Saturday, March 31, 2012

Latest acquisition

Being in Hong Kong has good and bad sides. The good sides is that hobby shops are full of great stuff, just need to spend time to visit different stores.

I finally got few cars that I plan to use with a revised version of 2H wargames and SOTR, so we can play campaign, solo and cooperative games.

The first acquisition is the typical Kubelwagen car followed with a grey Citroen traction. These models are fine die cast, 1/48 (not really an issue even if bigger size than my Warlord jeeps).
The citroen is sold $50 in USA, but I got it for a cheap HK$ 168 (roughly $22!)

The Kubelwagen has no price, but I got it for HK$238 or US$ 30.

I got also my hands on a Tamiya Flat Clear for US$ 5 and some barricades.

A great shopping. I wish I had more chances to get tanks,the shops have tons of Die Cast Sherman and other tanks.

Later that night I finished my Wespe, a gift from my dear last year that took time to be finished.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting in the strangest...

I picked up recently a bunch of miniatures from different vendors (well, going to FRPgames and looking at the special sales) and enjoyed painting stuff I won't be using commonly but as objectives or just spicing up standard games.

Here is the "thing", a monster with 3 eyes and a limited motrocity

 Sentinelles for Sci-Fi.

a group of mitefang, or weird insects with some weirder heads.

And my "HATCH", very much inspired by the one in Lost, the TV Serie, and that could be used for a solo scenario inspired by "Outpost"

A in progress, my flesh golem for the Temple. Still thinking about the scenario that will see that beast rising from the grave. Thank you Mr Smith!