase demons" agreed the priest.

Germaine was watching the group heading uphill with angry look.
"Mr Courage, you're lucky we are surrounded by undead and damned Germans..."

Turn 52    ( 4, 2)
The road to the dungeon was not easy and they moved slowly. Germaine was taking her group up too.

Turn 53    ( 6, 5)
The hot end of the day was tiring everybody. They all took a rest, hoping that no surprise was waiting for them up.

Turn 54    ( 1, 5)
They resumed the climbing.
Dungeon and Zombie

Turn 55    ( 1, 1) Event: 2 civilians arrived in area 2. For simplicity, I decided it was the old man and the spade armed resistant Lucien having lost their way and looping back to the village.

"I am sure this is this way"
"I think we are heading back to where we met"
"No way, I lived long enough in this area... Did I told you about my hobby?"
"Not yet"
"So, I am a big fan of watching birds, and I come very often in this area ..."

Turn 56    ( 2, 1)
Jean reached the dungeon and met Count Emile and his 2 domestic, Victoire and Rene the butler.
"Count Emile, will you join us? We have to secure the village" started Jean
"You damned collabo, you helped the Germans!" started the priest
"Rumors, I have nothing to do with it." then looking at Jean. "Of course I join, give me a moment, I have to gather my hunting gear"
Jean looked at the 2 domestics: "You are free to join or not"
Rene and Victoire agreed and they all waited in the dungeon hall.

Half an hour after, Rene stood up and went to look for Count Emile. He came back puzzled.
"Mr Courage, I am afraid that we have to assume that Count Emile has left the dungeon. I took the initiative to look thoroughly in his apartment and he is nowhere to be seen."
"The devil. I knew it." The priest kicked one of the expensive vase.
"If Father and Mr Courage and their friend allow me,we will give at your disposal our services and the different things that may help to get rid of the monsters outside."
On this, he went out of the room followed by Victoire. After a minute or so, they came back with 1 pistol and 1 hunting rifle, and large bags of food. (food x2).

Meanwhile, Germaine talked to the 2 civilians and they agreed to stay. The next morning, the old man and Lucien would have left the village during the night with all their stuff.

Count Emile, civilian (REP 4, Pistol, Greedy)
Rene, civilian (REP 4, Hunting Rifle, Fast)
Victoire, civilian (REP 3, Pistol, Rage)
The village was secure.... for now

Final view. The dice with a shield is where recruitment was successful

Vivien and Paul

Empty house

Dubois' brothers
the Priest
Mayor's house

Rene and Victoire
Action left over. Each counter is 1 zombie (29 in total)

The Resistance group:

Vivien, Rene, Jean, Germaine, Rusty,
Rusty, Francis, Old Dubois, Jean-Jacques (Victoire - missing...)
These 2 who will leave during the night
The mayor
Ammo :0

Fuel : 1

Food : 10
Luxury item: 0
Medikit: 0
Pistol: 3 (left: 1)
MMG : 0
SMG: 1 (left : 0)
CC Weapon: 3 (left 1)
Rifle : 4 (left: 1)  Hunting Rifle: 3 (left: 1)

Rep increase (no decrease):
  • Jean: No
  • Germaine: Yes
  • Vivien: Yes
  • Older Dubois: No
  • Rusty: Yes

  • Jean, resistant (REP 4, Runt, Born Leader with Rifle, improvised weapon) - Zed/No Zed, Saw the feast.
  • Germaine, resistant (REP 4, Attractive, Dim with CC Weapon, Pistol) - Zed/No Zed, Saw the feast.


  • Vivien, resistant ( Rep 4, Logical with Hunting Rifle) - Zed/No Zed, Saw the feast.
  • Older Dubois, Survivor (Rep 4, Poser with Hunting Rifle) - Zed/No Zed, Saw the feast.
  • Rusty, resistant (Rep 6, Initiative with Rifle) - Zed/No Zed, Saw the feast.
  • Francis, resistant (Rep 4, Brawler with Pistol) - Zed/No Zed, Saw the feast.
  • Priest, Survivor (REP 5, Slow with Melee Weapon) - Zed/No Zed (assumed)
  • Jean-Jacques, resistant (REP 3,Slow with Rifle) 
  • Rene, resistant (REP 4, Hunting Rifle, Fast)
  • Victoire, resistant (REP 3, Pistol, Rage)

People not part of the resistance:
  • Germans: Gunther (LEFT) and Fritz (LEFT)
  • Collabo: unknown (LEFT)
  • Resistant: unknown (LEFT), Lucien (LEFT)
  • Civilian: Paul (LEFT), Unknown (LEFT), Unknown Old Crazy Bird Lover (LEFT), Count Emile (LEFT), Thomas the mayor (STAYED), Unknown met and greet (LEFT)
  • Survivor: Young Dubois (LEFT)
People who died
  • Germans: Hans (DEAD)
  • Collabo: Mark (DEAD)
  • Resistant: -
  • Civilian: Unknown (DEAD)
  • Survivor:-

Next Episode: The Germans of Von Evil.
A village at dawn.
A man wake up, kiss his wife and look at the window. It all looks fine. He open the shutter carefully....
Black gloved hands grabbed him and in a mere second, he was gone. Marcelle, his wife, woke up and started to scream when a smoke can was thrown in the house. Outside, masked soldiers were cracking doors and bursting into houses...


  1. Wow, that's a lot of people in the group now. I feel a bit sorry for the Germans, having to face so many Resistance *and* the zombies!

    1. I am more sorry for the resistant. That was the best way to have a car. Now, they may need to steal it from a military camp.

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