Monday, August 12, 2013

Painting update

And some update. I have some good painting sessions and got few extra units completed, including my old Mutant Chronicles (Prince August)

Squad! Move, move!

Troopers with standard rifle issue
the Great Twin Lead Givers....
Some conversion with different weapons (GW Ork and Mantic Forge Father)

And the first security for my incoming Run n' Steel, and I painted them with a Vault flavour. (Mongoose miniatures for Starship Troopers).

Go ahead brothers! Mongoose Skinny Slaves as Vault proxy
For the 4th Vault!
Some WIP security bots and a mutant
And I converted my son to modelling, his first elves (Mantic) after he had a Knight and the Dragon story telling.

My son, first modelling, at two and half.


  1. Nicely done, all of them!

    Two and a half?! Congratulations to your son!

    1. Yes, I was impressed. Only one arm to glue but he was the one deciding which part go with what other part. Likely going to do some painting soon. It gives also a good excuse to keep many minis at home :)

  2. Looks good, I like the Fallout referenced stuff. Good job putting your son to work early. We need to train them up to paint figures for us.

    1. Yes, Fallout is my preferred game so far, playing it at University when it was released.
      My son is eager to do the same as Daddy and my wife corrected me and I mistaped, he is 3 and half. Still better than me at his age.